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  1. I always enjoyed missions that had some detective work in, apart from the classic "grab the item and gather some loot". Also had alot of fun in missions with multiple entry points or getting out. Maybe not so gameplayinsh but I enjoy alot of sarcastic comments during a mission from the player just like the good old G.
  2. Thanks for the help I will keep this piece of usefull information for the future because I have updated my GPU to rtx3060 and now I got everything maxed out without issues. Sometimes updating a card is the only way to go. I had the gtx760 for 8 years, enough is enough.
  3. Ok you started making fun of my suggestions. I am moving out.
  4. How about removing that feature (AI hearing adjustment) and make it a part of the gameplay with the "silent boots" purchase.
  5. If an adusment knob in sound settings for player footstep loudness is out of question then how about silent boots in the purchuse section of the game before starting. It could be something similar to moss arrows. In terms of gameplay if someone decided to buy them would bring AI hearing a notch down, if not a notch up. Wrong choice would make a mission more difficult just like it happens with all the other tools.
  6. The truth is that this pacage of vegetation is more complex to implement in game and it will need some sort of reduction to work. I would dare to say it needs animation, collision sounds and maybe casting alpha shadows. I imagine every vegetation model acompanied with a variety of sounds like birds, leaves moving during animated gusts of wind and cicada sounds, making it a whole ecosystem that spreads out occuping a large amount of gamers perception with very small amount of mapping around it.
  7. What we said the second leter for A.I. stands for? Incompetence?
  8. Interesting. Can dark radiant import and render those in game? Have you tested them?
  9. I wish there was something similar for vegetation in general
  10. I asked someone that has no idea about dark mod to play for 10 min and describe player foot steps. She said that it sounds more like you are trying to actively make noise walking or running (very clappy) rather trying to be silent. Definately we would benefit with some kind of adjustment.
  11. You can ask it if it is ethical to take other peoples content (art, music or even lines of code) from the internet without asking them and use it to create chatgpt. Because this is what it does.
  12. Does not look like a trustworthy source. Although our brain works similarly (has to take information from somewhere to create content), this could be a definition of A.I. And because of that I see it quickly being tightly regulated.
  13. Where do those numbers come from?
  14. Intresting. This could mean eventually that we could have many released fm's monthly. And that's good enough for me.
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