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  1. I face the same issue with the non "ticking" objective after reading everything mentioned. Although I loved the mission and specifically the gameplay. Would realy like to see a bigger mission in the future with those qualities.
  2. I see this beta is taking some time. How big of a mission are we talking about?
  3. I would like to see the in game mission menu listing missions with the most recent released on top
  4. You mean that this mission is at a similar level with Iris?
  5. Congratulations on the release. I am amazed with your skill.
  6. This is your first mission release? You got to be kidding me. I have never seen something like that in darkmod
  7. 30 minutes in the mission and I have to say: If Looking Glass Studios decided to make "thief 3" it would look like this fan made mission. Congratulations you are a true artist.
  8. Congratulations on the release. I love the way this mission is built,
  9. Do I see a pair of shadowy legs in the video when looking to the floor or is it just casted shadows?
  10. Sure, but I have to note that after downloading the fixed version everything seems to work fine. In the save game folder there is a file named "EDIT" and it's purpose was to save there after downloading the fixed version so the other "faulty" saves won't mess with it. edit: It seems save files are too large to send via PM, any other method? edit2: Ok send via google drive
  11. I restarted the mission and worked fine till the end. I finished it by quicksaving on the same file so I have to replay to get at the specific spot for a screenshot. Mission is one of the best I have seen in years. It is unbelievable what level of skill you designers have aquired over the years. Bravo!
  12. I am having an issue (probably a bug) at the edit: Redownloaded mission (kept saves) and restarted same issue. Version is 2.10-5
  13. Congratulations. The mission looks like an original thief 1 or 2 mission at first glance. A true diamond for me. Now I have to deal with tremors caused from excessive happiness due to all those new missions released suddenly.
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