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  1. It is a little easier to keep track of though, as the game itself records when AI sees the player and at what level they react.
  2. Yes and no, there's some players that have tried ghosting missions.
  3. "Random Interesting Things". Basically, from my understanding anyways, you set up path points, and the AI will go them pseudo randomly, like inspect a painting, stop in front of a clock, look at random shit.
  4. Ugh, spent a week redoing these carpets by hand: Now I just have to get rid of the seam between them, I think it's a photoshop 2020 glitch. EDIT: You can see how the original texture didn't line up:
  5. Looks great in game though. I'll try the merge patches, forgot about that. Would be nice though to select some geometry like the stairs, then just press a Mark Carpet button
  6. I'm not sure if this is doable, but, I have some stairs that I want to use patches on for the carpet. I tried individual patches and bending them for each stair, but getting the textures to line up is impossible. So making a single large patch and manually placing the verts works, but is slow and tedious. Is there a way to increment the patch programatically? For example, here's the patch: // primitive 70 { patchDef3 { "textures/darkmod/carpet/runners/geometric02_red_HD" ( 57 3 6 4 0 0 0 ) ( ( ( -347 -72 169 0 0 ) ( -347 0 169 0 0.5 ) ( -347 72 169
  7. Sure, this is first and foremost an effort to make high res versions of what we already have. After that, I'll look into making new ones.
  8. It's called Forest Children, you can find it in tdm_sound_ambient02.pk4. Inside that zip file go to sound\ambient\ambience\forest_children.ogg EDIT: Looks like a member called pakmannen uploaded it to SVN repository in 2005!!! EDIT: And it looks like he create the song from what I can gather from his old posts.
  9. It's not the editor image, that works fine. It's when you enter rendered mode with F3 that the texture looks black. The _ed image is a max quality jpeg (level 12 in photoshop). EDIT: Lighting Preview Mode is what it's called. Then the texture displays as black. Looks normal in Fullbright Textured Mode.
  10. I also make sure to always normalize the normalmaps, and adjust it to make sense for the texture. There's no a reason a sanded, polished wood surface should have lots of bumps that contour to the wood grain, etc. But carpets have a LOT of texture to them, especially old style carpets, so the missing or bad normal maps really stood out. And I just checked, the original carpet textures were 512x256, that's just a little bit bigger than the thumbnails used in Dark Radiant lol. Now, you're taking that tiny image and stretching it across most of your screen, it's going to look awful.
  11. Sorry, that's what I meant. To me, missing normal maps or low res normal maps look yucky. But I also understand your POV too with too noisy, you can get awful texture shimmering.
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