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  1. It is a side mission. And I admit the fight is rather tough, but it is manageable (I used a lot of traps and gun shots; kiting the enemies until they very pretty low on health). Still, this should not relate to your problem. I have no idea, what could be the problem otherwise. And just to be sure: you have to take the northern exit, not the northwestern (but you can check out both, of course, just to be sure). This is indeed very strange. I cannot recall having any problem finding the Red Woods. Edit: I just saw that there is also an exit to the east. Maybe you need to take this one? Just as another suggestion
  2. Hm, this is strange. It has been some time since I last played, so I am not 100% sure, but when you reach the globe marker to travel, you are sent to the world map and there should be some arrows for destinations you can reach. You have to travel along those destinations until you can reach your goal. An alternative would be to use a caravan. There is one in the north of New Serene right after you leave town to the right. Apart from that, the only thing I could imagine is, that you have to further the main quest. There you also get the mission to travel to a couple of locations. I am not sure if I tried to travel outside town before that. Who gave you the mission to travel to Vedrhais? Edit: Just checked some older save files, but unfotunately I only have one in Serene and one, where I already traveled to the Red Woods. One thing I just remembered, though: Have you used the correct exit from New Serene? There is one in the northwest and one straight north. The different exits offer different travel options, so if you have not yet unlocked some for the exit in the northwest, you might not see any if you exit there. If you exit to the north, you should see a marker directly north of New Serene called "The Red Woods".
  3. I started Greedfall some time ago (got it on a sale on Steam) and also enjoyed it, especially visually. The gameplay reminded me strongly of Bioware games (Dragon Age: Origins, Mass Effect 1/2), but it also has its flaws. I especially liked the customisation of gear. Stealth is not too big in this game, but can make some fights easier, if you succeed in sneaking up on unsuspecting enemies. I found this is easier outside towns (where you encounter bandits and animals). So far I have played 16 hours and still have the feeling I am not very far into the game. Maybe I should continue it myself... Too much to do (play), too little time. I hope you enjoy it!
  4. You are right, we do not live in the Stone Age anymore. And yes, many islamistic societies live in very poor countries (not really Stone Age, but anyway), so yeah, this is what I was saying. Not theat they are completely undeveloped and barbaric as you made them out, but in many cases not very educated, which makes them easier to manipulate. And yes, I do try to find reasons (not really excuses, at least not as I see it), because I think of myself as a reasonable person and try to understand how others tick. This is, in my opinion, the only way (if there is one at all) to change people's views. If you simply tell them "What you do is wrong / You are wrong", you would just confirm their view of you as their opponent. This way, it is not possible to have a dialogue. Granted, there are people whom you cannot change, I am very well aware of that, but not every person cheering for murder is a sociopathic murderer himself, so the Ted Bundy comparison is also not really fitting. Killing every murderer (convicted or not) is also not the best solution. I would find it better to study people like that, get to know what is wrong with them and try to find ways to notice similar errors in other people's behaviour as soon as possible to prevent them killing others. This would be far better than finding and killing each mass murderer after he killed a couple of people. I know that this is quite idealistic, but it better than the simple "eye for an eye". For me killing for religious motives is not worse than killing for any other reason (as said before). Bombing a country and killing its citicens in order to get your hands on natural ressources is just as condemnable as killing people, because they believe in the "wrong" god. This contradicts conventions of civilised countries just as much as killing in the name of religion contradicts the teachings of the books they are based on. But I agree that it simply boils down to the question of how easily people are radicalised and it is much easier to radicalise people who have a bad life (or think that they have), which applies to people in poor countries easier than richt countries. So, it makes sense that this currently happens much more frequently in poor countries than in rich ones. Finally, if you think that I have any sympathy for terrorists (regardless of their creed, be it islamistic, far left, far right, communistic, fascistic, you name it), you got me completely wrong. I condemn everything they do! I just try not to throw people who live in the same countries and have the same religion and even (in part) the people condoning what they do into the same pot as the terroists themselves. Nazi Germany is a good example for that: Not everyone who lived there was a hardcore Nazi and bought into the whole racial superiority crap. Some people just wanted to live their lifes and if that meant to cheer on the F├╝hrer, when he visited the town, then they did that. It had nothing to do with conviction, but with not standing out and in that way avoid getting problems and lead a normal life.
  5. From a rational viewpoint, I totally agree. For me the only reason I could imagine to harm or kill someone is self defense. However, these people do not think rationally. Not saying that they are stupid, they just not consider the murder of infidels a bad thing. Well, a rather cynical view on history suggests, that cheering for murder is as human as can be. Take a look to Rome, where people were slaughtered in the arena, or the Middle Ages, where the hanging of criminals was a public event that large crowds joined and enjoyed. Or look at a random action movie in modern times. I know the latter is not real, but the enjoyment of violence is and apparently always was. As long as you can view the person getting killed as an enemy, most humans have no problem with condoning and even cheer for violence and murder.
