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  1. I face the same issue with the non "ticking" objective after reading everything mentioned. Although I loved the mission and specifically the gameplay. Would realy like to see a bigger mission in the future with those qualities.
  2. I see this beta is taking some time. How big of a mission are we talking about?
  3. I would like to see the in game mission menu listing missions with the most recent released on top
  4. You mean that this mission is at a similar level with Iris?
  5. Congratulations on the release. I am amazed with your skill.
  6. This is your first mission release? You got to be kidding me. I have never seen something like that in darkmod
  7. 30 minutes in the mission and I have to say: If Looking Glass Studios decided to make "thief 3" it would look like this fan made mission. Congratulations you are a true artist.
  8. Congratulations on the release. I love the way this mission is built,
  9. Do I see a pair of shadowy legs in the video when looking to the floor or is it just casted shadows?
  10. Sure, but I have to note that after downloading the fixed version everything seems to work fine. In the save game folder there is a file named "EDIT" and it's purpose was to save there after downloading the fixed version so the other "faulty" saves won't mess with it. edit: It seems save files are too large to send via PM, any other method? edit2: Ok send via google drive
  11. I restarted the mission and worked fine till the end. I finished it by quicksaving on the same file so I have to replay to get at the specific spot for a screenshot. Mission is one of the best I have seen in years. It is unbelievable what level of skill you designers have aquired over the years. Bravo!
  12. I am having an issue (probably a bug) at the edit: Redownloaded mission (kept saves) and restarted same issue. Version is 2.10-5
  13. Congratulations. The mission looks like an original thief 1 or 2 mission at first glance. A true diamond for me. Now I have to deal with tremors caused from excessive happiness due to all those new missions released suddenly.
  14. Congratulations on the release. How to I update from 2.09 to 2.10 beta?
  15. I hope my old gtx760 can handle it (it works fine with soft shadows maxed)
  16. How volumetric lighting affects playing performance?
  17. Loved this mission, congratulations. I specialy liked the way the story unravels like the original thief games 1&2.
  18. Finished this mission and I have to add to this second post that I also liked the good old "Garrett" attitude showing up through his cynical and ironic comments about the world around him.
  19. Great release JackFarmer thank you for this, we will never forget Grayman.
  20. Ok got it. Now I am having trouble I must be missing something obvious.
  21. Love the mission so far. I really like the conversations in game, reminds me alot of the original T1-2 mission design. I am having difficulty accepting that this is your first mission. Congratulations
  22. Is there a release date for this masterpiece? Trying to cope with the fm drought watching those beautiful screenshots.
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