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  1. Thanks - clipped Caulk roof that's too easy to view from above thanks I'm just not sure how... b1k3rdude already has done work on visportaling, idk what more could be done without majorly changing the layout. But sure, I'd more than appreciate anyone who wants to edit the map or can point me in the right direction
  2. oh haha I don't think they know how to toggle it for pathing and thanks - not a prefab, it's pretty simple, just a bunch of 'mover_door_sliding' entities stacked on top of each over, each with a longer 'translate' seems to be a problem area I had stutters there on earlier builds
  3. No such readable, no (very scarce text in general, I'm not sure what level of hinting I like tbh) Thanks! And I only knew about old London Bridge being a living bridge from that movie! They're neat, someone could definitely take it to a more extreme (the visuals are something I pretty much tried to speed through ). I like the Italian bridge having a roof over it, might've been smarter to have it walled in.
  4. Thanks everyone for the kind words and feedback! Version 1.1 - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IiHuD293mIb-kQL_t5dJzKnsnkXl4IN_/view This version has better performance, thanks to b1k3rdude (@Bikerdude - it's not tagging for some reason?) who redid the visportaling in the outdoors area (as well as monster clipping the outdoors, and some decoration on the flat rooftop) - can't thank you enough! This has major impact on the outdoors FPS. I also replaced most of the faux-skybox models with their lowest LODs. Other fixes: Unfortunately still unsure about freezes related to the bridge moving...
  5. Oh, that's not great "lock up" as in the game froze? Are there like logs written anywhere on script errors that you could send? Because it's never happened to me, not sure how to debug this
  6. A Bridge Too Far (version 1.0, 2023-09-22) In this small scale mission, you seek to steal the original copy of a book from the boss of a counterfeit crime outfit, which are located on a bridge. Download link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IeGCBdiGY9W3k_r5Ip8tGtJq9lo5f_PF/view Much thanks to the beta-testers for all of their feedback (link to beta thread - @thebigh - @Cambridge Spy - @Zerg Rush - @wesp5 - @Shadow Screenshots:
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