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  1. I'm having similar "anomalies" in my game. Bodies that I've KO'd or killed will twitch/slide along a surface and won't stop. I finally just accepted it, thinking it was a (bad) design of the game. I hope it's patch/problem that can be fixed, as it's very weird. Not to mention that if the game is constantly calculating physics on stuff like this, it's got to be robbing the game of performance. I'm running D3 through Steam. It should be patched to the latest version, right? I'm willing to test some things. Where should I start? {Going to work today; can fiddle with it tonight, maybe.}
  2. Maybe there are different degrees of tearing. For me, it's all over the screen, usually, bits of it here and there (randomly) that appear to be out of sync at odd flashing intervals.... Sometimes I like the faster framerate for "complicated" games, while others I can get by with turning VSync ON for a "prettier picture". Just depends on my mood.
  3. Things seem to have returned to "normal", although I don't remember some of the lit-up areas looking so washed out as to be "strangely-lit" around some light sources near the beginning of The Rift, but at the least the crashes have stopped. I reverted all (except for a few) NVidia settings back to default, pretty much where I think they were before I started messing with them. This all started when I used the QuickSave button (F4 by default) to save my progress. I seem to (now, in hindsight) remember someone posting to avoid using the QuickSave button...anyone else having problems? It seems my QuickSave file got corrupted somehow, as it finally got to the point that the game would either not load at all, or it would take over 2 minutes of "loading" and I would just give up on it and force-terminate the program through TM. I loaded up The Outpost and The Crown of Penitence (I think the FAQ listed them as good starting missions to try out my skills on first), but they still play sluggishly. I'm going to call it quits for the evening and try again tomorrow, or the next night.... Are there any missions that you folks would suggest as good-story/well-built ones that would "showcase" TDM's abilities and drawing power...one(s) that would be good first-experience material? Thanks for the help, guys.
  4. No error messages: Just complete hangs, requiring a 5-second press of the power button; CTDs; and one where I had to get Task Manager open to kill the Doom3.exe executable.
  5. Now it just crashes...a LOT. Twice while trying to save, once upon launch, once upon installing The Rift FM, once while playing...I'm giving up for now. Even tried restoring all NVidia settings back to default, but still having problems. Tried updating TDM to make sure all files were "OK", but it said everything was up to date. Very frustrating.
  6. {see above post too...} I am restoring NVidia's settings back to default and trying again. When I get the resolve to do it. Things just get worse and worse the more I mess with it. It shouldn't play this "slow" on my system. The FOV change to 85 seemed to help a bit. Definitely looks more "natural" to my eyes.
  7. Hrrmm...com_fixedtic shows '0', which it says is the default. Been tinkering with different graphics settings, trying triple buffering on, forcing VSYNC, etc, but nothing seems to help with the "fine-stuttering" problem. The games seems "bogged down" for some strange reason, only FPS shows around 60. Freakin' weird...and aggravating. Maybe it's a multi-core/timing problem? Will try ye olde affinity fix and see what happens. And it was The Rift I was playing. Oddly, guard's armor looks different now on a reload. Something may be buggered in the old setup. {EDIT: Nope, definitely not a (fixable) multicore rendering problem. Setting core affinity made the game un-launchable. Had to change it back. Going to try restoring NVidia settings to default and going from there. Has anyone done any serious graphical tweaking that made any huge differences in smoothness of graphical rendering?}
  8. There wasn't any ice that I could see, just gentle slopes, and everything was just skittering around like crazy. Unless the slope was much greater than it appeared onscreen, but we're talking spiders' bodies sliding downhill, stuff just rolling around all over the place and sliding downhill on gentle slopes...no ice though. I'll try the fov change shortly. Can anyone point me in the direction of this Dram's excellent bow-aimer?
  9. Everything feels "clunky" in TDM. My character slides around on some of the terrain, gets stuck in some really strange areas, and the most annoying of all: I can't judge distance/scale in TDM as well as I would like. I'm assuming time will be a big factor, and I will have to "get used to it", but it almost feels like a FOV problem. I might try changing that a little and see what happens. Things just seem "distorted" at times. So far, I'm not being drawn in, but I will try some different things to see what happens.
  10. Okay, good, thanks for the tips, guys. This might help some other games, where I am "forced" to turn VSync OFF because of the framerate "problem" (micro-stuttering, more than low FPS) and have to watch screen tearing frequently, but it plays smoother, it just doesn't look smoother. Funny, isn't it? Why do we choose to work with these things again (PCs)?!?! Oh, right, the customizability. {Right, hang in there, just.....hang....in....there....}
  11. Oh, and where do I configure my triple buffering properties? Is that in NVIDIA's control panel only, or is there somewhere in the game or cfg files to try that out?
  12. I hope it's not my CPU. It's an AMD six-core 1055T. And 30 FPS gets choppy when it's got that micro-lag/stuttering problem that seems to be cropping up in video games more and more lately: Metro 2033, Dragon Age II, and now TDM. Weird. Not only has the FPS gone up, but the stuttering/lag is much less noticeable (gone, even). And I turned VSYNC OFF, and I put those command parameters in doomcfg.cfg that nbohr1more suggested. Definite improvement.
  13. Wow, did both and framerate improved tremendously. Most areas are now ~60 FPS, but some still drop to ~40 FPS and have some slight, barely noticeable lag. Much improved, thank you!!
  14. You completely lost me there. The first part: ok. But I should or shouldn't use triple buffering?
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