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  1. yeah sure if The Rift needs updated and someone wants to... or if they want to fix/add on to the lost city/whatever
  2. Springheel, do you want me to work on an LOD, you'd need to rig it too. If not I won't waste my time (btw this goes for all ai, I could break them down too)
  3. I could break down an LOD. Would just need an ojb or fbx file. Springheel would probably need to rig it though. Due to Y up/Z up issues I don't think Max will work if it's to use existing anims.
  4. I will say however, even though those shots are pretty low poly they are of an interesting layout. Looks like a fun area to crawl around, some nice vertical changes and basic details. Would be a great city area in T2 as is. Would just like to see more details layered on top in TDM.
  5. The bad thing about no world ambient is pitch black. Seriously, if the player has to fumble around in a black screen at all it's not fun. You need to be able to at least see where you're going. This isn't real life where you can stick your hand out and follow the terrain with it. Visuals is the ONLY clue you have as to where you are.
  6. All this talk has got me interested in doing another game using TDM as a base. Would anyone be interested in pooling resources on an isometric or platform game? Doesn't even have to be that complex, just work out a base that has the view, player, some enemies... (I'm fine with doing the artwork portion.) It would be really cool just to have a base out there as a showcase.
  7. Yeah, seems that door sound blocking would be minimal between door types (would a metal door really block that much more sound than a wood one?). I can see a door with a small window (opening) in it blocking more sound than an open door. But a mapper can set that prop (atm they'd have to make the door too anyway)
  8. Well, it could be expectations for one. When you play T1 and the ai have 650 polys and triangular heads basic geometry fits. When you see our ai with 5000 tris that can make the terrain seem very simple. Plus having detail on normal maps can really show off hard square edges. You need more details to mask that a bit. You also have shading painted into textures (heavily painted in) to make T1 look better. We don't even have light AO in most textures. It's like seeing a person in color in a black and white photo.
  9. obj can be easily imported into almost any program just like he said. But it's not just as easy as import/export. You'll need to create the materials, those are for Dromed, so you also need Specular and Normal maps made. You'll need to properly scale the models. Without looking, possibly fix/edit smooth groups. Then make shadow and collision meshes. LOD? Not that that's all that hard but it takes someone willing to do it. Then do we want/need them? We already have a pretty nice rowboat and fountain, can't see any of the other models so who knows. I'm pretty picky about texture alignment, that rowboat just has a plank texture planar across the top, the boards don't bend around the front, etc...
  10. Well, it's laggy as hell even on the lowest settings. Beautiful but unplayable. Not to mention unbearable player movement.
  11. The giant eye in the sky.
  12. Likewise No I know, I didn't think he looked like his avatar either. Just had a completely different pic in mah head. Funny how that goes eh?
  13. That is just a Spring Shower. I thought all 'evergreens' liked snow. What surprises me the most is that you look absolutely NOTHING like I imagined
  14. Well, if anyone else can help it would be appreciated. This has GOT to be a bone orientation problem. Typical of Y up (lightwave is I believe, and maya, both I think were used in the production of ai) being imported into a Z up program (3dsMax). Every game I've used had these issues. Doom3 is better because you can export mash and anim from either type of program and they work fine. In this case I think it's the link between the Z up mesh export and the Y up anim. ======== I was able to skin the verts the the head bone (I imported an alcolyte rig) and it is pretty good, though her head is tlited down so her chin is touching her chest. By rotating the head bone forward 15* and reskinning her head stay looking up in the proper position. But once verts are rigged to the jaw bone it gets ugly. It seems that not only is the rotation off (I have rotated the bone so her jaw is in the 'correct rotation') but it is also out in front of her face and up too high no matter what. So it basically sits in front of her eyes. I've even rebuilt the rig from scratch and get the same results. So it has to be the tie in from the Y up anims. Md5 exporter doesn't have a Y up tag. I did export my new rig as an FBX with Z up AND Y up options and the Y up reimport/md5 export had better results. But basically the same as above, when just importing the alcolyte rig and skinning to it. -------- So I'm calling it quits, have spent several days plugging away at this to no avail. Anyone else with a Y up 3d program wanna skin?
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