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  1. Hi guys, I’m going out desktop shopping today. Not building my own no more. What should I be looking for with processor & ghz? Sdd &/or hdd & what size(s)? Ram? Nvidia is obvious, but ram for that? Thanks for any suggestions?
  2. I'm into the Crown thing in the Catch phrase, but yeah plague is the middle ages too… Let's build something Unique, together. I got 3-4 months more in Sweden so I'm good to go. All systems are up to date & I'm ready to build... Found out lots of stuff about where the Corona word comes from. It’s from Spain & means crown. Go figure
  3. Or Annihalation, Genocide (had help from siri Spelling that), Armegeddon? the list goes on & on this Swedish OS 10 sucks! Almost Everything in English is spelled wrong cuz the OS is in Swedish. I just ignore the red lines now & if I'm unsure about the Spelling I'll just ask Siri. I prefer the massive destruction Movies like San Andreas Fault,, Pompeii, (haven't finished Noah yet), but thinking about adding a volcano. Is that possible in TDM? Random chunks of volcanic rock falling from the skybox. I mean the circumference needs to be lowered so that Garret's replacement name, which I forgot, it's on the main post somewhere, I don't remember. I'm tired... But the 23rd is so Close. Gotta push on … oh right, the circumference (like 6 feet in every direction is the norm for C19) so you don't get killed to fast... I'm thinking slowing the ash and molten rocks down like the asteroids in the FM I just played with the 4 discs to mount on the thing, (got 3 of 4 so far) in where ever that is... Did I say I'm tired? Ok going back to the FM You guys should help! There are mostly "cosmetic" problems with the FM & some sound issues (lock picking is pretty quiet until the door opens then you get blasted with sound)
  4. I'm letting the whole Thief Community come together & figure it out. We're all in this together now. Globally! Go to the "Corona Competition 2020" topic I guess, it's all still there It seems to be catching on, so I'm not say'n no more!! Let's see how big the Thief Community Really is
  5. I don't have any guide lines...yet… I just thought I/We could build some fun FMs while we wait in lock-down, till the end of the World lol Jokes aside, this could be a fun thing either way.. Now everyone is online instead of outside. Watch how this turns out to change Everything for the better Go to the "Corona Competition 2020" topic and you can read it all there. I have set no rules or due date. I thought we could all do this Before toilet paper literally runs out…
  6. Then we may as well call it (back to original) Corona Competition 2020... Let TTLG's anniversary play out this month. I mean, it's Thief after all !! My half Century birthday is in 9 Days & EVERY restaurant, nightclub, bar, Arena in the whole F'n World is closed I wonder if I could have a private party? Up to 10 people right? So yeah, I'm thinking let's build some fun FM's during the coming gloom...
  7. The name's gotta be more Epic then that. Who knew an epidemic would hit the 20th anniversary of Thief. Who knew the World would come to this kinda halt. I mean we should build a toilet paper factory just for fun (if that's possible) & all the other stuff that's worrying the World today. I Think it should be scary & funny at the same time in the following months of gloom… what was the name of the T2 FM where everybody is dancing in some dance hall/mansion Red...something. That made me laugh wandering in there. I'm gonna try to put some snow in mine. This time I'll freeze the water in the moat and skip that whole crash scenario... I'll never forget the FM (except it's name) where rain was converted to Snow for the first time. I stood there for a long time & looked up at it, then zoomed into the darkness to get a Close up of the flakes. What amazed me was that everyone was different, just like the real thing! Come to Think of it, I never finished it. It is huge!! There was like a ski slope in a forest with tree monsters. Remember those? That's where I stopped somewhere. Oh yeah now I remember why… My 17" HP widescreen P4 laptop got stolen 2003
  8. Wow, just updated my profile. Lots of stuff was way outta date... Not as bad as my ttlg profile. My homepage was still listed on Myspace.com Does that even exist anymore? Anyway, updated what I can for now...

  9. It's gotta be some sorta virus thing. I remember in T2 that there was an awesome FM with a disease Garret contracts & he had to go find an antidote. I Think it was a Campaign & I Think the same author for 7 Crystals (those Graphics & design changed a lot of Surfaces & furniture, & stuff that stuck) made it or was in on it. Wait… Christine or something. Germany I Think. Anyways, I was thinking a game that could end up with 2 outcomes, depending on some grand puzzle! Save the World or die with the rest of the World... Got ideas on that, but will only PM that to the Builders... I've Always hated Zombies in Thief. Scared the crap outta me all the time. With all the stuff on Zombies on any video screen, got kinda tired of them too, but I guess there's gotta be some kinda zone for them too, but once you kill them, even with a sword they should stay down. Sword, Arrow, anything through the head. Quarantine & Curfew would be awesome. That would mean more Thieve's highways... Rope Arrows... Gotta have those. How about Not setting a date to finish, for now? USA news says they should pan-out around mid-July, but I don't know, I doubt it. I was also thinking then, how about we all get all our FM's to interlock into one huge Campaign Before realeasing it. Most countries have fast internet now. Not like 56 kbit back in 1998. Even Siberia, so downloading isn't a big deal anymore. Let's just come up with something memorable & amazing
  10. I thought CC was cool, but maybe we could put a Word with D in-between then shorten it for the pk4 files. Come up with ideas for a name guys. Hey graphic guys, can you make Corona beer bottles, just to add flavor to the mix? Not that they have any flavor... TTLG.com is shooting the idea down cuz I totally forgot about the 20th anniversary of Thief is on March 23rd(which is the due date)! Is it T2 or Gold? T1 was 1998.
  11. We should have an FM building competition during the outbreak! It's not like we're going anywhere anyway, for a while. I mean if we all are gonna be home for who knows, why not dust off the editors and build lots of FMs for Thief & The Dark Mod. I'm thinking about trying again, since I'm stuck in Sweden the next 3-4 Months. My 89yr old mom doesn't dare fly now. Sweden has closed its boarders now anyway too, so that leaves me & my wife over here awhile longer. She's outta school the next 2 weeks, but she likes watching Movies. I'm actually getting tired of TV & binge watching. Wanna do something else…
  12. I have Steam for Thief 4 with the Xbox controller on Win 10, so all I needed was the USB wired controller. But I prefer the legacy keyboard over the controller. Got Xbox for T3, but gave it away to my god kid, cuz I don't like the controller. Could still play T3 with a kb. Over the years all the Thief games except 4 has the kb Controls set to T1. Got used to it & kept it & reset all future ones to that way. Even TDM.
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