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  1. Hey, I just played my level on Briarwood Manor, and two things went wrong that never went wrong before on 2.07-08. There'a secret door in the library, that slides a book case and opens a wall. It's setup at player start. It opens fine, but it won't close the wall, but does close the book case. Never had this problem with this door before. Also, in the Stewards room. When he drops the key, you don't auto pick it up. You have to knock it around a bit before you can pick it up. Again, never had this before 1.09. Both these worked fine before and the map hasn't ne
  2. Wooden fireplace in Braemar Castle
  3. Snow White and the Seven Dwarves Door knob. Take a moment to admire the detail in this.
  4. Holly Village, Highgate, North London 1865
  5. A traditional Indonsian Hut drying rice in the street. The tall one is the Kings House. These houses have been studied by architects and civil engineers for their ability to withstand large Earthquakes. The last one measured 8.6 on the richter scale. Only the stone house 'broke' to put it in their english. Those logs you see in the Kings House are 2 feet thick!
  6. Interior of Basilica di San Marco - Venice. Quite stunning https://imgur.com/nxA6JxI
  7. Congratulation on the release Wi;ll go play this now
  8. The Eschif in PĂ©rigueux, France was a lookout for a toll bridge. It was built in 1347. That's one way to get over expensive rents! lol
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