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  1. Awesome mission, but I'm stuck at the bank safe. Looted the vault but the safe bar won't open, None of the keys work, the vault key opeed the vault ok, but neither that nor picks open the safe. Can't seem to find anything down there to help. Hint please.
  2. Congratulations on the release. Downloading now. Thank you. Different style of missiong. Looking forward to it.
  3. Congratulations on the release. Lovely mission very well made, nice and quick mission. Thank you. The only thing I didn't like was the briefing would've been better louder so you could hear it. I get it's supposed to be a dictaphone recording but if you can't really hear it, then it seems not to be much use. The text helped, but it would've been much more immersive to hear it. The text sort of broke the cool briefing video. Still very good, ghosted it. Never did find the key for the Teller room safe, or the secret people talk about. Still very fun and very well designed. Loved all the custom resources.
  4. @geegee Fair enough. I missed he wasn't a thief. Then it makes sense the way you did it. I have to say though on a more positive tone. The inner parts of the church were just gorgeous. I never found the gate key and had to use noclip. There was no way I could even get into the inner courtyard guarded by all those Builders who were guarding the inner part of the church. Opening the door and looking for a bit tended to alert them. I could douse one light, but by the 2nd they were alerted. In the end I had to noclip through there. I usually like ghosting missions but this is pretty hard to ghost. During my noclip, I did find 4 guards in inside places the player can't get to (no doors). Still very nice mission, very large and sprawling. Love the map. Wish we could zoom in on maps. Thankyou
  5. @nbohr1more lol Fair cop! For me, this usually happens when I'm tired or in a bad mood for some reason or other. Being disabled does that. Though out of my hundreds of posts, there was only the two where I was harsh! So I think you were a bit off claiming me as always harsh. lol Forgotten. I always try to be very supportive of new mappers, cause I know how hard is, and how long it takes to make a map. As I said, @geegeeI apologise for my harsh words. It just seemed to me, to be a thief who can pick locks, and not be able to a bit silly. However the level was very well done.
  6. I do apologise for my harsh criticism. I was in a foul mood last night due to some bad news. Although the endless key hunt was annoying. @nbohr1moreI am never harsh with other FM makers. I've always been supportive and positive. I don't know where you got that from. I certainly don't want that out there. In my entire 13 odd years on this forum, I've always been supportive of everyone involved. This is the first time I've been harsh and I have to say nbohr1more I'm really surprised you to say this. It's flatly wrong. Go back through my posts and show me where I've been harsh to other FM makers!
  7. I really wanted to like this. Such a nice big map, well made and designed. The story was great. However the gameplay was horrible. An endless key hunt! What's the point of having lock picks if they are never used? Then there's the constant breaking of the 4th wall with tips, and names of keys. Might's well had a floating nav marker. Really annoying. Just because you can do something, sometimes you have to ask should you. The endless key hunt for every damn door bar about 3 was a total pain in the butt. In the end I just gave up on it. Another door, another key! Sorry, but I have to give the execution very good job, but the gameplay is a fail!
  8. The link is broken, and it's not available in the In Game Downloader. I've downloaded all missions, and the downloader is completely empty and your mission is not among them.
  9. He means the transscript of what the game characters say along with the voice files to train the AI. He doesn't use a games actual files other than to listen to to get the AI to sound right.
  10. I spoke to Dan about this, and he did say, if someone could provide him with the text of Thiefs vocalisations, he'd be happy to include Thief in the VaSynth.
  11. LOL. No, nothing subliminal. It was designed to do just that.
  12. Spent the last few months working on this video and the audio track for it. Here you will cruise the nebulae of the galaxy, see what the Sun looks like from other Stars; drop into a couple of other galaxies and travel to the edge of the universe. A deep soothing ASMR sound is broadcast into your suite on board a giant Star Ship. You set off to cruise the galaxy and greater universe. As you lay there in your bed, the soothing sound sounds of space waft over you. The deep, almost OM like sounds of Space rebound around your room.
