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  1. This was a good mission. I love mansion missions. I had a few issues though. The story's fascinating. I expected zombies because of the nature of the vitalic stuff, but there was just the one. By the way, is there a way to, um, save or free it? End its miserable existence as a captive?
  2. 5 missions?! Yay! Looking forward to whatever it is you're cooking up.
  3. I hope we get a second mission in this series. Left quite a few unanswered questions. Great mission, liked it a lot.
  4. Thanks, joebarnin. Forgot I had that thing. Finished the mission. Interesting, to say the least
  5. Bienie, this had to be one of the best TDM missions I've played. So damn good. Please make more like this. Nothing about it I didn't love
  6. Grayman, what a wonderful mission this was! So effing challenging, but always something to see and steal. Loved it More missions like this, please
  7. Oh, I'm a doofus of a taffer... Well, now that I'm no longer a flaming tomato of embarrassment, I'm glad to say I finished the mission. Missed a secret, but all in all, a great mission :)
  8. I hadn't even noticed that mission 2 was out, so in honor of that I decided to replay mission 1 first. I finished it when it first came out, when was it, 2018 or some such. This time, however, I encountered a problem...
  9. Thank you, Goldwell. Worked like a charm. Finished the game. Such an awesome mission. Can't wait for the sequel. Kudos!
  10. Those of you who have a perfect record (all runes, all bonecharms, all paintings), could one of you tell me where in the fourth mission, the Clockwork Mansion, is ? Seriously, I've been everywhere on the map. I can see the darn thing through the walls but wherever it is, I can't get to it from the inside or the outside. After searching for it, like, for an hour I gave up and moved to the next mission. I had everything else--except that one damn item! Messed with my perfect record, dammit... *grumbling* EDIT: Never mind. Saw it in a Youtube playthrough video. Dang, that mansion... *sigh*
  11. Sorry for not answering sooner. Work on Friday, then girls' night out... that extended into the early hours of Sunday In any case, here are my specs: Asus G74SWindows 10 (64-bit)Intel Core i7-26708 GB RAMnVidia GTX 5601920x1080 And no, I haven't disabled anything yet. I'm playing on the settings that came on automatically. Only added subtitles (not that they're much use when they keep bleeding into the sunlit background and I can't see them clearly). My roommate's machine runs the game fine. No problems on automatic settings. Crashed to desktop once but that was it. Her rig's newer than mine, bought just last year, top of the line. @Bikerdude, gonna check out that tweak thread and see if my laptop can handle the game with a couple of adjustments. Nvidia already recommended a few things to optimize the game. As for the gameplay itself, there are annoyances. One of them is using the heart to spot runes and bone charms. They're so faint I can only see how many there are when I turn my back from them and see their number on the side of my screen. Plus, it seems their number on a level has been increased because there's no way to get some of them. As stumpy noted earlier, the second level in the game has an Overseer outpost with a group in front of one rune and one bone charm, and they never leave. Ever. I had to accept I wasn't going to get them in my current ghosting playstyle. Bugger. I can't wait to hear how people have managed to acquire all items on each level. They're going to put out a performance patch soon though, aren't they? I look forward to that.
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