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  1. Fidcal

    Free games

    Thinking of game-related free stuff, if you've not played Last of Us (or even if you have) then make sure you watch the full movie on youtube (I downloaded it with 4K downloader.) A wonderful 6-hour movie of tolerable resolution (1280 x 720). I found the original gameplay so frustrating I almost gave up several times and only the drama of the story kept me going. I said to myself at the time that I'd rather watch it as a movie. In fact the game feels less like a game and more like you're an actor being directed how to play each scene and every time you get it wrong he shouts 'Cut!' and you have to act it out again from the last checkpoint. But the movie flows wonderfully. - Fid
  2. Bought Xbox One controller in anticipation of Starfield next year on Steam. Trying this in Dark Mod, some of the controls work automatically, move, mantle, etc. To config the buttons there is an app but I don't want to use the Microsoft Store (I don't like using Microsoft for ANYTHING if I can help it.) Is there any way to config a file? Alternatively I could use the Steam controller-config which I did with mixed success with the PS4 controller, but I want to keep that as a last resort. I guess another way is to config the dark mod file to suit the controller default but I'll need to use the keyboard for many non-urgent features and I... well I guess I could just the keyboard entirely as before but I've kinda got used to using a controller now. Suggestions?
  3. OK, that works. Thanks. So the rule is: any sequence so long as it ends with the required code sequence.
  4. I'm still misunderstanding this. The sequence is 1C 55 The top row has 1C on the end. I click it and it goes into the buffer. The right column is now highlighted. I see 55 at bottom left corner so I click the bottom of vertical highlighted column which enters BD into the buffer. Now the bottom row is highlighted and I can select 55 so it gets added to the buffer leaving: 1C BD 55. But it fails.
  5. You mean the output codes do not need to be exclusively the required codes, but can be any codes so long as the needed codes are amongst them? And in order? How was anyone to know that? Anyway, I'll try it. Thanks. - Hip
  6. I abandoned this early because it seems broken, but just thought I'd ask: The first hack (not counting the trainer) needs two codes entered, yet it seems impossible to comply. There's a grid about 5 x 5 with codes but as I understand it, you can only select from the highlight row or column. To start, the top row is highlighted. I click the first code, and then its column now highlights. But the second code does not appear in that column so no way to select it. It would make more sense if one could move the highlight row/column at the beginning because then one could calculate which one would permit the sequene. My main question would be, does this wreck the entire game? I was playing on PS5 and only downloaded this a few weeks ago and it says there are no further updates.
  7. That video is kind of terrifying. So is this: it really complements my original topic title: WE have become big brother! Now we're really spying on ourselves by volunteering info about ourselves. Of course it's all anonymous (like every piece of a jigsaw is anonymous until you have enough pieces.) https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-61603624
  8. Wait! Just remembered! Thief's Den 5 right? Well, it got absorbed into the campaign and modified and I lost all my original story. Unless anyone has a copy of the original beta test? I think that test was done on an external private forum.
  9. I think you first frob and then the frob highlight clears and then you can use the mouse wheel. That's how I recall it because it confused me for a bit.
  10. Hooray! Finally found a way. I'd been close many times before without realising. Been away too long. Guess I underestimated how high one can mantle up. I did eventually work out the final part of the route by 'if I could get on there, then I could reach there, and then I could jump to there - but how to get THERE in the first place?' By working it out backwards I found myself staring at a ledge above my head apparently out of reach. A step or two up the roof slope I was standing on and I could just reach up... Definitely the longest time I've ever taken to get into a manor in any mission. Now I'm buggered and need a long rest before continuing!
  11. OK, thanks. I'm astonished those double doors are frobbable - I could have sworn I tried them out of curiosity. However, a good thief would never normally consider going in the front entrance. So... 'various balconies' eh? I really thought I'd exhausted all the higher areas. Anyway, I don't mind searching so long as I know there is a way in the area and not ten streets away. I'd suggest though, if there's some other need to recompile, to put in a message that Andreas feels sure there is a way in close by but warns it will be really really difficult to find it or somesuch. As a last resort, I've got the double door. :D Oh, yeah, I think I did go through some sewers but couldn't proceed and had to back out. Maybe that's why they're not recommended? Great city and climbing mission though.
  12. This mission certainly looks great but I wonder if I'm playing it right? The quest is to rescue someone so, as directed, I study the map, head to the armorer, then the pharmacy (disappointed to only find a single health potion) and then on to Marlow Manor... I've played about 5 sessions. Been round and round the streets around the manor. Climbed pipes, roped up, crossed ledges and rooftops, jumped gaps, frobbed every door in sight. But can't find any way in to the manor. Am I being stupid doing the sensible thing? Should I instead not worry about Lily and explore the entire city and hope to find a route? And then only explore near the destination later (by which time she's dead. Or worse!)
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