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  1. Are the binaries built with the LAA flag on windows?
  2. When you want to share a youtube video but have it start for everyone already where it needs to be, start the video, and get it to the time you want. Then right click on video and click on "Copy URL at current time" and when people watch it, it will start at that time.
  3. Are you running a debug build? I don't get notifications in console for AI sustained damage.
  4. What's the command to show damage AI take when hurt?
  5. Ok I tried dropping him from 424 units up. I don't think he took any damage at all.
  6. I cannot reproduce the high dmg bug, I even dropped him from a rope arrow at 192 units and he landed on his head, didn't even make a sound. What FPS are you running at?
  7. Were you maybe swinging on the rope when dropping the body?
  8. I just dropped an unconcious AI off a 192 unit tall ledge, he got tiny damage and I took 5 dmg when I hit the ground. Seems normal
  9. No that doesn't need addressing, don't drop bodies for more than like 10 feet or they get hurt. Duh.
  10. Yes the Inn is open now and there's something nasty inside
  11. From what I can gather from the code, it looks like force is multiplied each frame, so more frames means more force.
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