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  1. I'm running TDM 1.05. I just installed it in the last week. It may be in the map, I wasn't sure. I'll keep an eye out in other missions and see if its a recurring thing, if it is I'll bring it up again.
  2. Something I've noticed playing No Honor Among Thieves - I knock someone out and stash their body nicely in a dark corner. I run around the rest of the map and maybe quicksave/load a few times, but when I come back through the area, their bodies are back out in the middle of the floor. I'd say I just forgot and loaded a save where I hadn't stashed them, but it happened with almost every person I knocked out. Sometimes it seemed like they were in the position where I knocked them out, or just somewhere on the way to their final destination. Has anyone else noticed this? I did a search and didn't come up with anything, but I wasn't even getting close to the same results so its likely been discussed. It wasn't a gameplay issue, but had the area not been dark enough already and an AI pathed through the area, it could have turned out badly.
  3. Has anyone else noticed this or was that intentional? My standard thief configuration was to have always run on, with shift as creep and ctrl as crouch. I can set all these keys up, but when always run is turned on, creep doesn't do anything. I just finished school and am getting back into TDM and decided to play a few FM's to get ready to take another shot at mapping. The mod really turned out wonderfully. I doubt the mission has anything to do with the "problem", but I noticed it on the training mission and No Honor Among Thieves. Its not a big deal as I've almost gotten used to shift as run and ctrl as creep and x as crouch, but I figured I would ask anyways.
  4. Hey Rich, glad to see you here! I learned the d3 editor a lot thanks to your tutorials! I don't really have anything to add to the topic, but I've not been around here as much lately so I hadn't seen you posting.
  5. BEAR

    Art Dispute

    That is good advice, thank you. I need a lot more advice than I had previously thought
  6. BEAR

    Art Dispute

    Thanks Komag She knows I'm doing it, and its adorable how she is acting disinterested, but notices when anyone votes and wants to know what forums I posted it on so she can read what people say, but passes it off as just curiosity.
  7. BEAR

