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  1. Just went out and re-played this very nice and unique mission on the latest 2.12 dev snapshot. Unfortunately, near the end I ran into the same problem that @Joachim_Otahal reported: the wrench is not working on the mechanism, which does not light up anyway, and soon afterwards everything became unfrobbable.
  2. Thanks @cugzkani for the new build and for a very enjoyable mission overall! The update does play more smoothly for me, though I still got a hard freeze
  3. Not directly related to the particular mission, but the existence of large outdoor areas made me realise that my constant inability to hit moving targets with projectiles (when shooting along specific directions) was not due to bad aim but to a 2.11 bug: https://bugs.thedarkmod.com/view.php?id=6292
  4. Thanks for this mission! I really enjoyed the atmosphere and architecture, and all the nice original elements that certainly deserve a thorough exploration. Seeing my fps drop significantly in outdoor areas, even at low settings with an RTX3060, I would also hope that some further optimisation is possible. I also encountered
  5. I have played through this mission twice now, and despite the few frustrating spots noted by others, I found it enjoyable with many interesting ideas, visuals and gameplay mechanics. I can understand why some unconventional elements like the guard change, some unpickable locks/doors or seemingly impossible-to-ghost areas can break specific kinds of play style. In my opinion however the philosophy of TDM leaves a lot of room for missions to vary and even deviate from the "canon" so not to let us get bored I also think it lies on the mission author, how much of such information they put in the mission description as a warning, e.g. geegee already has included warnings about heavy GPU demands and hints at some nonlinear aspects of gameplay. All in all an enjoyable *and* challenging mission for me. I have also experienced framerate drops in some areas, even with my new RTX 3060 with maxed-out settings. Strangely, this also happens in areas with "smoke" effects, e.g. It also appears to get worse when the lantern is on, so maybe it is an interaction of light sources with volumetric stuff or shadow maps? I encountered a few other bugs here and there, like items frobbable from inside closed drawers/containers and the stuck dungeons door, and I also managed to break the game once by The lighting could also use some tuning in a few areas. One thing I was not able to figure out is, Will certainly play v2, whenever @geegee decides to make it!
  6. The first time it happened was standing on the roof trusses of the cathedral trying to shoot broadheads downwards. The second time was on the cathedral groundfloor trying to shoot moss arrows, near the 1st row of seats. In both cases, just reloading and selecting the same weapon using keys did not fix it: I still got the crash when I tried to shoot. I had to quickly scroll-wheel through all weapons, then select bow again to get through. In any case, I think it's a bit random, certainly cannot reproduce it consistently.
  7. I had a series of bow-related crashes in the new mission The Lieutenant 2: High Expectations, on linux. In a specific part of the map, selecting any bow weapon and then pressing attack/fire caused an immediate crash --just as the animation starts. To avoid it I had to reload and shuffle a couple of times through weapons.
  8. A very well thought-out and balanced mission, and for some reason I found it fits perfectly with my playing pace. Lots of non-obvious places to explore but with enough hints to pick your curiosity. Some nice touches also A couple of potential small bugs: Overall, another great mission for 2023! Edit: I also had the
  9. Thanks, @Frost_Salamander. I report zero crashes after several 'fresh' mission starts (each time removing the mission folder and copying the pk4 anew), also in reloading saved missions. So your update seems to have fixed whatever was causing the 1.5 s segfault.
  10. Maybe I could try this too, since I'm more or less able to consistently reproduce the crash?
  11. Just in case it's not visible in the logs, I'm using pulseaudio.
  12. @nbohr1more thanks, here are the files. Darkmod.cfg audiocrash.txt
  13. Well, none that I'm aware of I am not running as root nor have any suid/sgid executables in the TDM folders. On the other hand, nVidia's binary modules have been known to do strange stuff from time to time, and they do run with elevated privileges.
  14. Thanks for the fast reply, this Google Drive link should work: High Expectations Linux crash - strace -F log
  15. I confirm the same behaviour that @DavyJones is reporting: starting from a fresh install of the mission and not doing anything like moving the mouse or pressing a key, results in an immediate crash. If I move around upon start, most of the time (but not always) the mission continues normally. Once this happens, there are no crashes upon subsequent restarts or reloads. In addition to the above logs, I have generated a strace -F trace file of the crash, in case somebody (e.g. @nbohr1more ) could get some useful information from it. It is around ~15MB (gzipped), any suggestions on how to send it?
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