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  1. I started exploring the city a few days ago and ... just wow! Thank you for this unbelievable and complex maze!
  2. Thank you everyone for greeting me here. A very warm welcome, indeed! I will probably be more of a lurker than an active poster since I don't know much about most of the topics discussed here. As far as computers go I'm just a user. Being a veteran pen&paper RPG player and GM I'd already have some gaming ideas but converting them into maps seems sort of impossible to me (besides my non-existent technical skills also due to real life matters – family and kids, mostly). Nevertheless. Should anyone be interested in lines said in a slightly foreign accent (I'm Czech) I think I could ask at work whether I could record something there. I'm a teacher, not an actor, but I do use my voice in some kind of a professional way. I could also help with Slavic names or Central European flavour if need be. And I know Latin.
  3. I found this game a few days ago and I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone involved. The amount and quality of work you have done is amazing. I've gone through the Tutorial, A New Job, Tears of St. Lucia and Sir Taffsalot's Sword (which I understand is an homage to a recently deceased member of the community) and I'm amazed and speechless. And, moreover, all this for free from a community of fans who create it in their leisure time. WELL DONE, EVERYONE, AND THANK YOU FOR ALL THIS! You seriously rock!
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