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  1. So back to trying this again, How do I get rid of the layout on the right?
  2. What is your r_aspectRatio set to? What is your FOV set to? What is your resolution? Are you fullscreen or windowed? Windows or Linux? What version of TDM are you using? Intel, AMD or Nvidia GPU? Are you on the latest drivers? Can you post the contents of your darkmod.cfg file here please. You need to go through tech support first before opening a bug report.
  3. Weird, maybe a bad file on the server. Try this instead. https://www.moddb.com/mods/the-dark-mod/downloads/the-dark-mod-212-full
  4. You can't softlock by getting stuck in this game, open console type "noclip" and fly to wherever you need to. But yeah, it is a bug.
  5. Not so much that they chose not to use it, but that's it's extra work on top of what's likely to be a monumental amount of work already.
  6. What???? You're on Windows 7, from 2009, with updates that ended 4 years ago. Windows 10 Pro key is like 20$. Why do you feel it's fair to expect Microsoft to continue to support an OS that's 4 versions out of date? I really don't like defending M$, but in this case, this is a little much. I hope your Linux experiences are better than mine were, as even on bog standard hardware it was nothing but crash city and bugs on 3 different distros.
  7. I'm sure there is, the original poster should open a bugtracker so a coder can take a look.
  8. Because the player didn't move/make noise, the code that AI uses to "listen" for the player wasn't triggered. Because the AI weren't on the same team, the alert level wasn't propagated to the other AI. There's so much that goes on to make AI SEEM like a facsimile to real people, but there's always going to be edge cases where's there's no code to handle it.
  9. I noticed he has a bow but no melee weapon. He's probably trying to run away to get space to fire arrows, but that might be around the corner and out of range. So he comes back then runs away again.
  10. Yes AI in combat or search alert other AI. Are these AI on the same "team"?
  11. Sorry he was banned, that seems to have expired.
  12. He was banned after what happened last time.
  13. That bug has been around for over a decade though. In some missions, changing FOV in console would only work when frobbing an item. I always assumed it was a bug in the game, but it's possible it's a bug in certain missions due to scripting. But I've definitely encountered it a LONNNNNNNG time ago.
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