    Art Dispute

    Hi Guys! I'm having an "argument" with my girlfriend as to the quality of her art (with whom things are going much better, thanks in no small part to the great advice I got here not too long back). I created a poll on my "blog" that makes it incredibly easy (one click, no name no nothing) so if anyone is so inclined, check it out and give a quick thumbs up/down. This is hardly an extensive piece of work, just a cute little sketch she did for a webcomic she wants to make that she thought was terrible and I thought was adorable (the little drawing she did for me on the back made it all the more so, but I didn't post it yet). It took far too much wrangling than it should have to keep her from trashing it. Yes, you might point out the relative dumbness of this type of poll, but she's got low self-esteem (which I'm trying to fix), and if I can get a ton (a relative term) of people to vote on this, it might help. Visiting her DA (yeah, I know - link right at top of blog post) wouldn't hurt, even if you don't look through it. Very little there since she hides/destroys most of her stuff. Mod is looking great. Cant wait until summer so I can get back to mapping (not been my best semester...).
  8. I loved that little graphic of the cathedral that was getting kicked down the steps when talking about how the mission layout went to hell in T:DS. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought T2 was the best of the 3. I love TDP of course, but TMA was just too much fun.
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    Cool. I'll probably get the scoop in IRC too but I've been out of town.
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    Appreciated, is awesomeexpress.com down too? How did you find that link?
  11. They can definitely be not aligned. I had to snap most of them to the grid to make things line up, but they had no problem being off the grid, if thats what you meant. What I ended up doing was just snapping both sets of vertices to the grid and then matching them and it worked out fine.
  12. Hah! Take that world! As I've said often when working with patches, my thinking had gotten very uptight. All I had to do was to take my 90 degree piece, while on grid, and rotate it to where the piece that would be flat (butting with the big Y tunnel) was at the angle, which kept the part that would eventually be at an angle was horizontal and lined up with the short tunnel piece that was vertical. Once I had that, it was simple to line up the pieces (like Baal reminded me would work, I figured it would but had given up on it nonetheless). By setting the origin of the respective pieces, they rotate like a charm! So, theoretically it should be possible to rotate these any direction and make it work, but the mapper might have to be aware of the origin and move it to the corner they are going to need to line up (since flipping a func_static fails so miserably). I would prefer if the mapper could just plug and play without having to do any tedious work, so I might end up making more pieces, making it more confusing but easier in the end to work with. Thanks for the help guys! I'll upload what I've got thusfar if anyone wants to have a gander at it (members only obviously). If any aspiring mappers want to see what it looks like just say so and I'll post some screens.
  13. You think so? Maybe my problem is how I resized the pieces. Now that I think about it, I probably never perfectly resized the two pieces that constitute the top, which might be why they don't fit just right. Either way this is a pain but I want to finish these because I think they could actually be useful to someone eventually, so I'm going to keep at it. Thanks for the input Baal.
  14. Alright, maybe these pictures will make it make more sense. What I'm doing is creating modular tunnel pieces for a small tunnel/sewer. They are all patch based so are smooth (as opposed to the one in the mill map which looked to have been made with brushes). This has benefits and drawbacks, I can make the pieces much more easily this way but when I do have problems they are harder to fix it seems. I've figured out a way to half-way make this work but I still have a problem. If you look at xy.gif, you'll see part of it. When you make a 90 degree elbow, basically just a copy of the black piece there that goes the full 90 degrees instead of 45 as shown, everything lines up. I've got it subdivided 16 horizontally(or vertically I cant recall which, but you can see). The roof section is in two pieces, each divided 8. The subdivisions line up fine when you do the 90 degree turn, but a 45 doesn't work because its not a perfect circle. This means that the radius that is at the angle (or the hypotenuse if you are thinking about it like a triangle) is not the same length as the base, whereas a perfect circle it would be. I've found (I think) a way to force it to work by sacrificing perfect symmetry(basically manually resize it to match), but the problem is the subdivisions still won't match up, meaning they will be slightly different shapes and there will be glittery spots or just black spots. It seems 45 degree angles are a colossal pain in the ass in the engine, especially because I don't have more control over the brushes (if I were to be able to mathematically come up with a perfect width in terms of the square root of 2 or something it might be able to work). Since I'm basically dragging this out by hand (even if I can control the size pretty well), it makes it hard. The example I have isn't the closest I've gotten, but its what I haven't destroyed or otherwise fucked up. If anyone has an idea how to make these things line up or needs more clarification just say so, otherwise I'll either scrap it (its held me back from making more useful things) or try one more time to make it workable (if not perfect, though it will drive me nuts probably).
  15. @Baal, I'm not sure if that will work or not. I'll upload some screens later to illustrate the problem better. It feels like something that should be possible. @Tels, I'll check into that once I wake up (dear god its 2:30 in the afternoon I am a horrible slob) and get back to you. Thanks for the reply guys.
  16. Alright, so I've still not found a good way to make a 45 degree angle. I've realized that the problem is I'm working with a coordinate plane, which doesn't do real circles well. The end result is I can make a perfect 90 and cut it in half, and it looks great, but the radius at the 45 degree angle isn't the same length as the horizontal or vertical ones and I can't for the life of me see a way around that besides a bunch of custom pieces that would just be a pain to use. I can align a corner which allows me to put the piece in the right place and stay on the grid, BUT that doesn't help because it still doesn't fit and no luck making a custom piece to just fit since the other corner isn't on the grid. I might just say screw the 45 degree angle for now (or ever) and continue work on general pieces and let someone who really wants a 45 degree angle figure it out.
  17. Haha, I never even knew that was there, thanks Greebo. I'm realizing however this still doesn't solve my problem really. When you want to rotate by 45 degrees, it will align on a single corner allowing you to match with pieces horizontal or vertical, but the other corners are still going to be off the grid. I might have to remake them all as squares and find a grid size and length that I can rotate the pieces to 45 degrees and keep them on the grid, unless I can find something else that will do it.
