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  1. Something that has been broken or never worked, is skyboxes turning black when using either g_stopTime 1, or using the jitter option for screenshot command (screenshot <width><height><samples>). https://bugs.thedarkmod.com/view.php?id=5494 I don't expect it to get fixed, but I've brought it up before in passing, but I guess it's time to make a bugtracker for it. Here is a 32 sampled screenshot, skybox turns black
  2. And yeah, some games and some monitors running freesync (like mine), don't use freesync on anything AT or OVER the cap. For example, if my game is running at 144 fps, I don't get freesync, but between 30-143 fps I do. Now, what happens is that I get the occasional frame drop to below 144 fps and it stutters. If I keep it at 143 fps, it's butter smooth, even when it drops lower.
  3. Dude, don't. We already have 360hz displays and nvidia showed off a 1700hz display back in 2016.
  4. Ok, I'll leave it as is. To be clear, I set the steps to be "5" in the slider in the gui file, but it's ignoring that.
  5. How about we just do this instead:
  6. You should be able to stop players from stopping the animation with clip boxes around those parts.
  7. If you're getting 4 fps in the menu then something is very wrong. Did you try to delete your darkmod.cfg file and see if that makes a difference?
  8. Yeah I saw it too, 64bits makes a subtle difference for me, but I think it is the fog volume if there is one.
  9. Go into advanced settings and set your colour to 64bits EDIT: Video->Advanced->Colour Precision set it to 64bits
  10. If you have any of these cards, I would greatly appreciate your help in chasing down a bug. Radeon RX 5300 Radeon RX 5300 XT Radeon RX 5500 Radeon RX 5600 Radeon RX 5600 XT Radeon RX 5700 Radeon RX 5700 XT If you have one of these cards, can you load up the latest TDM 2.09 beta, open your console and turn on: r_useNewBackend 1 r_useBindlessTextures 1 And see what you game looks like. I get a green tinge to everything covered by the Ambient light. With bindless textures on I get: With bindless textures off I get a no
  11. Well there are younger generations that are interested in these types of experiences. My 4 yo daughter is very interested in this game whenever I play it, though she's learning movement and aiming on Mirror's Edge Catalyst. She's played it maybe a dozen times now, and and she's already leaping across buildings and climbing things. It blows my mind how fast she picked it up. She was also watching me play Horizon Zero Dawn and she kept reminding me to sneak in the bushes so I don't get seen. That's my girl
  12. The problem is the same as it's always been; the hardcore stealth market is niche and small. There's not enough sales for a AAA budget. If I won the lottery (50-60 Million) I would bankroll such a game, even if only I ever got to play it lol.
  13. Also have both of those on. EDIT: Only thing I have off is bindless textures due to the green tinged driver bug.
  14. Works for me, it's been on.
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