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  1. Behold, forged in the holy fire by the builder himself, the relic that rewards the believer whose work proves worthy. I give the relic as the first prize to the believer who survives the plague and whose work is chosen by the brethren of the builder, the pagans of the unbelieving forest god and the thieves of the night. The courier will be rewarded from my secret treasure, so that he may reach the victor unharmed and swiftly.
  2. @Shadow you have to convert the file, so your slicer (program to convert the 3d file (mostly .stl) into machine code for the 3d printer (mostly gcode)) can read it. As far as I know, I used blender3d. @lowenz try it. Is your landlord pushing or has your fence a hot tip for you? And because of the license, it should not be a problem to attach the prepared stl file on my posting, so have your own stealable relict. 3D printers are cheap now (for example the ender 3), or ask a company to print it for you. Greetings from Hamburg builder.stl
  3. Thank you very much for this beautyful mission!
  4. Hi doc.loner, I also missing the missions, but you can browse the Fan mission forum. On mostly every thread starting with "fan mission:" is a download link. You can retrieve the missions from there.
  5. Do you still need help reconstructing the site (especially the mission list)? I am an experienced developer and administrator, maybe I can help?
  6. The key for the chest: Tipp: Solution: The switch: Tipp: Solution:
  7. I had the same problem with my 4k. Since all programs became too small for me, I increased Windows' own scaling. TheDarkMod probably can't handle this.
  8. @Destined No problem, send a pm. @Springheel 35 gramms16 cm x 8 cm x 4 cm @saxmeisterThese models has been made by the Dark Mod Community, so I won't sell any of these without permission.But making those as a price for a map contest ...
  9. @bikerdude pm, I will send you the original immediate, but you have to paint it for yourself. The back side is a little rough because of the support. Thanks for the welcome greetings
  10. Hello all' taffers, I have printed the_hammer_medium2.lwo with my 3d printer: Material is transparent and unfinished, and I'm still unsure whether to paint it grey or gold. But it will get a special place on my computer place every time I play a dark mod mission or building on my own level. Greetings from Hamburg, ol' Dyger
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