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  1. Played Grounded difficulty a couple of times and could not get past the school in Bill's town. My first attempt I got stuck on first entry into the school. I couldn't sight the bow properly and I now think that was a glitch or a setting I couldn't figure out because this second attempt it worked normally. Oddly, whereas in easier levels I seem to get two uses out of each arrow, in Grounded it seems randomised and a new arrow might get 1 to 3 (more?) uses. I definitely got three uses. Anyway, this first area in the school took a lot of stealth takedowns every one of which needed a lot of trial and error because of the need to preserve ammo etc for the Bloater in the next area - and that's where I'm stuck. In lower levels, I always enter the gym with 3 nail bombs, 3 molotovs, and plenty of shotgun shells. I'd typically lob all or most of the bombs and molotovs at the Bloater right at the start and then run round like hell waiting an opportunity to blast it with the shotgun. In Grounded, despite HUGE effort to preserve resources, all I have left is 1 nail bomb, 1 molotov, and 6 shotgun shells. I also have just enough resources to make EITHER a health pack OR another molotov. That's when I discovered my health was near-zero! I gave it a lot of thought and decided I'd have to restore my health. So 1 bomb and 1 molotov. I knew this wouldn't work. Sure enough, I ran out of ammo pretty quick and died from a single hit. Has anyone ever got past this scene with 1 bomb and 1 molotov (on ANY level?) Presumably it must be possible because it seems impossible on Grounded to ever get enough resources to have more than 1 bomb (the one Bill gave me) and maybe 2 molotovs (the first one found on a corpse.) Believe me, I scrape the barrel for resources in EVERY scene and there is almost NOTHING anywhere! Every single bullet is precious. And almost no shivs so none ever to spare to open doors so how much resources did I miss that way? All I can think of is a crazy race run perfectly and never taking a hit and hoping to pick up dozens of shotgun shells from bare-fist punching of runners. This sounds near-impossible. (Although Bill did finally get off his fat arse and kill 4 infected in the final surge outside just before climbing that bus to get in the school. (I did that by racing around madly for a long time then suddenly forced to bare-fist a runner I was astonished to find it was the last one!) Maybe if I could survive by running round the gym he'd take down the Bloater? There are far more difficult battles beyond this so I doubt I'll bother.
  2. Mmm... maybe I'll give this game another spin... (incidentally, I give Last of Us 1 a higher replay value now.)
  3. I'm with Zerg Rush on this. Non-intrusive moderate advertising is fine but aggressive, extremely irritating ones, especially when Youtube (google) are already making massive profit. (anyone remember early internet when gif ads were irritating?) I use DuckDuckgo to search for videos then download with 4K downloader. Don't even need to go to the Youtube website usually. If the yt website was more friendly I'd much prefer to go there but it ain't. I'll always fight extreme commercial greed and support the friendlies. [EDIT: PS, remember google don't even provide the content, only the platform. Without the providers they are nothing, an empty website.]
  4. Mmm... that idea to reset my microsoft account password is appealing except for one thing: I block all Microsoft stuff from accessing the net. So I doubt the os will even know. (I did mention somewhere I was paranoid, right? hehe!)
  5. Thanks for all the feedback. My original post was the short version of a long story. So, just to clarify, I always create my account details separately in my password file first and only then copy it into the real log in. My password file is on a flash drive with a back up of the entire drive in a separate room in case of fire or theft. But in this case I couldn't access my main password file on the pc because, of course, it wasn't set up yet So I plugged it in my laptop. Guess what? The laptop doesn't like that drive for some reason. So I plugged in the backup drive and created my details there then copied them into the Win11 setup. Once setup there's a million things to configure how I want Windows and I'm still working on that two weeks later. At some point during this period I became aware my password backup drive was still at hand so I stupidly thought I might as well do a backup before I put it away in the other room! I backedup the main password file over the backup file (which had the only copy of my new Win11 details!) I can't believe I did that because I'm paranoid and really meticulous about organising and backing up account details. Just shows no matter how careful one tries to be one can still make a mistake. Next thing is I've always had problems with Microsoft Accounts. I've set up four or five over the years because every one gives wierd errors without explaining what the problem was. I once had a long session direct with M$oft where I gave them so many personal details to sort it all out and yet they still couldn't fix it! So here I set up yet another new one. So I'm reluctant to reset the password in Win11 in case it conflicts with the same password in the Microsoft Account. (Does that matter?) Or I could reset the password in the M$ account log in and then reset the password in Win11 using the same password. Would that work? As far as that hack, how long is 'ages' to crack it? Hours? Also, what would happen if I create a new user in Win11. I'd probably have to re-install software that is not public user I guess. But would I still be able to set admin privileges where needed? Not sure I'd gain anything. It would still conflict with the Microsoft Account. I can't get my head round all this crap; drives me nuts. Or I could do nothing until there is a problem. Odds are with my luck a pc only lasts two or three years. My previous one won't boot but might be recoverable if I can create a portable Win11 disk and fix the boot sector thing. Life is so bloody complicated. 200 years ago, the only tool I'd have to worry about is my spade which would last a lifetime of labouring on a farm 14 hours a day.
