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  1. I'm running TDM 1.05. I just installed it in the last week. It may be in the map, I wasn't sure. I'll keep an eye out in other missions and see if its a recurring thing, if it is I'll bring it up again.
  2. Something I've noticed playing No Honor Among Thieves - I knock someone out and stash their body nicely in a dark corner. I run around the rest of the map and maybe quicksave/load a few times, but when I come back through the area, their bodies are back out in the middle of the floor. I'd say I just forgot and loaded a save where I hadn't stashed them, but it happened with almost every person I knocked out. Sometimes it seemed like they were in the position where I knocked them out, or just somewhere on the way to their final destination. Has anyone else noticed this? I did a search and
  3. Has anyone else noticed this or was that intentional? My standard thief configuration was to have always run on, with shift as creep and ctrl as crouch. I can set all these keys up, but when always run is turned on, creep doesn't do anything. I just finished school and am getting back into TDM and decided to play a few FM's to get ready to take another shot at mapping. The mod really turned out wonderfully. I doubt the mission has anything to do with the "problem", but I noticed it on the training mission and No Honor Among Thieves. Its not a big deal as I've almost gotten used to shift
  4. Hey Rich, glad to see you here! I learned the d3 editor a lot thanks to your tutorials! I don't really have anything to add to the topic, but I've not been around here as much lately so I hadn't seen you posting.
  5. BEAR

    Art Dispute

    That is good advice, thank you. I need a lot more advice than I had previously thought
  6. BEAR

    Art Dispute

    Thanks Komag She knows I'm doing it, and its adorable how she is acting disinterested, but notices when anyone votes and wants to know what forums I posted it on so she can read what people say, but passes it off as just curiosity.
  7. BEAR

    Art Dispute

    Hi Guys! I'm having an "argument" with my girlfriend as to the quality of her art (with whom things are going much better, thanks in no small part to the great advice I got here not too long back). I created a poll on my "blog" that makes it incredibly easy (one click, no name no nothing) so if anyone is so inclined, check it out and give a quick thumbs up/down. This is hardly an extensive piece of work, just a cute little sketch she did for a webcomic she wants to make that she thought was terrible and I thought was adorable (the little drawing she did for me on the back made it all the m
  8. I loved that little graphic of the cathedral that was getting kicked down the steps when talking about how the mission layout went to hell in T:DS. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought T2 was the best of the 3. I love TDP of course, but TMA was just too much fun.
  9. BEAR


    Cool. I'll probably get the scoop in IRC too but I've been out of town.
  10. BEAR


    Appreciated, is awesomeexpress.com down too? How did you find that link?
  11. They can definitely be not aligned. I had to snap most of them to the grid to make things line up, but they had no problem being off the grid, if thats what you meant. What I ended up doing was just snapping both sets of vertices to the grid and then matching them and it worked out fine.
  12. Hah! Take that world! As I've said often when working with patches, my thinking had gotten very uptight. All I had to do was to take my 90 degree piece, while on grid, and rotate it to where the piece that would be flat (butting with the big Y tunnel) was at the angle, which kept the part that would eventually be at an angle was horizontal and lined up with the short tunnel piece that was vertical. Once I had that, it was simple to line up the pieces (like Baal reminded me would work, I figured it would but had given up on it nonetheless). By setting the origin of the respective pieces, t
  13. You think so? Maybe my problem is how I resized the pieces. Now that I think about it, I probably never perfectly resized the two pieces that constitute the top, which might be why they don't fit just right. Either way this is a pain but I want to finish these because I think they could actually be useful to someone eventually, so I'm going to keep at it. Thanks for the input Baal.
  14. Alright, maybe these pictures will make it make more sense. What I'm doing is creating modular tunnel pieces for a small tunnel/sewer. They are all patch based so are smooth (as opposed to the one in the mill map which looked to have been made with brushes). This has benefits and drawbacks, I can make the pieces much more easily this way but when I do have problems they are harder to fix it seems. I've figured out a way to half-way make this work but I still have a problem. If you look at xy.gif, you'll see part of it. When you make a 90 degree elbow, basically just a copy of the black piec
  15. @Baal, I'm not sure if that will work or not. I'll upload some screens later to illustrate the problem better. It feels like something that should be possible. @Tels, I'll check into that once I wake up (dear god its 2:30 in the afternoon I am a horrible slob) and get back to you. Thanks for the reply guys.
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