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  1. I found a game breaking bug. This happens in the room with all the light switches. After turning them all off (starting with left of double doors), then starting to turn them all on. I got two switches on, and crash! Might want to check your script Enjoying it though it's a lovely mission
  2. Congratulations on release. I'll go playh it now
  3. Awesome job. Great to see this a searchable list of all TDM missions. Well done. Should definitely be made official and the link should be available on the TDM Game Download so people can peruse missions before downloading the game.
  4. I don't know if this is possible, but it would seem to me the most immersive. Have an AI walk up to and remind the player. It could be in the form of a hint. Probably a friendly thief. All he really needs is a conversation setup, nothing tricky. The hard part is working out whether to call the AI or not. I really don't like text on screen as a prompt. It's like getting hit over the head
  5. Great music by Hauser (from 2Cellos - the 6th greatest Cellist on the planet), and great Medieval Architecture of Dubrobvnik to inspire you.
  6. Would someone be interested in making a life size statute of a female Madonna style figure? It's for a church in my Venice mission, Campa de Santa Maria Formosa (Campa = church), or chapel. White marble would be great, or even gold (Italians love gold)
  7. I think my copy must be broken lol It does nothing either in the attic, or downstairs. No sound, no motion, nothing opening or closing. zip.
  8. Stuck. Finished all objectives except for Marlow. He's supposed to be in the Thiefs den, but they all scattered when I was detected, and I havn't seen hide nor hair of any of those patrons since. Clue?
  9. I think the best solution to the elevator bug is monster clip it off so they can't use it. I know you want them to use it, but at least it won't break levels. Another problem I find with two guards just spinning. I'm still playing this after 5 hours and still nowhere near complete but loving it.
  10. Really enjoying this. I'll keep my views till I finish. In the meantime, noticed a bug thats a bugger.
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