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  1. Seems like what's one's life project can light many lives, too! Congrats to all involved, I'm sure you put all of yourselves into this project. I've just found this mission and...even after the intro and MAP - are you kiddin' me? An FM? It's a whole new game! WOW! Thanks a lot, I feel like discovering the entire chocolate manufacture just for me My preciousss...
  2. Ooops, apologies. I'll post the rest in the appropriate thread.
  3. Thank you Bienie! I'm taking notes, but I already find it hard to stay neutral because
  4. Bienie and his missions (just yesterday I enjoyed delivering gifts while listening to Xmas carols in June ;-)), and a chance to beta test the newest one? No idea which god listened to my prayers, but this is the reality now! Please, count me in! If my habit of putting the nose and fingers in each and every corner of Thief missions can be useful, I would be more than happy to help. In practical meaning: I usually love to touch every wall, always read ALL narratives, take my time while listening to music and admiring paintings and patterns while sneaking through locations and so on. And now to have the chance to...ah, please, can I have the beta link, too? Edit: ok, found the link on beta forum.
  5. Congrats on your first mission - hats off! I'm just a humble admirer of the art & skills of people who construct (sculpt even!) FMs and let me say: I had a lot of fun with hidden loot in your mission. Being a devoted thief love nosing around. <my preciousss> And the atmosphere of the mission has been created very well - cosy house with the shinies on display and I also chuckled while reading about Please, do create more! Thank you for this experience!
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