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  1. I agree that taking out security cameras should require rather expensive resources. I also think that the fire arrow is the way to go here. Temporarily disabling it with water arrows is also an option, but I would not use the "multiple hits disable it completely" route. This appeats rather counter intuitive for me. Regarding the comparison to the big robots in T2 in this case: this does not fit completely, because you shoot at a grill that (at least I interpreted it that way) contains some kind of furnace (if this is the right word) of the robot. So you disabled it by dousing the fire in its e
  2. I could give it a shot, but neither am I sure how good a voice actor I am nor if my equipment is good enough. I only have a standard headset or USB-microphones for SingStar. But if the character can only be heard over loudspeaker, the (possibly) subpar quality may actually not be that noticeable. If you like, you can just send me the lines (and some context) and I can see, how it goes.
  3. I believe wesp5 meant pre-packed campaigns are not recognisable as such. In the mission list on the darkmod-Homepage there is a distinction (S vs. C), but this is not provided in the in-game downloader.
  4. I agree. My comments were not meant as a suggestion to pack existing missions into campaigns retroactively. It was rather meant for map authors that want to create a campaign, but still be able to release each mission as soon as it's ready. I would assume that map authors would choose the available loot accordingly or (as mentioned before) multiply it by a factor that sets the range into what they imagined for the next mission. In this case the actual value would not match, but it would still mean that more loot acquired before relates to more equipment that can be bought. Regarding balancing
  5. The skip button was suggested for the case that a campaign gets updated with additional missions later on. In that case, it would be necessary to start the whole campaign from the start each time a mission that gets added. Consequently, the first level(s) would have to be played several times, which may become cumbersome/boring, even more so for several missions added after the first. In this case, I would suppose a player would like to keep his own version of events, but still like a skip option in order not to be required to play already finsished missions over and over again.
  6. Destined

    2 Bugs

    Ah, it was handled with an entity and not a script in this case. Sorry, my bad. As I said, I don't have the mission right now, so I assumed that it was done via script.
  7. Destined

    2 Bugs

    You don't need to be a coder for that. You can just open the .script-file with the same name as the mission and search for atdm_teleport_10 and replace it. However, apparently there are several instances of this in the script, so you would need to know which one you need. Most likely there is something containing "lockpick" near it, but I don't have the mission downloaded right now, so I cannot really tell. If you don't want to mess with the script, you can just wait fpr kyyrma (or one of the others) to fix it. If the AI should appear again later on, a teleport is simpler than removing
  8. Ok, no problem. I used the setup for a func_stativ, but you are right, you can also hide a switch, that afterwards works just normal. For the script, I will put any custom names you neeed in square brackets. To repeat the setup: you need an item in the inventory with the spawnarg "inv_name [item1]" (I usually use the same name for the entity name) and an object that is frobable and has the spawnargs "used_by_inv_name [item1]" and "used_action_script [name_of_your_script]". The item that should appear (let's call it [hidden_item]) is already where it should appear and needs the spawnarg "h
  9. Even if you worked out the issue, I would like to present an alternative. It may not be applicable, depending on how exactly you want to handle the objective, but it may still give you another approach. Also, it involves some scripting, but even I got it to work, so the scripting can not be too difficult and I can post the required script, if you are interested. In this setup you have a frobable object, e.g. a pedestal, that is activated by an inventory item (via the spawnargs used_by_inv_name and used_action_script). Additionally you have a func_static of the inventory item in the place,
  10. Isn't that what the LOD system is for? At least this was the first thing that came to mind for me. You would just have to add the force closed visportal. Or does this not work in this case?
  11. I also actually liked the game. Not enough to play it a second time, but I could see past the most annoying stuff and enjoyed it. Although I also have to say that the story was really shallow, especially compared to the older games. But stuff like not being able to jump all the time never bothered me that much. But maybe I am just too complacent...
  12. During the last sale, you could get it quite cheap (if I rememember correctly below 5€), so this would be worth the money, even if it entertains me for just a couple of hours. I usually compare money spent on entertainment to going to the movies (which has a rather high price for entertainment per hour). Paying 17 € for a game that entertains me for several hours (even if it is only 2-3) would be fine, if the game is fun. Still, I will most likely wait for a sale. I am in no hurry...
  13. I also saw this one some time ago and found the concept quite interesting. Maybe my next shooter, after I finish Doom Eternal...
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