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  1. Thank you, Goldwell. Worked like a charm. Finished the game. Such an awesome mission. Can't wait for the sequel. Kudos!
  2. Those of you who have a perfect record (all runes, all bonecharms, all paintings), could one of you tell me where in the fourth mission, the Clockwork Mansion, is ? Seriously, I've been everywhere on the map. I can see the darn thing through the walls but wherever it is, I can't get to it from the inside or the outside. After searching for it, like, for an hour I gave up and moved to the next mission. I had everything else--except that one damn item! Messed with my perfect record, dammit... *grumbling* EDIT: Never mind. Saw it in a Youtube playthrough video. Dang, that mansion... *sigh*
  3. Sorry for not answering sooner. Work on Friday, then girls' night out... that extended into the early hours of Sunday In any case, here are my specs: Asus G74SWindows 10 (64-bit)Intel Core i7-26708 GB RAMnVidia GTX 5601920x1080 And no, I haven't disabled anything yet. I'm playing on the settings that came on automatically. Only added subtitles (not that they're much use when they keep bleeding into the sunlit background and I can't see them clearly). My roommate's machine runs the game fine. No problems on automatic settings. Crashed to desktop once but that was it. Her rig's newer than mine, bought just last year, top of the line. @Bikerdude, gonna check out that tweak thread and see if my laptop can handle the game with a couple of adjustments. Nvidia already recommended a few things to optimize the game. As for the gameplay itself, there are annoyances. One of them is using the heart to spot runes and bone charms. They're so faint I can only see how many there are when I turn my back from them and see their number on the side of my screen. Plus, it seems their number on a level has been increased because there's no way to get some of them. As stumpy noted earlier, the second level in the game has an Overseer outpost with a group in front of one rune and one bone charm, and they never leave. Ever. I had to accept I wasn't going to get them in my current ghosting playstyle. Bugger. I can't wait to hear how people have managed to acquire all items on each level. They're going to put out a performance patch soon though, aren't they? I look forward to that.
  4. I also started playing D2 yesterday. My rig's not bad, even though it's a couple years old. But you're right. Performance is sort of bad. It's not fluid, like the first. There's constant stuttering of the image, regardless of my speed, whether I'm skulking or running. Because of that aiming is really hard; I keep missing shots 'cause when I think I'm hitting the target dead-on, the mouse has actually already shifted a bit, and I miss the shot, having to reload or get fucked. The palace was manageable when it came to frame rates. Then I got to the streets, and oh boy, it's not good. Played for about two hours, then I got too sick to play. My roomie has a better laptop, so I'll try hers to see if it's better. Tweaking instructions sure do come in handy right about now... EDIT: As for the story, seems interesting. Though, as I've said before, I'm bored with Delilah.
  5. WAY less linear than NuThief, absolutely. D1 had more options when it came to deciding on routes to take or methods to use. But there were some areas that had a single bottleneck area that didn't need to be there. Unless, as you said, it's for performance, in which case it's understandable. And I also thought the chaos thing limited the options we had. For example, whenever I saw those lightning rod things, I used the rewiring machine to get past safely while everyone else got electrocuted. That created high chaos, unless I was lucky enough for no one to have noticed (?). And using the devouring swarm? Completely out of the picture if you don't want high chaos. Shadow kill was useful for me, and would be for any assassin IMHO, but to use it is to kill, so... So definitely room for improvement. I sure hope they find a new way of coming up with different endings and do away with the whole chaos thing. It's limiting a lot! As Daud, the pull II ability was utterly useless. If used on people, especially from a high vantage point, they fell down and died. If one wanted no kills, then that's just a waste of runes. Oldjim, there were four difficulty levels to my recollection: Novice, Veteran, Assassin, and Master Assassin. The last one's super difficult. I tried it once. Just once. Didn't make it fifteen minutes. Veteran and Assassin levels work for me, the first more so considering the way I play.
