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  1. Don't have a statue myself, but found this on ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Concrete-Sculpture-Life-Size-King-Neptune-Signed-1978/142281284701?hash=item2120a01c5d:g:RfEAAOSwWxNYorqM Not exactly cheap, nor new though.
  2. This pains me, friend, and I honestly and sincerely wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors. You have been a AAA star helping me update BHM to the newest technical implementation and I hope you still find time to play TDM and enjoy the labors of your work, as it is available to see aplenty. Take care of yourself dear friend and if you wish to chat now or in future, please feel free to shoot a PM or email my way! Kind and sincere regards, Martin
  3. Epic shots there Judith. Looking forward to playing that
  4. I get that problem in Maya, though I usually keep the scale correct in meters and then simply scale the final result to 0.433. This gives the correct scale versus the player size
  5. Thank you for the help offer! I would definitely say yes if BHM was less complete, but right now there is mainly scripting/objectives/pathing etc to complete, with a few areas to redo in terms of enviro. If you still want to work together however, would be epic fun for the next map!
  6. Thank you so much Goldwell! It has been great watching the level of quality rise in TDM missions since release to now, largely due to what PCs can handle these days vs back then. Your missions are damn epic too mate Beautiful. It's great to see so much talent in a free project, really speaks volumes of the original Thief and the community that started around it. In my opinion by FAR the most dedicated Thank you Epifire! Funny memory for me regarding those gear shapes was that I was drawing them as they were installing our air conditioner unit above my head, so crap was falling onto the papers as I was drawing it hehe. That was back in Australia. Incidentally I still have those crappy concepts...
  7. Thank you!! I made 2 more smaller variations of the chandelier for diversity. Also have been fixing/improving BHM, man I missed it so much. I put the new chandelier into the ball room.
  8. I imagine this would be a big task, as even file handling may largely differ, could turn into a Pandora's box. But, if we could and it was not something that would take years of free time, then it would certainly be worth it. In the past I used to do editing primarily in DoomEdit, and the only reason was lighting. With the renderers displaying the information differently, it can be quite difficult to perfectly get the lighting as one envisions it. Still possible, just more difficult. I use DarkRadiant exclusively now, as it encompasses everything we need in TDM, so it is a top AAA job!
  9. Feel free to post ideas if you wish, perhaps it will inspire a mapper or two to take it on Incidentally I too am Czech! Working at BI in Prague.
  10. Nice arches! The best leads are the triangle count and vertex count on the models themselves. For those kind of arches my expectation would be about 3000 tris each.
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