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  1. Yeah, I don't mind missing some loot but I hate missing rooms are whole areas.
  2. Okay, going to stream some Dark Mod if I can.
  3. Come watch me on twitch and make fun of me dying lots!
  4. Employee discount, $15 CAD Also comes with basic TV and full phone service. Normal price is $80 CAD.
  5. Went from 7Mbps ADSL to this. I had this just a few hours ago: So hard right now.
  6. This is probably related to the new code that allows metadata and layer data to copy and paste between 2 running DR sessions
  7. Yeah weird, no geometry pop in due to broken Visportals when the draw calls skyrocket. There are other things like light counts or shaders that can increase counts, but I don't see anything obvious there. Can you move your player start in DarkRadiant to that point and upload the map file somewhere?
  8. That is bizarre. Seems to be PVS related. @Duzenko? EDIT: can you try it again with r_showtris 2?
  9. I don't get Steam's rating system, for this game you see: Recent Reviews: Very Positive (62) All Reviews: Very Positive (275) But if you mouse over those ratings, you'll see that for the Recent Reviews (last 30 days) it's 100% Positive, and the All Reviews part shows 99% Positive. WTF Steam? How can 95% and higher be Overwhelmingly Positive but 100% is Very Positive????? I see this all the time with Indie games or maybe it's just newer games. If you look at Dead Cells on the store page, you'll see: RECENT REVIEWS: Overwhelmingly Positive (2,009) ALL REVIEWS: Overwhelmingly Positive (42,079) And those values are 97% and 96% respectively. So, how in the hell is 96% a higher value than 100%?
  10. Running debug version of TDM, looks like a memory allocation error? for (;;) { void* const block = HeapAlloc(__acrt_heap, 0, actual_size); if (block) return block; > TheDarkModx64.exe!_malloc_base(unsigned __int64 size) Line 34 C++ Guess this needs to go in another thread.
  11. Is there a technical reason that the Brush->Sphere is limited to only 7? Would love to have one with 32 sides at least. EDIT: I see in the code it's set to max 7, (brush.cpp line 46: const std::size_t Brush::SPHERE_MAX_SIDES = 128;) I set it to 128 and I can create a sphere with 32 sides, looks great. I tried higher but the brush just disappears. EDIT 2: Hmm, clipper doesn't work on it though. I can see the preview of the 2 points cutting line, but when I hit Enter, nothing happens. No errors or warnings in the console either. EDIT 3: And Dmap crashes lol
  12. I just found this old map on my computer and I'm blown by the fact that I can run it with SSAO on and Soft Shadows and in this view I'm getting over 70fps, when I used to struggle to get 30-40 fps with none of those options even available. Holy crap nice work devs (2.08 beta 2 btw)
  13. I just stumbled across this post: In the replies you get this:
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