  13. You should adjust the AI accuity to be more realistic. 100% they detect everything which is the default. I'd like to see these values made more realistic by default. For your mission though Teef, it's not a big deal, I thought it was pretty good n had a few issues, especially around the hanging. I could not get through there at all without detection, mostlty because of the brazier near the bottom of the stairs. Still, a really nicely designed level. I loved the geometry of the level, the way you stuck to the grunge look of low income feel was nice to see the same feel through the whole place. Was done right.
  14. This is one of my pet peeves of some of the missions of late, where AI are super sensitive to both visuals and sound. Given how easy it is to adjust these in the level, I have to assume it's something deeper that is causing this issue. It's really breaking the ability to sneak when you can't sneak past a guard quitely on carpet or in dark shadow. I don't know if this is a 2.10 problem or a mission problem, but since I've seen it in the last few missions, I'm thinking it may be a 2.10 problem.
  15. Re the Grate, I never found that. I did have all three documents, but the objective never ticked off. Not sure what the problem is there. Still, I really liked this mission. Would be awesome if you spent some time making a fresh update and fleshing out the loot. I know what it's like you get near the end and you just want to be done with it sometimes lol.
  16. This was quite a good mission. I really enjoyed the trailing the target right through the whole map, having to pass places I wanted to explore n leave them to later was very cool. The concept of the guards increasing as you took them out, and raise their level was also very cool idea. Not seen that before. However it does have some problems. I felt it wasn't really finished, as there were large areas without any loot, locked doors with nothing inside. In the warehouse area lots of crates that can be frobbed but not opened, and have lootable goodies inside (noclip peek). Never found a way to open them. I also never found the final note despite searching over 3 days going back over it. In the end I had to use the test area to finish it. Still, really liked the idea for this, would've been nice if you'd hung onto it a bit longer and finished off the loot gameplay. Maybe in a future update. That would make it worth multiple play throughs. Thank you.
  17. Thank you, congratulations on your release. Looking forward to playing this. I was hoping to find a new mission tonight. Not disappointed.
  18. Congratulations on the release. Awesome to have a n ew mission to play. That was fun, thank you. Veru nicely done. Loved the motion of the train, thought it a bit odd there was a castle on the train lol. NJ.
  19. It's OK. Seems it was a temporary issue and is now resolved.
  20. So I tried to download ALL the missions available in the downloader, thinking this way I'll easily see any new missions that show up. Turns out you you can't completely empty the missions downloader. There always remains a dozen or so missions you can't remove. They are downloaded, but remain in the Mission List in the Download menu. This is a pain cause the whole reason to download everything is to easily find new missions. Can this be fixed please?
  21. Awesome post Jedi. I get all of that. When I was younger I lived and breathed games. Every time I bought a new game, I had to sit down and read the manual (you got manuals back then usually 1/2 inch thick). Then if it was a new subject, I'd books to learn about that subject. Gaming has always been a huge stress release. Only now as I'm getting older has my passion for it begun to dwindle as there's so little new ideas for games, and it's all starting to look very formulaic like movies. Ubisoft is king of formula games, which is why I don't play them anymore. TDM though has gotten better and better with every passing year. More complex, more possibilities for creativity which is where I get my gaming jollies today. :)
  22. Wow. I played this but never commented on it or voted on it. Just did. Very late, but Congratulations on the release. It's so satisfying to finally get your masterpiece out that you've been crawling all over for months. This was a very good mission. I quite enjoyed it, and the mansion was gorgeous, though awfully big. I loved the little detail on the masters bed. lol Very well made mission. Congrats Jedi. I know this mission being released means a lot to you.
  23. I enjoyed this, was very well built. Some really cool things in this map, the switching around of rooms was cool, though I'm not much into Puzzles, it was still very well done and quite enjoyable. Thank you.
  24. Congratulations on the release. I'll download n look forward to a play . Thanks
  25. Congratulations on the release. Bit late but just found it. Gotta say I hate that the bots have gas grenades. Bit OP I think, dead in less than 3 seconds from almost full health. lol Really cool mission with lots of new things to do. Big sprawling map had excellent performance on my pretty good Ryzen 7 with Nv 1070. Didn't like the bubblebots much but they sure were interesting, but another very cool mission from you and I really liked it alot. Thank you.
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