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    Free games

    "Bomber Crew" is free on Humblebundle, if someone is interested. I don't know the game and it does not look like a game for me, but I got the Newsletter and thought I could share here, in case someone else wants to get it.
  2. Just stumbled on this video, in which CDPR apologises for the state Cyberpunk 2077 is in:
  3. Destined

    Free games

    Apparently, Chinese (traditional or simplyfied) is the only languages that are supported for this title, so I see no sense to get this...
  4. I have not yet played Mooncrash, but know this type of gameplay from Zelda: Majora's Mask. It takes some getting used to, but at least for Zelda, you had options that made it bearable. I hope it will be the same for Deathloop, but it is very likely that I will get this game, when it is a bit cheaper and/or on sale (like I have done with most current games). Still, I will most likely try it at some point.
  5. I have played most of Arkanes Studios' games and have not been disappointed so far. I am not sure about Deathloop, but on the other hand I was also not sure if Prey was really for me (I am not really a great Survival Horror fan and also prefer fantasy settings to SciFi). Then it was praised here, I tried it and am loving it So, right now I have high hopes for any game, they may provide.
  6. I agree. I was meeting with the regular two people I see on a regular basis, anyway. We went for a walk at midnight and I was just surprised how much fireworks there were.
  7. I wish you all a happy new year! Not sure how the rules were for you. Here in Lüneburg it was not much different than usual. Slighly less fireworks, since they were not sold, but apparently people had enough old stocks and lighting them was only forbidden in specific parts of town, so it was still enough.
  8. Destined

    Free games

    I should also give The Long Dark another go. I bought it in Early Access and played it quite some time then (it had only the free survival mode at that time). After it left early access I only tried the story mode for a couple of hours, but had other games that were more tempting for me. The game is difficult at start, because there are several things you have to look out for at the same time. A fire alone is no guarantee to keep warm. Freezing near a fire could happen, because you were not close enough or it was too windy (so you had windchill) or the fire burned out while you were sl
  9. If the game checks, which way the mouse moves during an attack, it will also have to check that the LMB is pressed at the same time, so it should be possible somehow. Also, the throw distance of the flash bomb etc. is determined by how long the respective button is pushed, so this must also be possible to track somehow. But I don't know if this is somewhere in the source code or if it can also be checked via script.
  10. Yes, you can simply start writing while you have the respecive window open (i.e. Create Entity, Choose Model, or the Media tab in the Entity Inspecor). When you do, a search box automatically appears.
  11. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to directly access air in any way. I have wanted to do that myself at some point (to mimic the player holding his breath in an area with heavy smoke), but could find no references. This led me to believe that breath is only referenced in the source code and is not accessible via script. If I remember correctly, the damage type "air" did not work. The only defined damage type that I could find is "no air", which means the player takes damage due to air reaching a value of 0. I vaguely recall that I was able to trigger a loss of air with a rather complex setup t
  12. Destined

    Free games

    Just saw this post on 9gag. I have not checked, if it is true (because I still refrain from getting Epic Games), but it might be interesting for some of you: https://9gag.com/gag/amvjq2j
  13. It is. You can find it in DR under Player_tools (atdm:playertools_breath_potion). It uses the script of the health potion, but has the heal type air. This is defined the def-file tdm_healing.def. I hope this helps.
  14. Regarding the sound: Instead of creating a speaker via script, you could create the speaker in a seperate (e.g. where the start-weapons and items are stored) and move it to the player position, when you need the sound. When the sound should stop, you could move it back to its former location. That way, you can have the speaker on repeat all the time or you could handle it like you would any other speaker. Regarding the speed potion: By the way: If you are searching for somethin in the forums, I would recommend to use google with a "site:forums.thedarkomod.com" before the ter
  15. Destined

