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  1. I think my copy must be broken lol It does nothing either in the attic, or downstairs. No sound, no motion, nothing opening or closing. zip.
  2. Stuck. Finished all objectives except for Marlow. He's supposed to be in the Thiefs den, but they all scattered when I was detected, and I havn't seen hide nor hair of any of those patrons since. Clue?
  3. I think the best solution to the elevator bug is monster clip it off so they can't use it. I know you want them to use it, but at least it won't break levels. Another problem I find with two guards just spinning. I'm still playing this after 5 hours and still nowhere near complete but loving it.
  4. Really enjoying this. I'll keep my views till I finish. In the meantime, noticed a bug thats a bugger.
  5. Any chance of getting a HD copy of the map? Be great on the 2nd monitor
  6. Oh this is wonderful map. Such a great treat to be given such a large sprawling map full of verticality. Love it. Congratulations on all who participated. Very well done!
  7. Found a way to stop the bobbing boat drifting by just removing the very well hidden door_slider lol Works great now
  8. Cool Victorial Water tower, could make a cool Mages Tower Mission.
  9. I agree we are thieves, but most places lock up the outside doors, and most inner doors are not locked. I felt it was more like a lock pick simulator lol... no offence.
  10. Nice mission. Well made, beautifully decorated. I thought the guard carrying the light inside and outside was over the top. The clipping at the exist broke the 4th wall. There's no real reason for such aggressive clipping. If you want to stop the player wandering into that courtyard, put a wall there, but an invisible wall really spoils it. The other thing I really disliked was the over heavy lock picking. Every door in the place was locked, including an empty desk. On the whole though, a really nicely designed mission aside from what I mentioned above. and a first rate effort for a first map. Well done and Congratulations.
  11. Congratulations on your first release. It feels really good to finish a mission and get it out the door. Looks like you had the right approach too. I'll play this bit later on tonight. Thanks
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