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  1. Hey there, to play this FM in 1.06 last night was awesome!!!! I have AA and AF up to highest and everything else that is possible except res (1280x720) and it ran soooo smoothly!!!!! Great Job Biker & Melan!!! Also Great Job @ 'The DM Improvers', no stuck AI or any annoyance/immersion-breakers and finally a working Stealth-score, so '0' is best, and I always thought I sucked with this value. Too bad I played the old version, so I only spent two hours, but couldn´t figure out the bonus-obj. And there is still loot, as always. Can you get to the City Guard that is patrolling high on the wall above the builder compound? Drop Box? I had the idea to leave a certain in the room with the explosives. Guess I was on the completely wrong track. Have to search for that box again, but I can´t remember such a thing or a save in the Builder Compound (I´m referring here to an earlier post of yours, Biker), just a save in the Anyway, I´ll never forget this mission, so many memorable sights that build up atmosphere, DM-art!
  2. I think Fidcal meant a death by only one hit, right? I never had this but remember that it was hard to blackjack sitting AI´s at all.
  3. First the quotes, then the votes. DAMMIT, NO!!! Is that room in the aforementioned ? Did you tried 'runaas' only instead of a full dmap? I dmapped once a doom3-map after I added ambient light and got I leak too, but with runaas only the map was fine. But I´m a WinXP-user I should add. Gameplay: Excellent Appearance: Excellent Story: Good Anyway, the story I read fits as it is the first mission of the Thomas Porter Series and Good is still good, so, good job! Overall It was great fun and I will have even more when I try to ghost this, hopefully a cure for blocking AI´s will be found JUST IN THIS VERY MOMENT!!!! But also I have to say (although considering that I haven´t found all places) it was too short, shorter than the others. A little town-section where you get to the place would´ve helped but well, you´re the small-mission-master and showed why you deserve that title and I´m glad to hear that in the meantime you´re back at mapping and working on the Thomas Porter Series. Oh, I almost forgot. I very much liked the diary you put in the inventory, that extended the briefing but would´ve fitted better IN the briefing. I´m sure some players didn´t even noticed the diary! No word in the ReadMe of this. Finally, my stats:
  4. And from where did you get that? Your mind or a piece of internet resource? Oh, and thanks!
  5. What means "meritous"? My translator(´s) don´t know it.
  6. I remember that I was able to jump on a rope that I shot in the rotating wheel and could swing (with attack-button), but couldn´t reach the crown, but KoMaG said later that he never thought of that way, so, not intended to do it this way... I´m now waiting nearly four minutes to watch this video, have to download it now, with 50kb/s ...
  7. Noisy, I forgot to tell you: your tapper sound-shader 'tdm_footstep_stone_jump_land' refers to a non-existant sound/sfx/movement/footsteps/player/stone_jump_land04.wav resulting in a jump-sound not played. (default-sound is silence) Also, the stone-set with that you started this thread (and I think ocn was referring to) would be fitting perfectly the upcoming Thief-AI!!!! And about the headphones, yeah, the doubt is spreading, maybe it was my imagination after all, I still would love to compare the 7.1-phones...
  8. Hey, how does the team think about your tapper-set? Actually I think it fits so damn good, and Orbweaver´s new sounds I assigned to AI-stone-steps and they fit much better then the ones used before, and the ones from before were doom3-sounds...
  9. Oh yeah, he made it different, but I don´t have time now to look at that... As for the wood-ai-sounds, ah, I better make a bugtracker-entry...
  10. Yeah, z-fighting is never visible on screenshots, but THANKS Sotha, Clipper indeed was what I needed, so easy. Who has 'Clipper is mapper´s best friend.' in his sig? Oh yeah, you... I´ll use that now always. Resizing dimensions can cause further trouble as I described in first post so I won´t try that anymore.
  11. On this spot here: Without cutting the whole beam apart and changing dimensions, any method else? If I decrease the size in lowest gird-size, it´s still noticeable that it does not fit if light falls on it, also I get a gap behind inside the room. In UnrealEd I would merge the two beams so they are only one brush after(no intersections), but DarkRadiant tells me that merge fails because "result would not be convex". Is there not the opposite of 'substract'? Meaning that the brush is built only on spots without intersections?
  12. Aha, is that how Fidcal made the cough-shakes in The Alchemist´s lavatory?
  13. I don´t know if I found a bug: After picking up a body, and putting him down again, the player makes the same 'arg, hrrg...'-sound as he does on picking up and there is no 'bump'-sound played when the body hits the ground. I experienced that now in Fidcal´s Sound-trainer. I don´t think it was before like that...
  14. The engine prefers ogg´s over wav´s right? Even if the shader speaks of wav´s only the engine would load the still existing ogg´s, so I might never heard the wav´s I created. After I deleted the oggs (I deleted also the old movement.shader in sfx01.pk4 before) I got ID SOUND ERROR. My files were mono and 16-bit, as the others already existing wav´s. Are the movement-footsteps somewhere else defined? I let the 'step_human'-ones alone, they are not mentioned in the shader, I only deleted the ones mentioned in movement-shader. Anyway, the oggs are definitely EAX-compatible as any sounds else. Even the AI-voices are affected, I can tell now. It´s just not very obvious, but that must be a problem with the EAX-set itself I think. I tested with the outside-preset, that should´ve the strongest effects.
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