  6. New PC. Created a new account & password. With so many things to set up in Win 11 I forgot to make a backup of the latest version of my password file and it got overwritten and is totally unguessable. So, I'm logging in OK with my pin but I'd like to rediscover my password so I can enable no log in (you need to enter your password to do that.) I know about Credentials Manager and I can see my user name and the password field but of course the password is just a load of bullets with no reveal button. Does anyone know any way to reveal my password? I'm even willing to buy a Win fix software if that's what it takes or a hacking tool. I mean, I've already got Win11 running so it's not like hacking from outside. PS. I don't want to change the password. I want to keep the same one as my Microsoft Account. Yes, there are ways to reset the password but that just creates a new password. I might have to do that one day but I'd prefer to uncover my current password.
  7. I would not yet regard gpt as general intelligence but it certainly has aspects of it, and more will emerge in this model or the next I'm sure. Exciting and scary times! Meanwhile another idea occurred to me regarding continuity. I'm going to do a test where I create a conversation with just my fiction rules and possibly the plot summary, etc. then share it publicly. I can then start a new conversation for the story proper and refer it to that shared url every few messages to refresh its memory of the core essentials. I'm not sure the plot is essential actually because even if it deviates from the original plot idea, it could still work. What needs to be constant is the rules, and significant story progress (eg, Mr Johnson died in Chapter 7 so no, he can't be baking bread in Chapter 12!)
  8. My brain is reeling with overload! First, being enthralled with your goblin roleplay, I overlooked your second link to your clockwork story. That is now even more fascinating to me. In particular, the AI's reasoning powers (eg, when it perceives and describes the allegorical element of your story) is staggering. Clearly the AI can reason intelligently. No matter that it isn't conscious and, like all software, it's merely a list of instructions & data (thought HUGE!) it can reason in an intelligent way. In that instance it was better than me! It definitely has (or can represent and function as if) an understanding of language. And I say if something looks like a spade, and be used to dig, then it's a spade, even if constructed differently. thanks, now found the sharing feature and discovered your post is publicly-readable but posting to it requires an openAI account. I added a brief message to test if you can see it. I'm sure it can be seen on the public page. But does that sync with the copy in your private version of it? For further interest, I posted a version of one of my earlier tests that might be of interest at.... https://chat.openai.com/share/36420a5f-f8d8-4eeb-939b-a1c4c017c2b3 It's a failed story fragment but I learned a lot about how to work with gpt.
  9. That is just about the method I've arrived at. I started a new test story where I told it a set of rules (British spelling, use n-dashes with spaces, etc.) then told it my rough idea for a scene (I write in scenes anyway then form chapters from related scenes, so that was fine.) I then told it to create the scene but don't display it, then check it against the rules and correct it, then display it. This worked well for several scenes but I just noticed my latest scene is back in American English with an m-dash in there with no spaces. So I asked it to display rule 15 (the one about dashes) It came back with corrupted nonsense about different number rules I hadn't even invented! And it said there was no rule 15! So clearly it only remembers back a few messages. So I've decided to continue by giving it the rules every scene. That's just a matter of copy/pasting in from my text editor so not too much trouble. I will also need to start a new conversation say every 3 or 4 scenes, post all the (relevant) scenes so far, then continue. Your shared chat looks really good and an amazing length! That's all one conversation? And what is that openAI shared service? How do I access that to post and read other stuff? I didn't know it existed. It's got a button to continue the conversation. Does that mean anyone could join in that thread?
  10. Further thoughts... By not directly accessing crappy unnavigable websites with intrusive, intensely irritating advertising, we can research faster and more efficiently, but to monetize their crappy websites, they'll have to make them more private and secure to stop bots. But openAI is testing a method that can already analyze images really well. In only a few years (months) it will be able to pick out traffic lights and buses in those awful captcha screens better than humans. Then what?
