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  1. So this may have been fixed already in version 3, but you're not going to try it, even though the render window has been drastically changed. Ok. You also seem to be the only person reporting this issue. I've now tried your steps to reproduce on 4 computers, 2 with Nvidia GPU's, 2 with AMD GPU's, 2 Windows 10, 2 Windows 11, none of them do this.
  2. ah_church.7z Doesn't happen right away, I have to move around in the 3d view and it gets worse and worse.
  3. Bug #5959 is still happening to me: https://bugs.thedarkmod.com/view.php?id=5959
  4. Also, since brushes can have a different texture on each face, you should probably be selecting a FACE of a brush with the surface inspector opened.
  5. Nope, can't reproduce this on my 1080ti machine. I'm using split pane layout, what are you using? Also, try version 3.0 prerelease, see if it still happens.
  6. Nevermind I was over thinking it. Just had to use a rope arrow in the proper place lol. Got all secrets and loot, great mission.
  7. Guess I should post my new system also. Intel 12700k AMD Radeon 6800XT Phantom Gaming D 32GB DDR4-3600 RAM Asus Prime z690 Dell S2522HG IPS 240hz Gsync/Freesync Fractal Design Meshify 2 Case (fucking hate this thing) Too many drives to list Super powerful system, been playing Elden Ring at maxxed out settings at 100-120 fps depending on the area. TDM is still it's normal self for the most part, GPU and CPU usually not doing much.
  8. I have the same problem now. Player start goes invisible, fresh install of portable version pre5 I have an AMD Radeon 6800XT if that matters
  9. So far fantastic mission, I'm just cleaning up the last little loot and have run into a problem. I very much loved the voiced protagonist here, she's great. Nice change from the perpetual world-weary thief trope.
  10. Understatement of the year. 2.14: 36 fps 2.14 renderview: 5 fps 3.00 flat shaded: 180 fps 3.00 renderview WITH shadow maps: 60 fps That's such a huge increase, like bonkers mad, it's actually useable now
  11. I've always copied from nearby brush in the videos case as it was pretty much always perfect.
  12. I didn't change the compare symbol, just moved the bracket as per the suggestion.
  13. God damn this is impressive! The render view is WAY faster. I'm getting 180fps in a scene that would get me 20-40fps before. Even with render in lighting preview mode with lightmaps, I'm getting over 60 fps in the cathedral map. That used to tank to 10fps.
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