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  1. Yes, I should have been more clear, thanks for the clarification! Thanks for the feedback! The purpose of the survey is not necessarily to set in stone a specific design choice or mechanics for the game, but rather build a persona profile made of players who enjoyed/had experience/engaged or are really into stealth games. Let's take your example: "building/exploring". This question is not really to be intended as "building vs exploring", but rather "what is the range between the two where a player's satisfaction lies", even if none of these are characteristic of a stealth
  2. Hey all, we are a team of Game Design students at Breda University working on a stealth game called "Levis Umbra", currently in pre-production. We would like your precious help and knowledge in order to get some insight on what type of players engage with this kind of games. It would be great if you could answer some questions about your experience with this genre: it's going to help us shape our project by understanding better, among other things, players' archetypes, needs, motivations and finally create a User/Player Persona. This survey takes about 3~5 minutes to complete.
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