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  1. Ah ok, that explains it. Maybe it really is only a suggestion on the Wiki. Then I will work with inv_name. Thanks a lot for checking!
  2. I am currently trying to set up a situation, in which the player has to use two inventory items on another entity. It all works fine, when I use used_by_inv_name, but I would like to change the inventory name into something quite long, so I am not sure if this will work. According to the Wiki article, it can be replaced with used_by_inv_id (to avoid translation problems), but if I use the setup with this, it does not register the inventory item anymore. Am I missing something or was inv_id not implemented so far? The corresponding spawnargs I used are: item1: name FinanceBook1; inv_id Finances1, inv_name Finances of Greyhill Church Book 1 item2: name FinanceBook2; inv_id Finances2, inv_name Finances of Greyhill Church Book 2 entity to be used on: used_by_inv_id1 Finances1, used_action_script_Finances1 BurnBook, used_by_inv_id2 Finances2, used_action_script_Finances2 BurnBook
  3. I joined in 2015 and am also not able to change my picture, so I also think that the date joined is not relevant.
  4. I also saw it more like a "Hey guys, I am up to this now". Although I mostly ignored it, just as I ignored the WhatsAp status for a long time. But at some point, I found it was a rather unintrusive way of people telling what they are doing. You can ignore, if you want or look at it, if you don't.
  5. Thanks for the info! From what I gathered, these are still only rumours. Although the depth of details lets me think that there may be some truth to it (or someone has a very fertile imagination).
  6. This is, of course, also an option. I only think that you overwrite the regular frob_action_script that way. I am not sure what this does on the def_attached arrow (most likely add an arrow to the inventory), but if this is not important to you, it is fine.
  7. Setting up S/R for def_attached items is more complicated, but should work basically the same. The problem is that you cannot directly use the S/R editor, but have to create all the spawnargs manually. I would create a dummy entity and set up the response effects you want with the S/R editor. That way you have all the spawnargs you need. In order to set them up on the arrow, you have to give the arrow a name via the spawnarg "name_attach3" (e.g. "name_attach3" "special_arrow") and set each spawnarg that was created for the S/R on the dummy entity with "set XY on special_arrow" "YZ". See this Wiki-Page in the section "== Example, attaching a key to an AI == (bikerdude)". Not 100% sure if this works as intended, but it would be what I would try first. An alternative, that should definitely work, would be to write a new definition for the attached arrow: Again, use a dummy entity to create the S/R spawnargs. Then copy the definition of atdm:prop_quiver_arrow to a new definition file, rename the definition to a unique name (e.g. "atdm:prop_quiver_arrow_special"), add the S/R spawnargs created via the editor to the definition and change the spawnarg def_attach_3 on the AI to the new name. The latter alternative is especially useful, if you want to have this response on more than one AI, because you only have to set up the spawnargs once and can easily give the special arrow to various AI by changing the def_attach_3 spawnarg.
  8. For me the game is kind of special, because one of the main enemies you encounter are rats and in my job I am currently working on a project about rodenticides (i.e. rat poison). The rat infestation is of course very exaggerated in the game, but they are still a common problem in current times. Especially big cities are very prone to rat infestations and the last significant developments in the rodenticide sector date back to the 1980s, so either rats have developed resistances against the rodenticides or the rodenticides are persistent and bioaccumulation and consequently a threat to the environment. But at least we don't have to worry about the plague (for now).
  9. The Swindle is a rogue-lite steampunk stealth platformer that I enjoyed quite a lot.
  10. Where do you get that info from?
  11. I agree with Dragofer: if you keep your switch selected and then select a light, ctrl+k, deslect light, rinse and repeat would be the quickest way to do it. For me the S/R-system was always a simplified script system that makes it easier for beginners to create effects that go above the simple "a switch causes an effect". There are many things you can do with it, that avoid scripts. Scripts are, of course, much cleaner and more powerful, but for a beginner the S/R-system is easier to learn.
  12. I also enjoyed it quite much. I have played all the main games (only started, but did not finish Thronebreaker, yet) and have read the first couple of books so far and they are really quite true to the books. If you have enjoyed the games and want to get more background without reading the books, it is definitely worth watching. The jumping timeline made it a bit difficult to follow, but having read the books it was fine for me (although I have misplaced the point in time of the Battle of Sodden Hill in the books). There are minor indications, where you are at some points (e.g. at one banquet you can see King Foltest as a child), but in general it is not that easy to tell. One thing I found strange was that Geralt only carries one sword on his back in the series (although he carries the second one with him), but this is only a minor detail, as are any other points that I found bad/irritating. One of the things they did better than expected/feared is Geralt's voice. Cavill does the rough/smoky voice very well, which would have spoiled the series for me, if it were otherwise.
  13. I am not sure, which statue you refer to, but I doubt that it was really meant to be a depiction of Nyalathotep, as Thief has no other examples of Lovecraftian horrors. So I think this is only coincidental. I agree with Dragofer that TDM is very well suited for glum creeping horrors and the scenarios you mentioned in the quoted post are very good examples on how to implement it wihtout having to resort to show (and as a consequence model and animate) the actual monstrosities. I also always liked the madness/horror themes of Edgar Allen Poe. I think his stories are also quite suitable for the TDM setting.
  14. The books were a success. Currently, my girlfriend is struggling to endure the Christmas festivities, while she actually wants ro read them.
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