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  1. Too bad DLing will take longer than actual game time. (or so we've told.)
  2. Not even going to waste my money period. I'll just play Dark Mod.
  3. Have to chime in again, did on FB. Congrats to all, and to all the hard work. Here is to many more taffin years. Cheers!
  4. Don't ask me how I remember this but, Lady Rowena did just that. Take a look at this thread over at TTLG. http://www.ttlg.com/forums/showthread.php?t=132299 Its worth the looks, they are fabulous.
  5. Use Stop Forum spam and Honey pot, I check the IP's, those sites are a must for the forum staff. It will weed out the good from the bad. I use those sites all the time. If their IP shows nothing, they are let in, simple as that.
  6. They can still check their IP's to see what country they are from, and if there has been a problem. I deal with it all the time on Black Cat, awaiting moderation, they all get checked, every single one of them. Lot of them don't make it in.
  7. I understand, the few die hards, myself, Clayman, PeterSmith, you know how it was back in the day. It was thee absolute best place to be, We shared stories, had a great fucking time in there. I actually printed off years ago, threads I thought were worthy of keeping, and kept them. Glad I did. I still visit in there from time to time, it is pretty quiet, I just don't have the heart to leave there. You still get some of the old crowd that do stop in from time to time, I'll always say hello. I won't dare venture into the Thief 4 forum, because of all that BS. She shouldn't be a moderator, period.
  8. It's true if jtr7 leaves, the forum is screwed. Is that mainly in the thiaf 4 forum? I don't go in there period. So, that's why I asked. The cripple burrick, where Peter Smith moderates is the only Eidos Thief forum I go into. A lot of you know Peter, he's helps test, and in that particular forum, I feel...safe? lol.
  9. One of my top favorites, I wish they made games like this these days. No we're just stupid people thank you for dumming down the games for us, so appreciated. Question, how many endings do you remember? Some people don't realize there is more than one ending.
  10. That was awesome, and definitely agree, you can't help but smile! I loved it. By next year, someone should have a full Christmas FM. That would be great. Thanks for this.
  11. I understand what you're saying, and to a point, I agree. Your missions can be difficult and challenging Sotha, we love them. I call this mission mindless fun, and for some it was fun. Everyone won't like every mission that comes out, that goes without saying, in the end, to each his/her own.
  12. Does everything have to be so thought out and methodical? Down to the last detail? It is what it is, for that matter put some trans like whirlygig dream like thingamajig in front of the guys face, he's in a trans, he be hipmotized.... Good points on both sides, take it for what it is.
  13. I had the same problem, I knew I had to go back to that room too. If you're still having issues,
  14. I had a blast with this one. It felt like a good old fashion Halloween mission, the story flowed, it was good, it had all the elements. I knew I had to go back to the basement again, got stuck on that last pumpkin, that was clever and good. Damn zombies out back, made me jump. Even the music and sounds in just the right places made me jump a bit, that was appreciated. Nicely done, thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you!
  15. You obviously can't read can you, work in progress, and yes it will change eventually.
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