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  1. I agree that small missions are usually not very popular. But since we are at it, I'd like to add to your list of top 30-minute missions, the mission "A Night Of Loot: One Man's Treasure", small but pretty polished!
  2. thiefmissions.com doesn't list all missions, so I wouldn't rely solely on it. Plus it hasn't been updated in years. Check this TTLG thread to see all FMs (except for a couple of the latest ones) and links to sites that host and list FMs.
  3. @Swedish TafferI had a similar issue in my playthrough, with this objective: "Looks like Marlow's out. Look for a lead on his location. [New]" Even though there are multiple leads to his location throughout the mission, success for this objective is only triggered by one specific piece of paper. Hint: Once you read that note you should be able to finish the mission correctly.
  4. What about TD3: Heart of Lone Salvation? The latest descriptions you and Bienie have given about the outside streets, courtyard and cellar sound a lot like it.
  5. Can it be 'Down by the Riverside'? After disembarking from the ship, there's a curved road, cart, sentry posts, and a mansion where many things have happened over the years, and there is also a supernatural element to it.
  6. We have to thank someone in the Thief team for that, can't remember who it was that came up with that idea. In an interview I watched a long time ago the Thief team explained how at one point in development playing the game was really frustrating because the player sometimes got spotted when thinking they were hiding, and the devs didn't know what to do in order to communicate to the player how visible he/she was. They wanted to avoid view cones or other 'gamey' stuff, but couldn't think of anything and thought they were going to fail somehow. Until finally someone came up with the idea of the light gem, which is perfect. Keeps the immersion and communicates visibility. It's genius, really.
  7. Thanks for this! I love this campaign and will probably replay it soon I do want to report a little issue I saw while taking a look at the first mission: there's a crate floating in the air, right outside the waterworks. Here's a screenshot: https://imgur.com/YrYUQes.
  8. As others said above, this doesn't make much sense in a single player game, but I think this would be great if at some point there is some kind of co-op gameplay implemented (e.g., 2 thieves). This way you'd have to talk with your partner only when you are close to each other and not too loudly/whispering, which would add to the immersion. I'm thinking something like Phasmophobia; no text chat in the game, and the ghost can hear when you talk on your mic.
  9. You know what they say, don't expect too much, and you won't be disappointed
  10. Sounds like a great feature, would definitely help! I'm using v2.12.0 though, which doesn't seem to have the feature yet, I think... Thanks! Will take a look at it later, but seems like that's exactly what I need. I was avoiding watching that speed challenge in order not to spoil the corresponding mission, but I guess now I have the proper excuse to play the mission first
  11. Thanks, but note that I am talking about portals, and not leaking of the whole map. When I use r_showportals 1, I can see the portals on the doors of my rooms (red when closed, green when open), but not on the rooms I created using Springheel's modules, even though they appear to be completely closed.
  12. I created a building using Springheel's modules, all perfectly snapped to the grid, but the rooms are not sealed. Do these modules require anything special to be done for rooms to seal? I thought about creating the rooms using hollow boxes, and then just have the modules as "decoration", but I don't know if this is the standard procedure. Also, is there any way to know the exact point where a room might be leaking? Thanks!
  13. Chrome knows the passwords that you choose to save. They are stored as plain text. You should not allow Chrome to save your important passwords, either memorize them or keep them in a piece of paper inside a non-pickable wooden chest.
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