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  1. Enjoyable mission (especially considering the modest file size), I didn't see the lever bug, but, I'm not sure if this helps; I did see a bug with most of the safes where opening it first time makes the contents unfrobbable, but closing it and opening it again makes them frobbable. (every alternate time opening/closing results in unfrobabble contents). I also ran into the glitch where the completed objective is removed Apart from that, very nice, although perhaps readables could have been reduced just a tiny bit (maybe 20%) in the Watch area.
  2. Looks great! Perhaps it could be useful to add a little synopsis of the plot and/or how it connects with "Initiation"?
  3. Nice little mission, just posted here to note that yes, this is what appears to be happening.
  4. Beautiful mission. I liked the quirky lightning. But the secrets are quite difficult, Any hints on
  5. Some very spooky lighting there, nice!
  6. Was going to ask about that but felt a bit silly, glad to hear they survived the rework!
  7. Quite a nicely polished mission, I don't have much else to add to what's already been posted, however, I did struggle with the outside framerate (Intel integrated gfx ftw) but it was just a case of getting past it on to the main game. If it had been more than like 10-20% of the gameplay, I might have easily got bored though and quit. Having said that, the outside ground level foliage especially was quite nice, and I don't think replacing the volumetric style fog with something more fps friendly would have given quite the same effect. I think the ambient music location effects in this mission were very effective and contributed a lot to the atmosphere. Very impressive for a first mission!
  8. Thanks! I just tried it again and I can't put my finger on when it starts happening, seems intermittent, may check again to see if it's related to lights.
  9. I've tried TDM on an Ubuntu based distro, both the native binary and through WINE. There's not a huge difference between them, maybe the WINE version had a very tiny bit more fps, but the more annoying issue was some screen flicker with the native Linux version compared to running under WINE. I'm not sure if this is specific to TDM or this distro or hardware or whatever.
  10. Keep us updated, I would like a chance to play around with the code if possible when it's in a compilation-ready state!
  11. Makes sense! ...haha almost, but not quite... did have to come here for some hints. But then it all looks clear in hindsight!
  12. Bugtracker link in first post is broken?
  13. Gorgeous mission, especially the Thanks for all the work you put in to this!
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