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  1. No, I have not, but was expecting that Dark Radiant also has further developed. I first wanted to update the game, before turning to DR. But thank you for the remonder.
  2. Thank you very much! I will try to use the installer then. 32-bit version is not required for me, but good to know...
  3. Hi all, after a longer hiatus, during which I was not very active on the board and only occaisonally visited, I wanted to start up The Dark Mod again (and continue to work on my current map). Since time has not stood still here, I wanted to update first, but when I run the updater, it tells me, that all files are up to date? Have there been bigger changes that require a fresh install, or can this have other reasons? If I need a fresh install, could you remind me, hwo to transfer settings. I know, it was not very difficult, but I would like to avoid to miss any files. Thank you very much in advance!
  4. You could try to play around with frame commands: https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Frame_commands These commands require you to alter the animation files (so you should create a copy and rename it for this project). Unfortunately, the pause command is listed as "not used yet", but maybe you can circumvent that through a trigger, which then pauses the animation via a script command. Maybe this helps you.
  5. I bought a set of lockpicks some time ago and tried some time to learn how to use them. After some time I could open easy locks quite reliably, which saved some students of mine the money to buy new padlocks for their lockers, where they locked in the keys. But I never got the hang of opening more difficult locks. I have one five pin door lock, that I can open more or less reliably, but never magaed to open anything with six pins. I think it is fun to try, but usually lack the motivation to practice on a regular basis for more than a couple of days in a row. Like Abusimplea I can recommend the Lockpicking Lawyer. Especially his 1st of April videos are hilarious
  6. Just look further down this subforum:
  7. One way to introduce more variability with only medium effort would be to create skins that allow for the use of the "color" spawnarg. I have already done that for a couple of Spingheel's modules, but unfortunately lost the files in a hard disk crash some time ago. Here is the thread about this topic:
  8. I think we should ask @taaaki what he thinks about the feature and its implementation. He should know best.
  9. But it was transferred to the English language and is used there, like other German words, e.g. kindergarten or schadenfreude. As a German I sometimes stumble on texts or shows that use such words and usually it takes a couple of seconds for me to realise that it was actually German
  10. In one of Sotha's Thomas Porter Missions (I think Lich Queen's Demise, but am not sure) you had to brew a potion by using items on a kettle. A similar system could be used for crafting, if it could be advanced a little further. E.g. you have a container into which you have to drop the items you want to use to craft. A script checks, if these items are suitable to create something and if they are, they are created. If not, they could removed again from the container. You could place a manual on how to use this (written by the Inventor's Guild if it is supposed to be mechanical or by a Mage if it is supposed to be magical) near it and even spread a couple of recipes around the mission. This would be kind of like the new Prey, where you can create different elemental cubes from scrap and then combine these cubes to create items. You could even consider to use the element part as well: A script checks, which materials are used on the model dropped into a container to create the respective elemental cubes (or spheres or something like that). For crafting the elemental items are used. It could also limit the use to certain moveable items: If they are too big to fit into the container, you cannot use them. This way, you would not affect any earlier missions, while the setup could be saved as a prefab for use in future missions. I think some crafting system would decrease the hesitation to use single-use equipment. I am also an RPG-player, who usually finishes the game with hundrets of potions, because I always keep them for the right occation, just to realise later on that I could have used tons of them without affecting my game later on. I found the Witcher games to have a nice workaround for that. You had a limited amount of potions that you could use at a given time, but could produce them quite easily. This way you could use them without having to fear that you would miss them in the next fight, but still had to give some thought about which ones to use. There already are some scripts that check if the player is allowed in specific areas (e.g. in Fieldmedic's "No Ordinary Guest"). These should be quite easy to modify to check for certain items in the inventory as an addition to the current location. As usual it would just require a mapper willing to implement it...
  11. The only experience I have with a single player game using the mic was in a Zelda game for Nintendo DS (not sure if it was Spirit Tracks or Phantom Hourglass). In this case you had to blow into the mic in some instances and I was rather annoyed than finding it an enjoyable feature.
  12. This sentence really got me: "We think that everyone might benefit if the most radical protagonists of evidence based medicine organised and participated in a double blind, randomised, placebo controlled, crossover trial of the parachute."
  13. Obsttorte made a script some time ago, which emulates the older Thief version of highlighting the room the player is currently in and marking the ones already visited. I cannot really search the forums right now, as I am only on my phone, but it should not be too difficult to find. If I remenber correctly this script uses the location system to achieve the effect and has to be set up by the map author. Personally, I agree with people that a mini-map doed not fit TDM. In general, the decision should definitely lie with the map author, so a map generated from the map geometry would be too much and could give too much information. Displaying the ingame map in the corner would be fine, but is also not really necessary in my opinion.
  14. Heilung is actually mostly German (at least the home country of the band members is), but the themes and languages they use are ancient European (and mostly northern). I like them, but it is a kind of music I cannot listen to too much. Especially the poems and spoken passages are quite strenuous at times.
  15. I still cannot really see the need for an arrow. If the guard is so far off that you cannot throw the flash bomb in front of him to blind him, it seems to me that he would also be too far off to require blinding at all. The only advantage of an arrow I could think of would be more preicision, but I think if you practice throwing the flash bomb, you should also get the precision you would need to blind a guards.
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