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  1. Now, I haven't tried this with the latest multicore enhancements, so it might be better, but:
  2. Is this a mission that Grayman was making with you?
  3. I actually use it all the time with SVN. Every time I get new binaries or compile my own, I delete the savegames from in Darkmod with that button. But it's not a huge deal if it's gone.
  4. All my computers I'm trying to install on meet all the requirements, TPM2.0 is on, UEFI, Secure Boot, CSM disabled etc etc. And I really don't get your reasoning, Microsoft may have an army of programmers and engineers, that's what, a thousand people, maybe. The install base for windows is over 1.2-1.5 BILLION computers. They themselves estimate about 400-500 million Windows 10 users. Even with a conservative estimate of 20% eligibility, we're still talking 80-100 MILLION computers. There are thousands upon thousands of hardware/software combinations out there, they CANNOT cover them all, hence the beta program, and yes, I'm a guinea pig, but it's what I signed up for. I'm also on Netgears' beta program, they send me hardware to test and find bugs, so this stuff isn't new to me. But microsoft needs better error reporting if they plan to release this update in the wild, it will not go well.
  5. I WANT to test it, and help them find bugs, it's why I'm in the dev channel.
  6. Microsoft is going to have a huge problem with this update. I have been trying for months to get the preview builds installed on 3 computers that pass all the checks, but it fails each time. Some people have had to unplug all their extra hard drives because the installer is having issues detecting which drive the OS is installed to. Some people have had to unplug ALL USB devices etc. I've tried everything, haven't had any luck.
  7. I don't see that on the latest SVN with new binaries. Torches look mostly normal. There's some weirdness when I approach them where the heat haze renders over top of the smoke, but as I get closer it goes away and looks normal. But, I never know if it's these damn AMD drivers or not.
  8. That super sucks man, been there, done that. I lost nearly 8GBs worth of sounds + textures for various projects when I formatted the wrong drive. I didn't have a backup. I lost a bunch of maps a few years later when I deleted the wrong TDM installation (I have 5 or 6 usually). Still didn't have a backup. Lesson learned, I now have backups in 3 or 4 places (or was it 5????) now. Try Recuva, might work. https://www.ccleaner.com/recuva EDIT: Oh, and how could I forget, I lost all my photos and videos of my sons high school graduation. I recorded everything on my cellphone (Samsung S10), and afterwards I had a system update to new version of Android and without thinking, told it to wipe my personal Data, lost it all, unrecoverable. Thankfully my Ex had taken a bunch of (shitty) pictures, so at least I had those.
  9. It is via console commands. The issue is that if the option to pick multiple choices is available then developers need to make sure all options are not broken whenever the renderer is worked on. It's more testing, more finessing code to not break other things. If we just pick one option, then that simplifies the developers job, and gives them more time to experiment and implement their design goals. You might counter that's its just a few options, but don't forget all the other things they have to keep track of.
  10. That might actually be more than 4096 triangles:
  11. I guess if I was on REALLY old/crappy hardware and was only getting 20 fps, a 5-6 FPS drop would be very noticeable. But in those cases, players can disable the frob outline completely.
  12. Well I tested out with a patch sphere that's 32x32 subdivisions and only noticed a few FPS drop. So about 5 FPS difference. That's a lot of polys. When I increased it to 64x64 subdivisions, the FPS drop was pretty dramatic, about 36 FPS loss. But that's about 4096 triangles. I don't even think the guards are that high. I tried using a guard to occlude the frob outline, but it didn't make much difference. I also tested a guard and the drop wasn't so bad. The drop was about 6 FPS. This is on an NVidia 980ti with i7 4770k
  13. https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Sound_File_Formats Getting the recorded sound into the game is a different story. Best way is to look at the existing sounds and how they're done. Sounds are called from a shader file, like textures.
  14. I'll try something ridiculous later with performance testing
  15. I would suggest you to start by opening up the dark mod folder, and looking in the root directory. The files labelled tdm_sound_* would probably be a good place to start. PK4 files are just .ZIP files. You can either set your zip program to open them (this works with 7zip and PowerArchiver) or you can rename them to .zip and open them the normal way. I have the equipment to do the sound recording myself, but not the time anymore. Working 6 days a week with 3 kids and a (VERY) needy wife means I have almost no time to myself anymore.
  16. My game loads just fine without autocommands.cfg I do get a warning in the console that it's missing though. Do you have your debug value for TDM to crash on warnings?
  17. Looking good keep it up! And don't forget, that gameplay and story trumps graphics almost every time.
  18. Yes the sounds could use some refreshing, we're breathlessly awaiting some uploads. Please post a link to the sound once you're done recording them!
  19. It will if I pick one mission, download it, then pick another etc. When I selected 3 missions to download, they all came from the same mirror. Could be coincidence
  20. Yes their is, the sound shaders can pick from a list of sounds, we do it for things like eating apple and bread, and footsteps I believe. Not entirely sure if that works for doors.
  21. For sure.. .... Get recording, we're breathlessly awaiting all the door sound submissions.
  22. I know this thread is old, but you know you can hold down throw button to throw the flash bomb like, really really far?
  23. Not sure if these also host missions though. 104-9-33-56.lightspeed.toldoh.sbcglobal.net Gettting about 22 Mbps downloading from this mission mirror. srv2020.frydrych.org about 12 Mbps from this mirror. Looks like queuing up multiple missions causes them all to be grabbed one after the other from the same mirror.
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