  6. Slightly off topic from the previous posts in this thread... In anticipation of D2, I decided to replay D1 from start to finish, plus all the DLCs, on veteran level. Neutralized all targets non-lethally across the board, even spared . Got low chaos and the good ending. I can't get over how much this reminds me of Thief. Hiding in shadows isn't really an option in D1, unless there's a bit of a distance between you and the other guy, but it's more realistic, I suppose. For example, the ending of the Brigmore Witches which mirrors what Garrett did in TDP with the Trickster, , they are so similar. Some of the makers of D1 were involved in making Thief, is that right? In any case, I have high hopes for D2. I'm hoping for less linearity and more options on how to get into places, how to take out targets or not, etc. and not just so that there's a good or a bad ending. If D2 becomes another run down a single path, like NuThief, then I'll be so pissed. The game's not cheap, so I want variety, options, and more freedom to decide what to do. Visually speaking, Dunwall was rather uniform, but that fitted the overall ambience of the game, I think, so I don't necessarily want or need huge variety with D2 on that score. Some would be good, though. Also, with the amount of runes in the game, is there even a chance of unlocking every ability? I think not. In the DLCs that was even more apparent, even with Daud's powers carrying over from the Knife of Dunwall to the Brigmore Witches. I missed a single rune in the last mission of the Brigmore Witches, out of every rune in the game, and I still had a lot left to unlock, stuff I never got to use. Kinda sucks. Judging from the trailers, though, I do wish they'd come up with a different villain. I never liked Delilah. She seemed boring to me, and her cohorts, the chicks and the hounds, respawned all the freaking time. After the third time I was bored out of my mind. Plus, Delilah's too much like the Trickster. And I've dealt with that SOB already! I wanted something new, the way they gave us a nature villain in TDP and then a tech villain in TMA. Why couldn't they do that with D2?
  7. Those of you who have played this for more than a few hours, and the new game smell has faded, would you say this is worth the money? I've heard that after a couple of planets this gets a little repetitive, and that the procedurally created universe actually isn't all that unique. What are your thoughts on this? Been considering buying it after watching jacksepticeye and Markiplier play the game. It's on my wishlist but I've been hesitant to spend that much money. What do you guys think?
  8. Yes, I know. I was speaking in general. I'm a blackjacker (is that a word?).
  9. You make awesome missions, Melan. I've played Disorientation, for example, plenty of times. I think this was just me not being in the right mindset to explore patiently. Plus, I really want two things in any mission: Blackjack and lockpicks. Without them I don't feel like a thief but stuck in a survival story, and that isn't my thing. Nonetheless, I'll probably try PD3 again at some point (if I know where to find some keys; loot I can find on my own), and I still look forward to PD4 and whatever else you come up with <3
  10. Hate to say this but... PD3 isn't even half as good as PD2 which I enjoyed. In PD3 you can't get in anywhere 'cause all the doors are locked, and the town is really confusing to navigate. I haven't found much loot at all, and my frustration has kept building steadily. I don't like when even basic tools of thieving aren't provided. I haven't completed a single objective, and I think I'm done. Yeah, I'm done. Sorry, Melan. I've loved your missions before but this... just not for me. Sorry.
  11. This was a great mission, Goldwell. I swear, every time I thought I was finally done... no, I wasn't anywhere close to finishing. Amazing. I can't wait for the third mission. Please tell me, G, you're, like, a week from completion. I know it took you two years to do this one since the first but... pretty please with sugar on top?
  12. Wow. Just wow. What a great mission. Thanks so much for an awesome experience, kingsal I played on Hard, and I felt there could have been more guards around. I didn't need more than three water arrows, and avoiding the guards wasn't too difficult. Nonetheless, this is a masterpiece. The place is huge, and exploring was fun and at times challenging. The map could have been a bit bigger. And I do mean the map of the three areas, obviously, as the mansion is perfectly large as it is. Took me well over four hours to complete the whole mission. All in all, I liked this one a lot! Question:
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