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  1. I would say must have spices would Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme, but maybe I am just old Would it be possible to make a label on it? That way the spices could be identified not only by their colour. This is, of course, nothing important; just a thought.
  2. If I remember correctly, the main problems were issues with licences and the responsibility the legal entity would have. I think the legal entity would be liable for any copyright infirngements that could arise and with an increased number of people the chance of black sheep would also rise. I believe this was the last thread, where it was discussed more extensively (although it pops up from time to time).
  3. I can understand that. I also want to have enough toilet paper, but I would never need more than one pack to last me 14 days. Maybe I am on the lower end here, but still I don't think that anyone would need mor than two whole packs of toilet paper for 14 days. And even if worse got to worst and I would have to be quarantined right before I run out, I still have a shower (right next to my toilet), so toilet paper is not the only way to stay clean.
  4. In my town (L├╝neburg) it wasn't so bad, when I went shopping yesterday. But they only admitted a total of 60 people into the store at any given time. A good procedure, as I think. Toilet paper was sold out, anyway. I still cannot understand, why people are stockpiling this at home ; if SARS-CoV-2 caused diarreah, I would at least understand it a bit, but like this? Apart from that, most shelves were still full. Pasta was only filled half, but you could still get some, if you wanted to. I myself try to stay reasonable. I have a bit more supplies than usual in my apartment, but I trust that the supply will not break down, so I don't start to buy stuff without any sense.
  5. Hm, then this is strange... Sorry, that I cannot help you any further here.
  6. Do you use any mods/patches? If I remember correctly, someone made a patch for a Thief 3 like compass and this sounds a bit like that.
  7. I would not say that antivirals are useless during the infection. If they are sufficiently effective, the course of the infection could be weakened, so it won't affect the lungs. After all, it is not like you get infected and immediately develop pneumonia. Of course, it is not as effective as a vaccine that will let the body handle the infection without developing any severe symptoms, but if the symptoms can be reduced with antivirals, it might reduce the number of people needing intensive care, which in turn would be good for hospitals and people still developing severe symptoms. I agree that it is not the final answer, but it still might help a bit. And evey bit is helpful in times like these.
  8. It is true that a vaccine is still some time away, but at least there are a couple of active compounds that might acutely help against the virus (e.g. Camostat, Remdesivir or Ummifenovir). These also still have to be tested, but if they work they are available a lot sooner than any vaccine and would help treat infected people, which is already a big step. Germany is also slowly shutting down. More and more cities are closing bars, sports centers and other places of public life. Food shops and pharmacies will, of course, still be open. EDIT: I just remembered that I have read yetserday that Trump tried (or is trying) to "buy" scientists from a German vaccine developer that are working on a Coronoa vaccine hoping to get a vaccine exclusively for the US. The firm itself (CureVac) has not commented this so far.
  9. Have you tried if you can actually see this ingame (although you will have to DMAP before you can try this; I am not sure how well versed you are)? The lighting view in DR is not the best (I actually never use it), because it does not really represent the view you will have ingame.
  10. Ah, ok. That makes sense. This is the situation in Germany. Currently 1188 confirmed cases. The first two deaths in North-Rhine Westfalia. Not surprising with the most cases so far. Still, the rist is considered "moderate".
  11. It is. Still, we currently have around 1000 cases in Germany. Of these 400 in North-Rhine Westfalia (most likely due to the carnival), 200 in Baden-W├╝rttemberg, and 200 in Bavaria. This leaves around 200 cases for the whole remaining country. And these are only the number of confirmed cases; we don't have numbers of people who have recovered already. The main institution for infections in Germany (the Robert Koch intitute) considers the risk to get infected with Corona in Germany as moderate, so for my region it is (at least currently) pretty harmless. If I understand the graph you posted correctly (I only had Latin in school, no Italian), around half the 4000 infected people have recovered already. It is still a strain on health care systems, the economy, etc., but I think it could have been much worse.
  12. In Germany we are nearing 1000 cases. Most of them in the west and south. E.g. the school, where my brother in law works is currently closed (Bavaria). On the other hand, iIn the federal state (and the small city state nearby) where I live, we only have a total of 34 confirmed cases, so it is pretty harmless. Shops also still have toilet paper and conserved food, so it is still pretty humane. Stay safe and healthy, you all!
  13. For this case, I would suggest the used_action_script (see Wiki page). This way, the player wouldn't even need to drop the skull into his hands, but could use the skull on the casing directly from the inventory. The downside with this is, that you would need to write a script to do what you want to happen. Apart from that you could try to use a custom stim. You could give the skull a custom stim with a low range and the casing a response to the same custom stim and use the S/R system as usual. However, I have not used custom stims much myself, but there is also a Wiki page on how to create a custom stim
  14. But we cannot say how lethal Covid-19 is, because it is so new. The infectiousness is seriously alarming. If it turns out to be hamrless (i.e. not deadly), ti is fine. If it turns out that it is more deadly than thought, we are in serious trouble. I am also no fan of creating panic (and am pretty calm myself about the whole situation), but on teh grounds that we have no clear picture of this virus, it is best to stay cautious and prevent the spreading as good as we can.
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