  6. Well, Chinese Muslims may disagree, but I get your point. The problem is, even if they are not oppressed, they are told that they are. And that this is a way (if not the only way) for them to strike back. I don't want to find excuses for terrorist attacks (far from it), but I think that the people cheering are not evil or something like that. They are simply manipulated into thinking that what they are doing is right. In this case religion is the means by which they were manipulated, but this does not make the religion itself bad. It is the people that utilise the reilgion to further their own agenda that are bad. Just as any dictator uses the media and misinformation tot further his. And regarding civilised vs barbaric: Many Islamic countries are not as civilised as you might think. Hell, even in "modern western" countries, like Spain, there are areas that even do not have running water. So, even though the world in general is pretty advanced, this does not apply to every country. Consequently, some people can depict the rich western people as a common enemy against which they want to rebel.
  7. Well, had Christians had the means to do similar things in times they were oppressed, they would probably have done it. Terrorositic acts are a way to intimidate a much larger and powerful foe. Still, I hope (although not truly believe) that someday the various religions will be able to coexist in peace. But as you said it is a common cause to rally people behind one and a way to divide "us" from "them", so it is very unlikely. Regarding time and different groups of the same belief hating on each other, it is also nothing new. There were whole civil wars and persecutions about, who has the "right" idea of Christianity (Catholics vs Protestants) and even before that who has the right leader as the list of Antipopes shows. The main difference, in my opinion, is that that there are more efficient ways to kill each other than was the case during the crusades. And I am quite glad that the Christian church has evolved far enough to not pursue people of other beliefs, but I am actually not sure what the Catholic church's current opinion on most sciences is, but as far as I know the current pope is relativley liberal (as far as you can be as pope, I suppose). The First Communion of my niece got me to think about my own stance on Cathilicism, but I have not yet found the time to actually inform myself about the church's most current opinions on, well, everything. Maybe I should do that and finally decide if want to stay with it or rather distance myself...
  8. You can change everything you need in the def-file '"tdm_weapon_shortsword.def" (including the model used) and drop this into your FM-folder. This way, you can use another weapon without having to rename the model file. If you're lucky, there is also already a soundshader that includes all the sounds for this weapon. That way you would only have to change the spawnarg "snd_bounce" and would not have to define the hitting sound for each material.
  9. There is a whole thread about this topic:
  10. Not sure, if you are just trolling, but I will answer anyway. Yes, The Dark Mod used to be smaller, but there is a continuous flow of new assets (models, AIs, etc.), so there is more variety in missions and they do not all look the same. This requires space, of course. The only way, you could keep the mod itself smaller, would be to keep all additional assets in the fan missions, but this would have two major disadvantages: you cannot use them (without unpacking tons of fan missions) for the creation of your own new missions and it would drastically increase the size of the missions themselves, which in turn would be even less efficient (dowloading assets for each mission each time, instead of downloading all just once). Additionally, this would mean that all missions would have to be checked for any assets that are to be taken out of the core mod and repacked; and nobody wants to do that. In short: no, it is not possible to reduce the size to half.
  11. I am rather curious which episode of his story the game is about and what kind of game it is. It could be very interesting, but it could also be very disappointing. At least, Daedalic has made and published a couple of decent games, so I am more hopeful than if Ubisoft of EA were in charge... Edit: Now that I think about it, Daedalic has a couple of Point and Click adventures, which would probably fit quite well for a game about gollum.
  12. I am glad to hear that you showed some sense in this regard. I agree with you, that extremists are to be condemned (regardless of the religion they think they are repesenting), but this does not really have to do with the religion itself, but with the people who take it as an excuse to behave like animals. Btw. secular extremism (which I would call the dictatorship and persecution in China) is no better than religious extremism, but is often times viewed as more rational, even if it isn't.
  13. The revenants use AAS32, just as any other AI that at some point inherited atdm:ai_humanoid definition at some point. So the spacial requirements should not be any different from other guards. You could try to use a ass32_flood entity to make sure that the AAS is defined for all areas that you have your AIs. However, if there are guards in this area before, the AAS32 should already be defined for these areas. Still, it may be worth a try
  14. Depending on the size of the map and if such a change is possible afterwards, you could also try to provide a shortcut back. I think most players would not mind some backtracking, if it can be done quickly. The important thing is that it is accessible only from area B and also unlocks it for area A while arriving there. Something like a way on the rooftops where you lower down a ladder into area A or a way through the sewers, where the manhole cover is only unlockable from below in area A. The Dark Souls games have many of these designs, where you have a long way around and once you have succeeded along the long way, you can open some sort of shortcut. I always thought this to be nice game design.
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