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  1. If you are using all three dificulties to change the difficulties of puzzles in a puzzle based mission does the safe room method mess up the difficulties to 2 dificulties, or is this just a cvar setting and can be safely ignored. And don't edit my maps to add safe save rooms.
  2. the awards were all about diversity so if the team making the game didn't employ any people of diversity then it wasn't nominated for an award, its all about ticking boxes rather than games being any good.
  3. the up and down movement is there to stop you getting seasickness in a game, moving the players head from side to side would bring back the seasickness feeling that the bobbing is there to remove.
  4. apparently the current unreal engine can use lidar point clouds, its likely this has been used to produce the point cloud for the cave walls, in the video.
  5. the in game play shows too much using swords and not much blackjack whacking.
  6. any gui stuff I know for doom 3 comes from the www.iddevnet.com/doom3/ site the guis.html file.
  7. there's already been a multiplayer thief it was called thievery. https://thief.fandom.com/wiki/Thievery as for changing the dark mod engine to unreal 4 engine will break so many fan made maps it wont be worth the effort you would put into it. You'lled end up with an engine and hardly any maps, or maybe just none.
  8. I filled in the survey based off how I play assassin creed games. But thats was mainly due to the way the questions were set out, mainly in thief and the dark mod direct conflict with npc's, is dependent on objectives that contain no kill options. a kill option is more like assassins creed.
  9. to hide cursor in gui its nocursor 1 as in 1 = true. use in windowDef Desktop{ } here's one I did ages ago windowDef Desktop { rect 0, 0, 640, 480 nocursor 1 backcolor 0, 0, 0, 1 matcolor 0, 0, 0, 1 background "guis/assets/drayspinetomb/circuitopen.tga" windowDef VidFrame { rect 0, 0, 640, 480 visible 1 backcolor 1, 1, 1, 0 windowDef RoqFile { rect 0, 0, 640, 480 visible 1 background "video/testme" matcolor 1, 1, 1, 1 onTime 8000 { resetCinematics; resetTime "Anim" "0"; } nocursor 0 } } } when you could only use roq files.
  10. the penguin's will be happy it the ant-arctic melts, then they wont have that far to walk anymore. although i think killing off all the animals because they produce methane is a bad thing, if you could bottle it then its free energy.
  11. the 3 hour version of rise of the skywalker was mentioned on some youtube chanels, someone claimed to have inside information about jjabrams being livid about the cinema release version not being the film he edited and submitted to disney for release.
  12. Apparently the cinema release of rise of the Skywalker was Disney's re-cut to 2hours 22 minute, J.J. Abrams cut was 3 hours 2 minutes long. So Disney cut 40 minutes out of the film. Disney also changed the running order of some of the scene's that's why you get that disjointed feeling when watching it, the missing scene's were all the emotional stuff you would expect in a movie, Disney had them shoot extra stuff for Disney toy ad placement (the figurines). Things got cut because they decided to pander to China for some strange reason.
  13. my take on this, made for kids aged 3 to 8, who don't care about screwy plot holes or things that don't make much sense and stretch reality in the wrong direction. Problem is where I live you needed to be aged 12 or higher to see the film. (going on the toys for rise of the skywalker) they are basically aged in the 3 to 8 age range, even though they wont get to see the movie until their parents get it on dvd or some payed for tv channel and watch it that way. Anyway the film is obviously just made for kids, any adult who doesn't get that is just going to get burnt. Its disney after all.
  14. thief 2 golden child bot couldn't be disabled as far as I remember, the two other bots could be disabled with water, gas, fire arrows, you could also whack them with the blackjack but it was noisy and the bigger bot had a really good chance of one shotting you if you didn't move away from the cannons it had. think the camera's could be destroyed with fire arrows but it was very noisy.
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