    Free games

    I also have the regular newsletter from humbelbundle active and got a mail about Seven. Maybe you have a spam filter that blocks these kind of mails due to certain words in the headeline? The mail in question was called "Get Seven: Enhanced Edition for FREE & Save up to 90% in our sales!"
  16. The object being frobbed can be read out with $player1.getFrobbed(). If you use this instead of an entity name, this can also be used in more general scripts. Regarding the alerted/dead states, you could try to not use these flags directly, but use the varaibles that cause the states to change. Dragofer already mentioned the getAltertLevel function for alerted AI. In order to check, if an AI is dead, you could try the getHealth function. For a dead AI Health should be 0, so this could work.
  17. I have no experience with conversations, but for the "when frobbed do something", you could try to give the AI a frob response with the effect: trigger atdm_target_startconversation_1 via the stim/response editor. In order to test if the frob is registered by the game, you could also first try something like an effect to turn off a light, just to be sure that the frob response actually works.
  18. Destined

    Free games

    Oh, cool. "Unfortunately", I bought it some time ago (for like 10 €, if not less). I have not finished it, but it was fun. So, for free, I can only recommend it.
  19. A simple skip mission button may not be enough. How would you determine loot gathered? And maybe you have optional objectives that are transferred into later missions (not sure if the currently existing campaigns have any of these, but I know that it is possible). You could randomise these or give them set values when skipping, of course, but if a player would like to play "his" version, he would still have to repeat the mission. This is why I said, it would be best, if the Mission Statistics would get stored and could be read out, even if a mission is added later on.
  20. The problem would be that, if this is not the first mission of the campaign, you would have to start the campaign from zero again. This becomes annoying after some time. Imagine you have a four mission campaign that is released over four years. You would have to play the first mission four times, the second three times and the third twice just if you want to finish it. If there are (crutial) bugfix updates to the campaign or an update to TDM, while you are playing it, these numbers would further increase and earlier missions are more likely to be affected in this case. So, after the third or f
  21. Not necessarily. You could adjust the available money according to your needs afterwards. Of course, this means that not all the loot you gathered is visible in the next mission, but if it is simply multiplied by a factor X (maybe even flexible according to difficulty), this still means that you would have the most options, if you collected 100% loot. The loot requrements would also still give a hint on how much money is available. That way, even without knowing the exact amount, the map author still has an estimate, which items can be afforded in the worst and best cases.
  22. Another problem in releasing campaigns is that the missions have to be released at the same time and for many (if not all) campaigns released step by step, it took several years until the missions were released, so it was preferable to have missions at the point that they were ready. I am not sure how difficult it would be to bundle the missions into a campaign afterwards, but in most cases the authors prefer to concentrate on new projects rather than working on old ones, if they are still active at all.
  23. Yeah, breakable lockpciks would be really annoying in a game like this. The TDS system was also quite nice. Personally, I prefer a system, where you can do something yourself, so it not only depends on choosing the right lockpick and holding down a button (i.e. the TDP and TMA style). The current bethesda ones are fine, but still not my favourite. Then again: it is you game, so you choose what you think is best I understand the frustration people had with the system, but I liked that it quite realistically showed what happens, when picking a lock. And if you got some expereince with
  24. I agree that it looks quite interesting, although it was a bit rushed in the video. It would be nice if you would allow your viewers some time to actually read stuff you pick up without them having to pause. Regarding voice acting, I did not find it too bad, but a bit strange that the internal voice is suddenly heard from one side at some point. The lockpicking system from (modern) Bethesda games is fine, although I personally prefer the ones from Oblivion or Splinter Cell (not sure which part), where you actually see what happens inside the lcok. But this is personal taste... Anyway, great jo
  25. Just scrolled through and there are almost no games that I actually played. Well, currently I wait until games are around 30€ before I buy them, so it is not really surprising. One exception from this rule was Ori and the Will of the Wisps. I found this to be an excellent game. I am quite surprised how many people here have played Hades. I thought about buying it, but so far have not done so (I have Children of Morta as a rogue lite game, if I have this itch to scratch), but if it is this recommended here, I am really thinking about getting it. I have loved Transistor and Bastion, so if t
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