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  1. Ah, the T-shape comes from a horizontal portal laying on top of vertical ones. In this case, it can actually make sense. E.g. when the player steps on one of the balconies, a horizontal portal above would cull the statues above it and one below could cull stuff on the ground from certain views. Here it would make sense to have a couple of smaller ones, so they open subsequently, when you also have other sealing geometry on the ground. This way at least some of the stuff is culled, depending on how far onto the balcony the player steps. I am not sure, if the oval towers are a problem for horizi
  2. I assumed as much, but as HMart pointed out, this will make the purple portal completely useless. It makes mor sense to create two portals instead, each one touching one of the brushes left and right of the blue portal. That way, either the right part or the left part is culled, depending on where you stand. With the T-shaped setup neither is. Do you have a more precise scheme of what you want to portal? This could help to understand, why you would try this setup.
  3. Not sure if this is possible directly, but you could use a hidden objective to change state or a script with a variable, when the player picks up the item, and have a script check the state of the objective or the variable. If the item is droppable, it would have to be reversible, of course.
  4. The first can also be achieved with Ctrl+Shift+H, so there is not need to invert the selection. Refarding the second: In my case middle mouse button lets you rotate the camera. Moving is Ctrl+MMB. But I am still on version 2.6.0 (maybe I should update ), so the standard setting might have changed. Anyway, you can fix the 3rd axis on another Orthoview window that contains this axis.
  5. To keep with your analogy: If you want to become a good writer, you have to practice writing. The same goes for mapping. Only by doing it, can you improve. Consequently, the first works will be worse than later ones, but they might still be worthwhile. And if some tools help to improve it and make a bad to mediocre experience mediocre to good, I see no reason, why it should not be done. In general, I agree. However (as you know from experience) creating new objects is very time consuming and maybe a good mapper is bad at 3D modelling and does not have the time to learn this as well. An
  6. That is exaclty the point here. If a mapper just wanted to realise a story, they had in mind and have not taught themselves the intricacies of level design, bad design may be alleviated by this new frob shader. And why would this feature being on by default be a reason to stick with 2.08? You could just turn it off, if it does not suit you.
  7. I would prefer such an information better somewhere else than in the briefing video. For me the video helps to "get in the mood" of immersing myself and such a disclaimer at the end would disturb that. Even at the beginning, I would either immediately or after the video have to check my settings, which also disturbs the mood. A seperate info (e.g. in the level description) would be better, although I am aware that it is easily missed that way.
  8. Destined

    Free games

    "Little Nightmares" is currently free on Steam
  9. Have a look at this thread: The cvar seems to be "r_newFrob", but there is also a description, how the highlight can be modified.
  10. Why not just reassign the "put away weapon"-key?
  11. This is interesting. Personally, I would not use ammonia, if I hoped to use whatever is left after the fire, because it is quite aggressive, but I think I can understand why it is more effective. And as a thief in TDM you would not care for some caustic marks. In fact, this may even make the water arrows function as a weaker gas arrow as well (it would most likely not knock out guards, but the stench would definitely irritate and maye for a short while incapacitate them)
  12. If you use a barbed arrow, that unfolds its barbs through traction, and it penetrates the wood deep enough, I could imagine that it might support the weight of a human (if the person is not too heavy), but I agree, in general the rope arrow is rather unrealistic. I think the main reason for its use are technical issues (and in case of TDM tradition from the Thief games). A grappling hook would require the rope to be pre-attached, which makes the flying behaviour more difficult to realistically depict. Also, the physics to determine if it actually holds is more complicated and it is more limite
  13. That is what I wanted to say: 3 dioptre difference is no slight difference. My right eye is more or less blind, while my left is much better (relatively speaking). For stereograms, the main reason that I can solve them is that they are supposed to be close to the eye. My right eye can see up to roughly 20 cm clearly, while the left eye can see up to 1 or 2 meters. So, if the stereogram remains in a close range, it is no problem for me. Anything farther than that will be a challenge or require glasses. So it is rather the distance up to which you can see with both eyes than the difference betwe
  14. I cannot completely agree with that. I have a difference of roughly 3 dioptre (short-sighted) between my left and right eye and have no problem seeing stereograms even without glasses on (I just tested it, just to be sure). It may depend on the way to look at them, however. I usually focus on a point behind the picture. I can also do the "cross eayed" way, but I find it is much more strenuous and only resort to it, if the images are too far apart (e.g. 3D videos that you can find that actually have two visible pictures side by side).
  15. Not sure if this is a region lock problem, but I cannot find the game on gog May have actually tried it again, if I had...
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