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  1. This looks like a very promising mission, unfortunately I also get a segfault (yes, on linux) just as the "That's got to be Clerwick" line finishes and before the relevant objective is updated: WARNING:civilian_20 (-7040.11 1891.67 -339.75) can't sit: too far from sitting location civilian_20_path_1 (-8060 12 -348) Resizing dynamic VertexCache: index 4096 kb -> 8192 kb, vertex 4096 kb -> 16384 kb Resizing dynamic VertexCache: index 8192 kb -> 16384 kb, vertex 8192 kb -> 16384 kb CLERWICK LOCATED! EVACUATING SHOEMAKER PLAZA AND INITIATING THE COURIER! WARNING:GetPointOutsideObstacles: civilian_15 - no valid point found WARNING:GetPointOutsideObstacles: civilian_15 - no valid point found NEW OBJECTIVE signal caught: Segmentation fault si_code 128 Trying to exit gracefully.. --------- Game Map Shutdown ---------- ModelGenerator memory: 86 LOD entries with 144 users using 43346 bytes, memory saved: 55552 bytes. WARNING:idClipModel::FreeTraceModel: tried to free uncached trace model (index=0) --------- Game Map Shutdown done ----- Shutting down sound hardware idRenderSystem::Shutdown() ...shutting down QGL I18NLocal: Shutdown. ------------ Game Shutdown ----------- ModelGenerator memory: No LOD entries. Shutdown event system -------------------------------------- Sys_Error: ERROR: pthread_join failed shutdown terminal support About to exit with code 1 In another, maybe unrelated quirk: if I reload 5-6 times, even in different locations, FPS starts to drop dramatically until the map is no longer playable. Exiting/restarting TDM and realoading fixes this. I've only seen such behaviour in the past when I used noclip at some point of the map, which however I have not done here. Any clues? EDIT: I restarted the map and I was able to get past that point, so it was probably a transient glitch. Already *very* impressed by the mission BTW...
  2. No excuse is too cheap if it gets you to re-play a fine mission like this, and these recent comments provided just that Playing in 2.10 I also got the far-too-hard-to-kill skeleton in the bookstore (had to cheat, actually), also I agree that finding a way to reduce AI's sound sensitivity when there is ambient noise would restore some needed realism. But all in all I liked the challenge of navigating around the super-sensitive, torch-bearing city guard. Also, A unique mission with several nice touches.
  3. A spectacular mission! The architecture, the amazing new effects, and of course a couple of unique and original ideas that greatly add to the gameplay. I will certainly play this over trying to uncover the secrets now...
  4. Same here, I don't remember having this problem with floating platforms in previous TDM versions.
  5. Just finished playing version 2 and I can happily report that fps problems have been resolved and even on my ancient rig it is perfectly playable throughout. Upgrading to TDM 2.09a has also got rid of the crash in the airlock/decontamination chamber. A couple of very minor glitches: some of the vane panels, first appearing along the entrance shaft(s), seem to lack bounding boxes meaning you can stick your head in them. Also I was stuck on geometry on a couple of occasions near/in the recreation area. Maybe something to check for v 3. Again thanks for a very enjoyable and well-produced mission!
  6. Thank you for another original and engaging mission! I was able to complete it in highest difficulty although A couple of problems that other users have already reported: I did also suffer from very low FPS (3-10) in the outdoors area as well as on the 1st level. I have a rather old GPU but I cannot remember any other TDM mission that strained my PC to almost a crawl. I resorted to reducing the render scale to ~0.6. Also Other nice touches were
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