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  1. Thanks for this. The author names say everything!
  2. Great mission thanks, I have to note a bug that I found accidentally: I killed Godfrey without opening his room door. I smacked the sword on the door to wake him up and by leaning on the door made my self visible to him. This way he tried to attack me but having the door between us kept him at a safe distance so I could kill him with some safe well placed sword thrusts. Mission complete
  3. Congratulations Kingsal! One question: Do i have to unzip the file or use it as it is in FM folder
  4. kin

    Alt - tab?

    Thanks everyone. I will use Steve's method (CTRL+ALT+DELETE) since it is the fastest
  5. kin

    Alt - tab?

    I am looking for a way to exit the game while playing so i can check in the forums for a walkthrough. Alt-tab does not work. Any other method to safely minimize the game?
  6. Can someone point me to the best 10 missions without too many undead in?
  7. I am not sure if this is the correct place to make a suggestion for the next update but here it is: Is it possible the mission list include chronological order? For example listing the newest missions by date (like in darkloader for thief 2). It could be already mentioned and implemented so if I missed it sorry.
  8. kin

    Permanent FOV fix

    Ok i made an autoexec.cfg in every file (doom3, base, bussines, darkmod) and now it works when restarting the mission but not loading a save. the autoexec contains "set g_fov 110 //". Thanks for the help.
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