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  1. Depending on what you want to do, you could use the objective system. There is the "AI is knocked out" type, where you can specify if you want one specific AI or any of a certain type to be knocked out. Form there you can either call a script or set objectives as completed/failed. It might be easier than scripting, depending on what you want to do.
  2. I found the video quite interesting and I agree that it is sad that the whole search system is wasted for most people. I am a quicksave spammer myself, but I also try to condition myself not to do it too often. An incentive to get players to not do that could be to track and rank the number of times the game was saved. The (admittedly very old) game "Sverance: Blade of Darkness" did that. It ranked you as "Awesome", "Bold", or "Normal" depending on how often you saved. To get an "Awesome" ranking, you may only save around two times per level. It had no other influence on the game, but it made the player just try to save not that often. So, you could try to let the number of saves/loads influence the stealth score or give it it's own ranking. That way people may feel compulsed to try "no save" runs just as they try ghosting missions.
  3. True, thuough I truly believe that this was not their intetnion
  4. This guy gives a strong "Illusive Man" vibe for people who played Mass Effect I played Deus Ex and Deus Ex Human Revolution, but they both did not really click for me, so I finished neither. I like the Cyberpunk genre in films (Bladerunner, Ghost in the Shell, Total Recall, Battle Angel Alita; all great films), but in games it did not really work for me so far. On the other hand, I loved the Witcher games (although Withcer 3 had a lot of meaningless "occupy the player" taksks), so maybe I will still give it a shot. But definitley only, when I get it on sale for less than 30 bucks.
  5. I don't think there is a way to delete inherited properties. I fear you would have to go back in the inherited files and start a new "inheritance branch" from the first entry that does not have the spawnargs that you want to get rid of. Instead of creating a whole new branch, you could also just copy/paste all the spawnargs you need from the inherited def files and create a new def file from scratch.
  6. I also agree. With the limited time you have as an adult, I usually play games only once anyway. And then I rather have a great game with the intention of only being played once than a game that requires several runs to expereince it wholly. The same is true for length. I rather play a great but short game than a mediocre (or right now even good) game that requires me to play it for 100s of hours. The ingame chores for gamelength sake that peter_spy mentioned make it even worse. I often have completionist tendencies, which I have to actively repress in these cases.
  7. That is indeed good new. I am close to finishing Sekiro and have always regretted not being able to play Bloodborne. Btw.: If you did not know there is also a boardgame adaption of Bloodborne that is coming soon (supposedly this year; fingers crossed). I am really curious how the gameplay gets translated to the board game. It looks very nice, at least.
  8. A script like this is not too complicated. If you want to, you can share the exact setup and I would be happy to help you.
  9. @Bienie I am quite sure that stacking the items is the problem here. Keep in mind, that the items in your inventory are not the original items that you pick up. I.e. an item that you pick up gets removed from the map and is added as an let's call it "inventory item" to the inventory (I learned this, when I tried to target an item in the inventory and used the name of the original item for that). When you drop the item again, the item is spawned with the properties of the item removed beforehand. If I remember correctly items are only stackable in the inventory, when their properties are all the same. So I assume the problem here is that if you want to stack the items, they may not be unique items (i.e. they all need to have the exact same properties). My guess would be that the "item_1", "item_2", etc. names have different numbers after stacking and respawning, resulting in the objective not recognising them as the correct items. You can try the console command "g_showEntityInfo 1" to check the name of the items after dropping them into your target location. A way to circumvent this, could be to use a script that gets activated by using the item(stack) on the target location. E.g. if this is a box, you don't open the box and let hte player throw stuff inside, but instead make a frobable box and use the "used_action_script" and "used_by_inv_name" spawnargs to start a script that reduces the number in the inventory by one and has an (invisible) counter go up one. When the counter hits a certain number, the script completes the objective. It is less "realistic", because the player does not get to drop the items in himself, but it is less error prone, in my opinion. If you don't have a box (I don't know what your setup looks like), you can add a visual cue, by placing the item in the place the player should put it, but hide it. When the player uses the item from the inventory, it gets removed from the inventory and the hidden item gets shown. This makes it looks like the player placed it there.
  10. In order to play animations you can simply use a "path_anim" path node. Then you have to add the "anim" spawnarg to define, which animation you want to play. You can view all animations in the MD5 Animation Viewer in the Entity tab. If I remember correctly, the animation "idle_eat_carrot" also works for other food that lies in front of them. It could also be that this generates a carrot. Just try it out. In this thread, there is a discussion about a frame rate drop, while playing the eating animation, but it describes that the AI picks up food in front of it.
  11. I am not sure, if this is of help, but obsttorte has had released a method to create a diary/journal that is updated on certain events. You can find it here:
  12. Thanks! I wanted to try a title from the Total War series for some time now, but never got to it.
  13. In order to ensure that guards cannot "cheat" by ramping up their brightness, you could make the thieves transparent and link the degree of transparency to the light gem. Completely dark would equal transparency 100%, completely lit 0% transparency. The scaling would need some work, as the thieves will already be harder to see, when in the shadow, so 50% transparency in the shadow may already make them basically invisible. But this reminds me of one big problem that a multiplayer TDM has (that I remember from other discussions about the multiplayer): apart from the multiplayer infrastructure/code, you need a player model with working animations for all the actions a player can make. This is another huge chunk of work. But if you have a working basis, you may find someone willing to work on that.
  14. You don't really get two new lines, it is a simple formatting issue in which the next paragraph is set apart by a set number of pixels (just like you can increse the distance to the next paragraph in Word). Shift+Enter does not create a new paragraph, but rather only jumps to the next line, which is why you don't get the separation. It is meant to be clearer than the regular line break. I have not found any setting, where you could change this, so I assume that this is a default setting in the forum.
  15. That is very nice! Does this still support the use of strings for translated missions? After all this was the reason, why it got changed...
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