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  1. I most certainly will not be giving up on Venice. I've put too much time in it to give up.
  2. I did recover the files, but they are corrupted and won't load into DR.
  3. I can recover, it's not a major problem, just a set back. I lost probably about 70 hours of work, or so. Not backing up is of course an important lesson. So is not walking into a sharp stick. It's just pointless to be saying things like that, as if I didn't know it already.
  4. Nice! I guess you're the type to kick a guy when he's down! You do that to homeless people too? What a turd! I can do a good job kicking myself, I don't need a turd like you doing it.
  5. No, they are gone. I thought I could get the map I was working back when I saw it in My PC in File Explorer but it was just an echo of the lost files The only thing that can save me if someone knows how to use data recovery and can explain it to me. I did try but just ended up with empty folders in a different drive.
  6. Thanks for that Spring. Didn't even know about this. Though I still think poral leak pointer should be a different filter, especially for new mappers who could waste a lot of time looking for a non-existent void leak.
  7. I listen to a variety of things from Jazz Singers, to Smooth Jazz, to Classical Ochestral to my favourite performer, Stepjan Hauser (left side of 2Cellos)
  8. It should do that in a different colour than the normal leak pointer. Otherwise you can't tell if it's a leak or a portal leak.
  9. The player as certain limits he needs to do things. Climbing stairs means stair needs to be 8 units high. It's important to understand all these limits, such as jump height/distance, vault height all that. I'm guessing maybe your steps are too hight? https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Limits,_Max,_Min,_Stats,_etc
  10. I'd been chasing down a persistent and annoying leak without cause. The map had been fine this morning and compiled. Later had this going on. Every previous version I tried had the same problem. So in an attempt to solve it, I loaded TDM, loaded a different map, went back to my map, did a cleanup and then installed my map. Go to dmap my latest v162 not found, v161 gone, 160, 159, 158 etc etc check the folder and it's all gone, all folders, models, textures scrpts everything is gone! 3 weeks work lost and no explanation as to how it can do this???? I've been working for 4 to 6 hours a day for 3 weeks. OMG I've lost so much! How can TDM Do this????? I tried winfr data recovery but it always comes up empty, not really sure how that works. I used to be right up with DOS. Is there no way to get it back? This has to be fixed!!!
  11. Thanks, Dragofer sorted it for me. Odd the console gave me that error when the actual problem was caused by a circular binding in the entity inspector.
  12. Have an issue with my level. It was working fine, then I repositioned something, now it won't load. I get this error: Anyone know how to fix it? couldn't exec autocommands.cfg missing
  13. 4 or 5 Inspiration photos? LOL I have hundreds for Venice which I'm still slogging away at when I get time and motivation. Back at it now. The stats look like the games still quite healthy.
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