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  1. Congratulations on the release. Awesome to have a n ew mission to play. That was fun, thank you. Veru nicely done. Loved the motion of the train, thought it a bit odd there was a castle on the train lol. NJ.
  2. It's OK. Seems it was a temporary issue and is now resolved.
  3. So I tried to download ALL the missions available in the downloader, thinking this way I'll easily see any new missions that show up. Turns out you you can't completely empty the missions downloader. There always remains a dozen or so missions you can't remove. They are downloaded, but remain in the Mission List in the Download menu. This is a pain cause the whole reason to download everything is to easily find new missions. Can this be fixed please?
  4. Awesome post Jedi. I get all of that. When I was younger I lived and breathed games. Every time I bought a new game, I had to sit down and read the manual (you got manuals back then usually 1/2 inch thick). Then if it was a new subject, I'd books to learn about that subject. Gaming has always been a huge stress release. Only now as I'm getting older has my passion for it begun to dwindle as there's so little new ideas for games, and it's all starting to look very formulaic like movies. Ubisoft is king of formula games, which is why I don't play them anymore. TDM though has gotten better and better with every passing year. More complex, more possibilities for creativity which is where I get my gaming jollies today. :)
  5. Wow. I played this but never commented on it or voted on it. Just did. Very late, but Congratulations on the release. It's so satisfying to finally get your masterpiece out that you've been crawling all over for months. This was a very good mission. I quite enjoyed it, and the mansion was gorgeous, though awfully big. I loved the little detail on the masters bed. lol Very well made mission. Congrats Jedi. I know this mission being released means a lot to you.
  6. I enjoyed this, was very well built. Some really cool things in this map, the switching around of rooms was cool, though I'm not much into Puzzles, it was still very well done and quite enjoyable. Thank you.
  7. Congratulations on the release. I'll download n look forward to a play . Thanks
  8. Congratulations on the release. Bit late but just found it. Gotta say I hate that the bots have gas grenades. Bit OP I think, dead in less than 3 seconds from almost full health. lol Really cool mission with lots of new things to do. Big sprawling map had excellent performance on my pretty good Ryzen 7 with Nv 1070. Didn't like the bubblebots much but they sure were interesting, but another very cool mission from you and I really liked it alot. Thank you.
  9. I never have had this AI issue in 2.09 but only since 2.10 it's like they are hypersensitive. I wrote that at about 2am after I'd just finished n was knackered. It was a really fun mission. The jeweller I found really interesting, and never did find any reference to his valuables location. I also found the only way to get into that room opposite the main entrance into the Noble womans house was to alert the AI and get them to open it. The interior of the house though was gorgeous. Being an artist, I drooled over all the paintings. Had to KO the guards so I can spend some time in this Gallery of portraits. Very enjoyable level Goldwell. Look forward to your next one. I'll play this again!
  10. Enjoyable level. Loved the entry into the level by, was very cool. Playing this. Found a strange issue with the AI in the water. There's a body down there, and they attacked it. lol Also at that spot, on a pipe above the body I got stuck between the pipe and the fake door. Don't like those creepies though. One thing I really don't like about 2.10 is the AI are super sensitive. The slightest sound, even creeping had me detected multiple times from almost every AI. Not sure if you're not tweakign the AI sensitiviies to a realistic level, or if 2.10 is over the top. Still, another cool level. Love the new thief
  11. Congratulations on the release. Looking forward to another of yours
  12. Well that was an exceptional level. Very challenging, even for experienced players. I have no idea how you could ghost this. An awesome map and I loved every minute of it. Thank you
  13. Congratulations on the release of what seems like a damn near perfect mission. Still deep in it and loving it. I love the vertical scale of it and the 3 dimensional aspect of it is just awesome.
  14. All my Space videos on my channel have all been upscaled in editor to 1440p even though they were recorded at 1080p. It's not to improve the resolution, cause of course you can't do that. However it does improve the bit depth once YT Process's the video and it gives it better clarity.
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