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  1. Just an idea: information about map size (small, medium, big, ...) would be nice. I mean not the file size in MB, but related to walkable space and maybe complexity.
  2. You have to use the Editor dromed.exe (not sure, if it's also possible in the regular game exe), go into game mode (ALT + G) and there you can open the console with SHIFT + [.]. The show_stats command gives you the FPS.
  3. Darkloader? I think you mean the dark reader extension. Yep, I like that, too. Very useful on my OLED tablet.
  4. Okay, I tested it and well... what should I say... I noticed nothing. Maybe my eyes are bad? A more precise report is the PM from me :-)
  5. @STiFU: Which model was that? I have a LG OLED55B7D and I'm not sure that I can confirm your issues while playing Thief or TDM. At least I don't remember any major clouding issues.
  6. Just curious: What is your system?
  7. @joebarnin: I think my performance is not better with your settings. But that's okay, because the FPS drops are only on 2 locations in the mission. The biggest drop is in room 3 where the safe with the numeric lock is.
  8. Thanks for you answer. I haven't come for testing yet. I will try your suggestion when I have time.
  9. In some areas I have bad performance. For example in the beginning when I turn right and do some steps into the street the FPS drops under 15. Is it my system? Or some strange behavior in the config file? Core i5 3570K 24 GB Win 10 64-bit AMD Radeon R9 280 (alias Radeon 7950) 3 GB VRAM My config file unbindall bind "TAB" "_impulse48" bind "ENTER" "_impulse51" bind "ESCAPE" "togglemenu" bind "SPACE" "_moveup" bind "-" "_impulse50" bind "0" "_impulse10" bind "1" "_impulse2" bind "2" "_impulse1" bind "3" "_impulse3" bind "4" "_impulse4" bind "5" "_impulse5" bind "6" "_impulse6" bind "7" "_
  10. If somebody is interested to talk or write with other darkmod or thief players and prefers the german language, there is now a Discord server where you can come in. https://discord.gg/Pq7C6kx
  11. I'm not a audio expert, but I think many humans don't like perfect working things. Maybe, because they prefer other people with small quirks
  12. Wow, that is so great. I'm looking forward to this!
  13. What drives me crazy is this fact: Everytime when I left my computer after a while I can hear how the CPU cooler winds up. And everytime I return to the computer and move the mouse the cooler spins down again. Why in the hell is the CPU load in the idle time so high? I have no visible programs opened.
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