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  1. This is pretty impressive and looks like a hell of a lot less work than building the model manually.
  2. Best way to make it work is use a pole with a coil of rope on the players side, that it attaches to. Similar to Shadow of Tomb Raider as the image below; to her right. You'd fire the arrow at a marked point (such as pole with rope coil on it) then attatch your end to similar pole. https://cdn.gamer-network.net/2018/usgamer/shadow-of-tomb-raider-blood-maze-1.jpg
  3. Was thinking aboput this, using the Rope Arrow to make a new Tight rope arrow. Can only be fired into a specific item (like in Shadow of Tomb Raiders rope coiled around a log) Fire into that and it makes a tight rope the player can use to cross a void. It would have to have a balancing mechanic not too intense, but still a bit of a challenge. It has to be a special use item, otherwise players could use it to get to places they shouldn't. There's a few ways you could do it. Easiest is a script to spawn in a narrow invisible walkway where the rope is and have the rope horizontal. A better
  4. Tested shows off a new Medieval Alleyway Book Nook Diorama! [youtube]
  5. Just finished this awesome mission. It was a complete delight to play. The story was very good, and drew you in as it should. The architecture was perfect; I especially loved the manor detailing. A very well put together mission that had me fully engaged for the entire time. Quite challenging which is fun, though I did run into some problems with AI sensitivities, but they are addressing that as we speak. Absolutely recommend this mission and can't wait to play Part 2. Thank you so much, been a while since we've had a new idea for story.
  6. Congratulation son your release. Downloading now
  7. An excellent mission. The atmosphere was awesome, especially creeper were doors opening behind you. Loved that bit. Was a bit of a key hunt, never did find the study key or a way into the chapel or the tree. [spoiler] Would've been better if it had been a little more populated, with say a few revenants. As it was, I just turned all the lights on and ran around with my lamp lit once the zombie was killed. Mansion mansion was very well done, beautifully decorated and detailed. The outside grounds though seemed a little sparse, some hedgrows could've improved that n made the
  8. Congratulations on your first release. A huge achievement. We all know just how hard it is to get your first map out, but deeply deeply rewarding on so many levels. Downloading now. Neon
  9. How is this building still standing? Amazing!
  10. Hey, I just played my level on Briarwood Manor, and two things went wrong that never went wrong before on 2.07-08. There'a secret door in the library, that slides a book case and opens a wall. It's setup at player start. It opens fine, but it won't close the wall, but does close the book case. Never had this problem with this door before. Also, in the Stewards room. When he drops the key, you don't auto pick it up. You have to knock it around a bit before you can pick it up. Again, never had this before 1.09. Both these worked fine before and the map hasn't ne
  11. Wooden fireplace in Braemar Castle
  12. Snow White and the Seven Dwarves Door knob. Take a moment to admire the detail in this.
  13. Holly Village, Highgate, North London 1865
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