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  1. A traditional Indonsian Hut drying rice in the street. The tall one is the Kings House. These houses have been studied by architects and civil engineers for their ability to withstand large Earthquakes. The last one measured 8.6 on the richter scale. Only the stone house 'broke' to put it in their english. Those logs you see in the Kings House are 2 feet thick!
  2. Interior of Basilica di San Marco - Venice. Quite stunning https://imgur.com/nxA6JxI
  3. Congratulation on the release Wi;ll go play this now
  4. The Eschif in Périgueux, France was a lookout for a toll bridge. It was built in 1347. That's one way to get over expensive rents! lol
  5. If you look in the text file of the autosave.map it's empty and there's only 3 lines in the autosave.darkradiant file. Might be something?
  6. Discovered something. The autosave map for the latest version is empty, so I've lost a good 2 hours of very detailed work To be honest, I don't think 2.9.1 is ready yet. It's not reliable. Which is such a shame cause I really wanted to use that Connect feature.
  7. I'm also getting this error when I try to load the autosave and that's why I'm losing work. I lost all the work I did on this 3 story stairwell today. A lot of it is in the autosave but I get this bug when I try to load it. I found the log you mentioned, but seems it gets written over from the last close, and there's no mention of a crash, just date and time of the last close a few minutes ago. I'm reluctant to try to recreate it as that means recreating all the work I did today, which would be a pain since most of it is in that autosave file.
  8. Sorry, forgot I posted this here, and PM'd you about it. No, there's absolutely nothing. It just shuts down without any warning whatsoever. No error messanges, no stopped working. Just POOF and it's gone! Is there a debug log somewhere?
  9. @chakkman Agree completely. I hate it when games spoon feed you, or have mechanics that hand hold you like in Call of Duty games, where you've always got a guide telling you what to do, where to do and when to do it. Games are about free play. Anyway I don't want to get into a COD rant lol. I think TDM is great as it is regarding loot. It's down to mappers to give players clues. There are still no no's There shouldn't be loot in unreasonable places, that you'd never find it, like in lights or hidden in out of the way corners no one would ever go. It has to be real, as if someon
  10. Late but has anything changed in this regard? As of this year, I've become quite photosensitive, and white screens viewed for a while tend to cause migraines. I'd love it if this was possible now. I already use the black image method, but would be great to get all the white windows into grey or dark mode.
  11. I downloaded it today to upgrade. Installed over the previous version. Working on my level, selecting a floor, walls, cornices, skirting boards, doors/doorways, copying, and begin to move into a new position and DR just shuts down. No crash, no error message, it just instantly closes. Very frustrating trying to build something when it keeps shutting down on me.
  12. I would hate to see any sort of loot glint added to the game just to pander to lazy players. Once you start playing you quickly learn where mappers tend to put loot. A few missions under your belt and it won't be an issue anymore.
  13. If you select for just the Best, there's only 5 pages.
  14. I know about the above rating site. However I was thinking in the in game mission downloader, because that's where most new players are going to get their missions. Also that list is nowhere near complete.
  15. Not really, but in the coming months there will be a Venice mission.
  16. Depends on the mapper really. Some are really sneaky. However here are some of the traditional places to find loot. Desks that open - one has a secret slider in the middle compartment that nearly always has loot in it. On top of desks, often you'll find a gold builders icon, or some jewels. In Inns, you'll find a coin box usually behind the bar. Think of all the places you'd drop stuff as you came home. Bookcases, fireplaces, picture frames are commonly used to hide secret switches. Or it might be a discoloured bit of wall. Kitchens often contain a health potion Barracks
  17. Those last 3 missions are looking awesome. Amadeus, isn't that from one of the abandoned missions? I recognise that treehouse part. This is what I've been working today, finishing up one of the shops.
  18. Hey, For new players, it's difficult to know which missions are really good, or really hard. A rating system in the notes of the mission would really help that and it wouldn't be hard to implement. What do you think? Neon
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