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  1. @Dragofer Awesome picks. Agreed they'd make great first map project. Yeh that gate was stunning. On fb there's a cool page on Victorian homes and you get some amazing pics on there.
  2. I really liked this mission. At first it seemed pretty straight forward, but turned into a complex little hunt. Really liked the apparent skybox, that turned into playable area. Didn't expect that. Nice to get a mix of playable forest and town in one map. Really hate the helmetted guards. lol I like to knock em on the head n I was robbed a bit lol. Still, managed to KO some. Turned into a really nice map. Well done and thanks.
  3. Couldn't find the update in the in game downloader. Got it through mega.
  4. Playing this atm, and have completed all objectives except for the Snowman.
  5. Congratulations Godlwell & Kingsal and Thank you for a lovely Christmas Present. Nice work. Will play it tonight
  6. The main reason I think it shouldn't be North American/Canadian is because the game is based in Europe. One of the British accents would fit better I think. We are talking Medieval, and America wasn't discovered at that time, so it really doesn't fit the period. I've nothing against Americans of course. I love that country, though not the current leadership lol. As for What is a Jewish Accent. This is what I meant. It's very stereotypical.
  7. If someone really wants to do it, I'm quite happy to step aside. So if you'd really like to do it, then feel free. It's just important that it isn't an American, or Canadian accent. That won't fit with the location of the game. Really think Jewish should be skipped too, as it's a bit stereotypical, and could be taken the wrong way; especially today.
  8. Also, if you press H you can hide something, Shift H unhides it. So sometmes it might be that. Very useful tool too.
  9. A full suite of modding tools is now available and it looks very interesting for us medieval lovers. [youtube] [/youtube
  10. To be honest, got pissed off playing this after about 15 minutes. Most doors and vents are locked and require 3 picks!!!! 2 is 1 to 2 is normal, and u save 3 for objective items. 3 for every locked door and vent is way overkill.
  11. Fixed my problem with Briarwod Manor, mission is now updated.
  12. What is causing this shadow across the ceiling? As you can see in the bottom image, which is the same spot, there's a monster clip over a wall light fitting, but nothing else.
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