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  1. Congratulations! Updated Turkish translations is ready for TDM version 2.07. Can be downloaded from first post. As for no translation syntax, found some of them. I sent details through private message.
  2. Happy new year, Anderson and others! I checked and tested it. Everything is okay with Turkish translations. Not about characters, but some lines were missing, yes. As you told in PM, Anderson, looks like that old stuff from v2.06 caused this missing lines. Because of I'm using and testing on newly TDM version 2.07. So, on the correction, you're correctly right, Anderson. This is corrected for 2.07. Also, unlike graphics options, there are some untranslated lines I seen in Turkish translate if I ever translated, and I assumes other translates have that problem too.
  3. The Turkish translations updated for newly TDM version 2.07.
  4. Sorry about that. Remapping file added and a lot lines fixed. @Bikerdude, It's done. @nbohr1more, I'm not a troll. Just check my earlier works, here.
  5. Don't worry, the script works fine. Everything is okay, but fonts not. Still, the letters are not problem. It was good idea that using placeholder letters. Thanks to you and to others. Now, the Turkish translation is ready to download.
  6. Thanks, Anderson. The letters are not problem, though. By the way, the screenshots has been added.
  7. I have been translating games for people in my country who don't speak English. I am interested in helping out with the translation of The Dark Mod into Turkish language. The screenshots has been re-added. Sceenshot 1, Sceenshot 2, Sceenshot 3, Sceenshot 4, Sceenshot 5 Sceenshot 6, Sceenshot 7, Sceenshot 8, Sceenshot 9, Sceenshot 10 Sceenshot 11, Sceenshot 12, Sceenshot 13, Sceenshot 14, Sceenshot 15 Sceenshot 16, Sceenshot 17, Sceenshot 18, Sceenshot 19, Sceenshot 20 Updated turkish.lang file can be downloaded here.
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