  11. OK, after discovering a gpt-4 account can be cancelled anytime (and even renovated later) I decided 20-odd dollars was worth investing to explore it. I found it fascinating but my main interest was fiction writing and I found although gpt-4 was creative and its grammar perfect, it's continuity was flawed with anything longer than maybe a couple of thousand words because amazingly it cannot recall precisely all the text even in one conversation. Somehow it condenses earlier messages and the further you get into a story the more I get forgets stuff, like Mr Johnson comes into the room. Erm... didn't Mr Johnson die in Chapter 3? This only applies if you try to help chatgpt-4 to write a story rather than get chatgpt-4 help YOU to write a story. That's different. Anyway, I've not given up trying to find a workaround, and in the meantime, gpt-4 now provides internest access via Bing. This is even better than Phind. You can type all sort of instructions in and get gpt-4 to do the searching like so: User: OK. please search for advice on getting chatgpt-4 to write a long story. List the first 10 website articles. Omit any that only help the user write a story, and only list those where the user helps chatgpt-4 to write the story. Abandon processing any websites that give errors such as failing to access and instead display here the link, then continue searching. If you can't find 10 articles within 10 minutes, then stop Chatgpt-4: I'm sorry, I wasn't able to fully complete your request. However, I've gathered some useful information. I found an article titled "How to Write a Novel With ChatGPT (Ultimate Guide in 2023)" on WritingBeginner.com. This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to use ChatGPT to write a novel. This guide includes 13 steps, such as: 1. Asking ChatGPT to suggest a genre and subgenre. 2. Using ChatGPT to come up with a story premise. 3. Expanding the premise into a back cover blurb with the help of ChatGPT. 4. Creating an outline from the blurb with ChatGPT's help【74†source】【75†source】【76†source】【77†source】【78†source】. I spent quite a bit of time exploring the details of this guide, which may be helpful if you're looking to use an AI like ChatGPT to assist with writing a long story. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find 10 separate articles that specifically discuss how to help ChatGPT-4 write a long story, as per your request. The search results included a mix of different kinds of articles, and it took a significant amount of time to explore each one to determine its relevance. I'll list the URLs of the remaining pages that seemed potentially relevant, but I wasn't able to fully explore them within your time limit: 1. https://www.artificial-intelligence.blog/news/how-to-write-a-story-with-gpt-3 2. https://www.wired.com/story/ai-language-models-biggest-challenge-yet-long-form-content/ 3. https://www.writersdigest.com/be-inspired/how-artificial-intelligence-can-help-authors-write-a-better-novel 4. https://www.fastcompany.com/90697938/this-is-how-a-i-will-help-you-write-your-next-novel 5. https://towardsdatascience.com/writing-with-gpt-3-turning-prompts-into-novels-ba1d109b2a6f 6. https://www.technologyreview.com/2023/03/20/104107/artificial-intelligence-is-now-writing-novels-heres-an-example/ Please note that the relevance of these articles to your specific request is uncertain since I wasn't able to fully assess them within your time limit. As for the technical question about Chrome updates, the latest version of Google Chrome as of June 8, 2023, is 112.0.5615.137/138 for Windows and Mac, and 112.0.5615.165 for Linux【47†source】. I hope this information is helpful, and I apologize for not being able to fully meet your initial request. End... This will change searching the net forever! It's like having an assistant to do the legwork.
  12. You missed my above post where I said I'm getting 4K on PS5. Problem is, Sturgeon's law applies; most of the stuff is crap. Movies-by-numbers, boring start I skimmed forward trying to find something to grab my interest - without success. Useless info. I mean you browse pictures and titles: Stannish (with picture of a car), Draw Fast (with a picture of a falling horse), Fever Zone (picture of a woman screaming), and so on. Why sould anyone with a brain click on those and start watching? Zero info. So you move from picture to picture and get a one-liner above. It might give minimal info like 'Man struggles with life in the new town he moved to'. Oh, wow! Must watch that! But that's if your lucky and get any info at all. Often what you get is zero info but instead: 'Widely proclaimed binge fest rated 90% on Rotten Tomatoes and high on our rewatched list!' Oh, right, I'll watch that one then. So all one can do is start watching almost anything that doesn't look dreadful, skimming forward to try to find interest. The dynamic range of sound and vision is dreadful: speech is near-inaudible and shouting disturbs my neighbours, while street scenes may be glaringly bright and washed out, while a shop interior is almost black with a few pale faces visible. It's as bad as tv. Every Sunday I skim through the tv guide on my recorder and maybe find one or two things to record during the following week - often none. Sturgeon was absolutely right, but if only one could find that small percentage of good stuff amongst the millions there should still be a lot of good stuff, right? Maybe AI is the answer. Once we get our real personal assistant that learns what I really like it can do the legwork and find it for me. It won't be distracted by promos and bullshit.
  13. Sturgeon's Law: 90-odd% of everything is crap. 90-odd% of software is crap, 90-odd% of movies are crap, 90-odd% of books are crap, 90-odd% of music is crap, 90-odd% of games are crap, 90-odd% of tv recorders are crap, 90-odd% of Amazon is crap, 90-odd% of all products and services are crap, 90-odd% of sports commentary is crap, 90-odd% of tv is crap, and as you get older 90-odd% of having a crap is crap.
  14. just testing captcha. Couldn't get in at all earlier... [edit - yeah, I had written out a big rant about Ubisoft earlier but captcha stopped me getting in. Deleted it all in disgust]
  15. Tried the vicuna link again and now it loaded - BUT the first two links to the chatbots just cycled around back to the first page!. I didn't bother with the others. Not intelligent at all. The webpage designers I mean.
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