  18. I've got a question for anyone regarding the grid. I'm working on some prefab tunnels and I'm finding myself in a bit of a bind with the grid. I want to make each section hot-swappable, so you can just piece them together easily, rotate at will and build a set of tunnels/sewers/whatever fairly easily. So far its going well but I've hit a snag. Problem is this: When I rotate pieces 45 degrees (or to any degree really), things go to hell. What was perfectly aligned to the grid and happy as could be before is now refusing to align to the grid. I have to revert to worldspawn and ctrl-g, which I cant even always do because sometimes it totally warps the thing I'm working on, forcing me to align each vertex occasionally to the grid. So if people want to rotate each piece to X degree it wont fit with anything that isn't at that angle. I was talking with a math nerd friend and we came up with an idea that might would have worked but only if I had incredible control over the exact length and figuring a ratio of length (and it only works at 45 degrees) that will still snap to the grid diagonally (because the diagonals are longer than the sides of the grid squares). The only thing I could figure out what would work perfectly (and only with symmetrical pieces) would be to define the point on the func_static that it rotates on. I thought defining the origin was that, but it still rotates right around the middle of the func_static. Does anyone know how to define the pivot that a func_static will rotate on if you rotate it in editor? The reason I feel this will work is because as long as I can get a corner point that needs to align perfectly to another, the rest of the points can be off the grid. I'm wondering if I'm going about this all wrong, any ideas? Or am I just being too picky? I feel this should be possible, and I'm becoming a perfectionist in some of my things (not in quality exactly, cause I'm not that skilled visually), but I fear if things get off at that level, it will compound possible problems later.
  19. I see. That piece was more intended as a entrance or exit piece. If you want to make a tunnel from a building like mine, you put that piece on the outside as the entrance and then connect other pieces, that isn't actually supposed to b e a tunnel per say. Its really just a cap piece. I can finish it off just for simplicities sake, but you can also just copy it and flip it around just fine. Most of the tunnel pieces don't have tops since it seems they are just going to be buried and not seen, if people think they would like to have the tunnels visible from the outside I can add those pieces. For now I'll just copy the arch front to the back so that piece can be used however, I just didn't anticipate people using that as a tunnel piece other than for either end of a tunnel.
  20. I understand what you mean about the arch now. It would be a fair bit of work for me to make two copies of everything, one as a middle piece and others with arches (considering that any of as many as 3 entrances on each piece could be an entrance or exit), so I think I'll just try to make it as obvious as I can that the arch is included separately and can be easily appended to any of the other pieces (also saves complexity in the number of actual prefabs). I know what you mean about the search. I agree that it would be too much work to be done statically, and in the end, anyone who is really trying much at all can find what they need (and with enough experience it will become easier to know what is there). Anything I can imagine would have to be heavily integrated with the entire process of submitting and cataloging materials, and it probably isn't the work (though I'll continue to think about it as I become more familiar with how stuff is submitted, it might be a worthwhile project for school at some point which would be win/win).
  21. Thanks for the feedback Fidcal. I'll do what you suggest. I'm not entirely sure I understand what you mean by "copy front arches across" care to elaborate on that? I've got some ideas for a few other sections I want to make before I start prefabbing them, but I was thinking: is there a good prefab index? Seems like that might be a good thing for the wiki, or something else. Preferably something searchable. It seems everyone is fairly unsure of exactly what prefab's exist and it can be a little overwhelming to be just looking through the entirety of them in the editor. Thats really an issue I think for all the materials. It would be great if there was an online searchable tool to look through available materials. Anyone else agree with that? If nothing else, we could have a prefab wiki list.
  22. Alright, I went ahead and broke all the segments up, made sure they fit together in any combo and made a few more and put them in a new map called tunnel_pieces. I have: Stairs Strait (short) Strait (medium) L Bend Curved Bend Arch Arch w/ a few steps Fork (gads this nearly killed me until I got my head around it. My thinking was getting very uptight as the dude would say). I'm going to commit it in the betamapper repository for anyone to look through. I've already thought of a few more pieces I'd like to add, like a waterfall (go sharply from 1 level to another with a ladder to climb down or something). If anyone wants to load this up and look at it in editor to see if anything jumps out at you I would appreciate it. I don't want to start doing to many major things with it with the chance I might end up going back later and having to change things (which is fairly common for me when I get excited about something). HC if you are interested in using these that might be a good thing for you to do before I get too far along (you might be the only one who ends up using them anyways ). Also Fidcal, about the water. Do you really think I should add the water to it normally? Seems like that would be something for individual mappers to add, unless you think these tunnels are only suited to water-filled sewers. I might hold off on that, unless you specifically want to use these tunnels with water, and in that case I'll be glad to do it. I also thought I might keep my map with all them in it, so if someone wanted to customize the textures it would be easy to do a find>replace on the textures, otherwise they would have to do it individually. Also I'm very open to texture suggestions. Finish work and finalizing things like that are not my strong suite. If you know of one that you think would look better, don't hesitate to tell me
  23. @HC: Thats a good point, I didn't think of a fork. I'll do that and size it up to fit with the other ones I have. @Fidcal: I had thought of that too. They are a little narrow perhaps for a big, traveled route, but for a sewer or abandoned aquaduct or something they would probably work well. I had had thoughts of having pipes flowing in, like small ones dripping water, and maybe even a concave up floor with a stream of water like you had in thiefs den or something. Would that be something I should do or let mappers customize that? I've gotten pretty proficient at patches and making these tunnels are fairly easy for me, so feel free to just start listing off some pieces you would like to have. As of now I guess all I have is: Strait Half-S curve (can be doubled into full S) Stairs Door Arch (only really usable outside, but might be useful somewhere else). Would anyone like me to make a map with just each section split up on different levels so you can easily select sections in top-down? I wonder what would be the easiest way to stuff accessible?
  24. Here are a few preliminary attempts at some tunnel prefabs. They are nothing fancy to be sure, but they might be of use to someone. They are made in sections as func_statics so they can be easily moved around and rearranged. Curved sections can be copied and fit together to make any number of snaky turns and strait sections added etc. I made 4, the 3 shown here and one more that its like the concave down s curve one that is concave up (steps go down instead of down, just in case that was useful to anyone). They would be pretty easy to modify and change textures on as well I would think, but I'd like to hear what anyone else thinks. I'm probably going to touch them up just a little more and make sure every section will fit together in any arrangement, but probably not try to customize them too much. Christmas break has started so I should be able to prefabify the building facade I was working on for Hoarders and see if I cant make it presentable.
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    Tree Beasts?

    I remember the first time I saw the treetbeasts in T2. I would walk up to the trees and look at them and notice a sound, but I couldn't quite figure out what it was. I walked right out in the open following the blood and was running towards the end of the map and turned around to see a hoard of treebeasts coming after me. I kept running because I was almost there and the map ended with me cowering on the ground in fear with trees on all sides thrashing me (it did let me complete the mission though funnily enough). It scared the every loving crap out of me because I had no idea they even existed. You don't get to imbue that moment on someone twice, but man it sure works great once.
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