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  1. On the main menu, on the lower left of the "scroll", it no longer says which version of the Dark Mod I have? Before the update, it said v. 2.09. Now there's nothing. I'm assuming it still worked, though, right?
  2. That did it! It worked! I moved the installer into the main folder and I'm updating now. Thanks so much!
  3. You understood my problem perfectly. The trouble is, my computer refuses to copy the installer into the main darkmod folder, claiming there already is one--when there isn't. I've checked like a hundred times. If I ignore that and try to install in the tdm_installer folder, it doesn't update the v. 2.09 I have but creates a new second game v. 2.10. Maybe I should just do that...? I'm running out of ideas at this point. Thanks so much for helping out, thebigh
  4. It's installing a second version of the game in the new folder, not update the one I already have in the darkmod folder. Hope that makes sense.
  5. Since I already have TDM v. 2.09, I downloaded the installer.exe as a zip folder, then unpacked it--and it created a new folder: tdm_installer.exe. I can't copy or extract the installer from there to my darkmod folder, so it tries to install a double version (v. 2.10) of the game in the installer folder. What am I doing wrong? Tech illiterate here...
  6. Turns out, this is NOT a Dark Mod mission at all. I remembered wrong! Woe is me... The mission I was sort of remembering was the second mission in the Death's Cold Embrace campaign, A Formula For Success. The Highwater Mansion was the house, and the snowy street outside the one I could recall.
  7. Will check! Thanks, Shadow
  8. Is there something wrong with this mission? I have Tears of St Lucia on my list, but when I install it, it says no mission available. And if I try to download it through the game itself, that particular mission isn't even available for download? Has it been removed maybe...?
  9. Checked this. Not this one. This starts on city streets. The mission I'm thinking of is maybe in a rural area or some such. There's just the small curve of paved road and the mansion on the right side. Thanks for the suggestion!
  10. Missed that post! Well, I checked--and no, not that one. It didn't have any fog. Everything was perfectly visible. But man, it's been a while since I've played that one. Thickest fog in any TDM mission, I think. Nice
  11. Yeah, I've gone through the mission list a couple of times too now, and nothing is jogging my memory. Man, I'll have to start each and every one Well, more playing yummies!
  12. I remember all T2 mission really well because it's my favorite game in the series. And no, not this one either, but thanks for the suggestion
  13. It's weird. I can't remember anything about the house/mansion itself. Just the street out front Broken down cart, light posts... Yeah, that sounds about right. The sentry post had a window overlooking the street, and to get to the gate(s) you had to either hug the back wall of the street or crawl under the window to avoid detection. Can't remember if the windows could open... Hmm... Good to know other people sort of recognize this mission too! I was starting to think I'd imagined the whole thing, like a fever dream mixing several missions
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