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  1. Here is an older discussion about AI noticing shadows and what it could mean for gameplay:
  2. In TDM decisions on map design (including AI behaviour) are generally rather up to the mappers, so they can realise their own vision. As Filizitas mentioned this is also a balancing issue. If all lights can be relit by all AI it would drastically change the value water arrows. If the mapper intended for lights to remain extinguished, he/she will only provide a small number of water arrows throughout. Being able to change this behaviour in general makes balancing much more difficult. Another important part for the decision to let the mappers decide is the desire of the team to not break an
  3. I don't 100% get, what you did there, but it sounds as if the AI has several path_corners as targets. If this is the case, it will choose one at random and go there. If I remember correctly, they can even be weighted: as an example you can give the AI two targets and make it head for one in 30% of cases and the other in 70%; it can add some randomness to AI paths, which can be interesting. There is a wiki-page on how to set these random paths up. If you want to make sure that your AI always takes the same path, give it only one path_corner as a possible target. Regarding AAS I would like
  4. The visual acuity can be adjusted in the game menu. When you go to Settings -> Gameplay -> Difficulty you can set AI vision to a lower setting. This will reduce the probability of AI seeing you. Not sure, which variable this would be in the config...
  5. I saw it just I after I responded here... Well, maybe repetition helps
  6. While I also think that Springheel's tone was rather sharp, I would advise you to watch yours as well. That way people will be more willing to help than if you call them incompetent, without knowing them or their programming level. Another thing you should keep in mind regarding your own experience level: The Dark Mod is a branch of Doom3 that was created before BFG and has made some major changes to the code, so a lot of your experience may not be applicable, because the stuff you are used to may simply have been changed. nbohr1more just gave the solution to the most common mistake that
  7. The way Springheel describes the process in his videos (if I remember correctly, it has been some time), you create a room (by drawing a worldspawn block and hollowing it out) and connect rooms by creating holes in this sealing geometry that you fill with visportals. This is particularly easy, if you use the clipping tool to cut out a square and turn the resulting brush into a visportal with "Right Click -> Make Visportal" instead of deleting it. That way each end of the cross has a visportal and portalling should work without problems.
  8. But why did you artificially create a leak in a copy of the map? If this was a problem in your current map, you should simply have dmapped it and would have gotten a pointfile for your actual problem. FYI the pointfile only shows one leak, not all, so will likely not have seen your initial leak. This is also why good and sealing building practice really improtant. Leak hunting can be very time consuming...
  9. I agree that it made a lot of things more difficult. I also remember jumping a lot simply to increase Athletics. So, I get, why people found it annoying, but it also brought more variety to different play styles. Although, admittedly, I would most likely enjoy it as much today, in part, because I don't have the time to replay a game, anymore. Same with the "certain ways are blocked in one playthrough". I wanted to replay The Witcher 2 and try the oterh way in the second chapter, but never got to it...
  10. For me each game had different aspects that stood out positively. What I liked most about Morrowind (which most likely annoyed many players) was, that you had skill requirements in order to proceed in a guild. I miss it, because now a brute, who can do nothing but stupidly bash on any enemy can become the head of the mages' guild. This position should be reserved for someone, who can actually cast magic. Or that you could not be head of the thieves' as well as the fighters' guild. Yes, it meant that you had to replay the game, if you wanted to see everything, but then I had enough time. Nowada
  11. WTF, this is seriously evil! They didn't even bother to use new encryption keys. I mean, I am no programmer, so I didn't know that this was a thing (although it makes sense), but they should have known and not been so stupid
  12. I agree that graphics are not everything and the story was great. Otherwise I would not have finished the game... In general, I really like the world. I have not finished all the books, yet, but only miss one or two (not sure right now).
  13. I am glad that I played these games in order, even though I started the first one around the time the third came out. A friend of mine started with Witcher 3 and was not able to play the other two, because the graphics were too outdated (especially in the first one, the second is still good enough, I think)
  14. Regarding AAA titles, I would also add Witcher 3 as a very good game. It was very open worldy and had its fair share of senseless activities to keep the player busy for a longer time, but the story of the main and most (if not all; it has been some time since I played it) side quests was very good. The DLCs were also quite extensive
  15. Maybe the Wiki article about in-game maps can give you a firtst pointer on how to include a picture in a readyble. Here the picture is the only part of the readable, but you could include your text in the picture. That way, you don't need both text and a picture seperately in a readable.
  16. Is thie AU_Use transferred to the ragdoll? I would assume that the problem here is that the AI gets exchanged with the respective ragdoll, to which the team spawnarg is not transferred?
  17. The description reminds me of "A House of Locked Secrets", although I have to admit that it has been some time since I played the mission. Anyway, it is a very enjoyable mission, even if it is not what you were looking for.
  18. I agree with this point. Before we discuss mappers deviating from a standard behaviour, we should actually create one. Another point I hear quite often and I think most people would agree on is the important detail: different behaviour should be made clear; ideally not only with a comment ind the mission briefing or a readable (which in turn could be overlooked by a player), but rather a different model/skin that gives a hint on the different behaviour. I think nothing speaks against a camera that has apparently open lying circuits that indicate a vulnerability to water arrows, when the s
  19. As mentioned before, utilising water arrows is easily possible by placing extinguishable light sources near the camera. If they are doused, the camera becomes useless...
  20. I agree that taking out security cameras should require rather expensive resources. I also think that the fire arrow is the way to go here. Temporarily disabling it with water arrows is also an option, but I would not use the "multiple hits disable it completely" route. This appeats rather counter intuitive for me. Regarding the comparison to the big robots in T2 in this case: this does not fit completely, because you shoot at a grill that (at least I interpreted it that way) contains some kind of furnace (if this is the right word) of the robot. So you disabled it by dousing the fire in its e
  21. I could give it a shot, but neither am I sure how good a voice actor I am nor if my equipment is good enough. I only have a standard headset or USB-microphones for SingStar. But if the character can only be heard over loudspeaker, the (possibly) subpar quality may actually not be that noticeable. If you like, you can just send me the lines (and some context) and I can see, how it goes.
  22. I believe wesp5 meant pre-packed campaigns are not recognisable as such. In the mission list on the darkmod-Homepage there is a distinction (S vs. C), but this is not provided in the in-game downloader.
  23. I agree. My comments were not meant as a suggestion to pack existing missions into campaigns retroactively. It was rather meant for map authors that want to create a campaign, but still be able to release each mission as soon as it's ready. I would assume that map authors would choose the available loot accordingly or (as mentioned before) multiply it by a factor that sets the range into what they imagined for the next mission. In this case the actual value would not match, but it would still mean that more loot acquired before relates to more equipment that can be bought. Regarding balancing
  24. The skip button was suggested for the case that a campaign gets updated with additional missions later on. In that case, it would be necessary to start the whole campaign from the start each time a mission that gets added. Consequently, the first level(s) would have to be played several times, which may become cumbersome/boring, even more so for several missions added after the first. In this case, I would suppose a player would like to keep his own version of events, but still like a skip option in order not to be required to play already finsished missions over and over again.
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