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  1. I'm in awe of the speed, and the danger. I feel drawn to it, but would never do it.
  2. THIS, perfected, it how I would love to explore all the Dark Mod missions I've missed over the past few years :-D
  3. Those are some nice "tours", very cool
  4. That fat Assassin's Creed video made me LOL, even though it's 5:30am and my wife and kids are sleeping in nearby rooms
  5. all of the stuff in "Swing" was pasted together as solid func_static items (IIRC), then set up to spin or pendulum or whatever
  6. Hey, it looks like they modeled that Italian town after the one in Assassin's Creed!
  7. Yeah, I'll probably put it up there, good idea
  8. hey guys, I wrote this first chapter of what could potentially be my first fan fiction novel (bah, maybe it will never go beyond the next chapter or two, but we'll see). It's based on the background and setting from the game Legend of Grimrock (highly recommended!) which I've recently been inspired by. It borrows a lot from the world map supplied with the game, but I think you should be able to follow it without that. (EDIT - made a dozen or so edits for clarity before starting work on chapter 2) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Legend of Grimro
  9. make sure it's (NOT
  10. I can't believe I just wasted an HOUR watching that!!! funny and clean, I love it!
  11. Hmm, yeah, will have to wait and see. I recall that Doom 3 as a game was one that still looked pretty great in low resolutions, so maybe that is influencing the "acceptability" of this
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