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  1. A simple skip mission button may not be enough. How would you determine loot gathered? And maybe you have optional objectives that are transferred into later missions (not sure if the currently existing campaigns have any of these, but I know that it is possible). You could randomise these or give them set values when skipping, of course, but if a player would like to play "his" version, he would still have to repeat the mission. This is why I said, it would be best, if the Mission Statistics would get stored and could be read out, even if a mission is added later on.
  2. The problem would be that, if this is not the first mission of the campaign, you would have to start the campaign from zero again. This becomes annoying after some time. Imagine you have a four mission campaign that is released over four years. You would have to play the first mission four times, the second three times and the third twice just if you want to finish it. If there are (crutial) bugfix updates to the campaign or an update to TDM, while you are playing it, these numbers would further increase and earlier missions are more likely to be affected in this case. So, after the third or f
  3. Not necessarily. You could adjust the available money according to your needs afterwards. Of course, this means that not all the loot you gathered is visible in the next mission, but if it is simply multiplied by a factor X (maybe even flexible according to difficulty), this still means that you would have the most options, if you collected 100% loot. The loot requrements would also still give a hint on how much money is available. That way, even without knowing the exact amount, the map author still has an estimate, which items can be afforded in the worst and best cases.
  4. Another problem in releasing campaigns is that the missions have to be released at the same time and for many (if not all) campaigns released step by step, it took several years until the missions were released, so it was preferable to have missions at the point that they were ready. I am not sure how difficult it would be to bundle the missions into a campaign afterwards, but in most cases the authors prefer to concentrate on new projects rather than working on old ones, if they are still active at all.
  5. Yeah, breakable lockpciks would be really annoying in a game like this. The TDS system was also quite nice. Personally, I prefer a system, where you can do something yourself, so it not only depends on choosing the right lockpick and holding down a button (i.e. the TDP and TMA style). The current bethesda ones are fine, but still not my favourite. Then again: it is you game, so you choose what you think is best I understand the frustration people had with the system, but I liked that it quite realistically showed what happens, when picking a lock. And if you got some expereince with
  6. I agree that it looks quite interesting, although it was a bit rushed in the video. It would be nice if you would allow your viewers some time to actually read stuff you pick up without them having to pause. Regarding voice acting, I did not find it too bad, but a bit strange that the internal voice is suddenly heard from one side at some point. The lockpicking system from (modern) Bethesda games is fine, although I personally prefer the ones from Oblivion or Splinter Cell (not sure which part), where you actually see what happens inside the lcok. But this is personal taste... Anyway, great jo
  7. Just scrolled through and there are almost no games that I actually played. Well, currently I wait until games are around 30€ before I buy them, so it is not really surprising. One exception from this rule was Ori and the Will of the Wisps. I found this to be an excellent game. I am quite surprised how many people here have played Hades. I thought about buying it, but so far have not done so (I have Children of Morta as a rogue lite game, if I have this itch to scratch), but if it is this recommended here, I am really thinking about getting it. I have loved Transistor and Bastion, so if t
  8. Ok, I can accept opinions and if you don't like the #metoo or #blm movements, this is up to you, but calling a global pandemic, that has caused 1.3 million (reported) deaths in less than a year and appears to have severe long-lasting effects that cannot be foreseeable, yet, "better coughs and sneezes" is simply ignorant. And not forgetting hospitals and intensive care units reaching the limits of their capacities. Apparently, you yourself have been spared so far and I am glad for you that you have, but this disease is not a "first world problem" that people make up, because they have no other
  9. The signs work slightly different. See this Wiki page.
  10. Don't feel bad; just be glad instead. I am from Germany and we currently appear to have passed the worst of the second wave of the pandemic. It was far worse than the first, but still we at least had enough beds in intensive care that we were not completely overwhelmed. Also, fortunately, I live in a region that wasn't hit as hard as others. We never passed the 100 new infections per 100 000 people per day. However, it is sad to see that there are a lot of covidiots here. We used to make fun of the US and how stupid they behave, but during the second wave had several demonstrations against the
  11. Yes, as far as I understand, this should work.
  12. Yes, usually the animations already have the required particles and sounds. Regarding AIs playing cards or dice, take a look at the AI prefabs. There are ones for playing cards as well as dice. In case of playing cards, the animations are defined on the playing cards and do not need to be definded on the path-entity. Just take a look at the spawnargs they have. There are several "replace_anim_*" spawnargs, that define which animations will replaced with which, when the prop is attached. I am not sure which other walking animations you mean. There is the option to let an AI run towards a p
  13. Peeing is an animation that you can find in the md5 animation viewer. It is called "urinate". Adding particles to animations can be done via frame commands, if they are not already included (like it is the case for urinate). You can even call scripts and do other stuff at a certain frame of an animation with these commands. For different weapons on AI, you can check out this Wiki page, although it is not complete. Apparently, it is sufficient to simply def_attach the weapon you want and the rest is automated like when you attach a torch. Additional animations are rather difficult. So
  14. I think, what you want to achieve can be achieved with a force field. MAybe you could also change stuff in the player entity (see the limits wiki page), but I am not sure if these limits can explicitly defined or if they are set via other args
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