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  1. Got it! Thanks, Jack Only two more things to do: Any help would be appreciated. I don't know why this mission has me searching in every nook and cranny, and I still can't seem to find what I need Poo, maybe I'm getting rusty...
  2. Yes, I read that readable. Thanks a lot, Jack, for taking the time to help me
  3. Question: Thanks in advance Man, this is such a huge mission!
  4. I must be a special kind of dumb-dumb today but...
  5. There were plenty of shadows, that was fine. It was poor me choosing a dark corner--and then a patrolling guard deciding to stop right there, in front of my hidey hole, to stare at a painting or just plain wall, heh Then they usually spot me, even in near total blackness. Sigh. I do tend to run away screaming from revenants. Not a fan. It's not even their appearance that gets me, it's the sounds. Eww.
  6. I thought the toughest to spot were the windows. I couldn't always tell what could open and what not. It was a sort of hunt to find them The church was the most challenging section for me. Namely the areas with the lights you couldn't turn off. I kept ending up in rooms from where I couldn't escape when a guard patrolled in. Gave me palpitations each time! As for the bug, I'm not proud to say but I screamed out loud. Just for a second. *blush* So, thanks for that heart attack moment, Bienie Gonna try the mission again later with the challenges. I hope they're not timed
  7. Wow, this was one heck of a challenging experience. Loved this mission. So tough but so rewarding. This took me hours and hours to finish, two days actually. I missed out on a lot, about four thousand gold, dammit. Plus, I only got a couple of secrets. Oh well. Had some trouble figuring out where to drop of the stuff from the side jobs, let alone where to find the rewards. But it's a small matter in such a huge, complex mission. Didn't do the challenges yet, but found that they exist, so... yay for next time! Had a couple of issues, though. For one, when pickling locks, whether
  8. This was a good mission. I love mansion missions. I had a few issues though. The story's fascinating. I expected zombies because of the nature of the vitalic stuff, but there was just the one. By the way, is there a way to, um, save or free it? End its miserable existence as a captive?
  9. 5 missions?! Yay! Looking forward to whatever it is you're cooking up.
  10. I hope we get a second mission in this series. Left quite a few unanswered questions. Great mission, liked it a lot.
  11. Thanks, joebarnin. Forgot I had that thing. Finished the mission. Interesting, to say the least
  12. Bienie, this had to be one of the best TDM missions I've played. So damn good. Please make more like this. Nothing about it I didn't love
  13. Grayman, what a wonderful mission this was! So effing challenging, but always something to see and steal. Loved it More missions like this, please
  14. Oh, I'm a doofus of a taffer... Well, now that I'm no longer a flaming tomato of embarrassment, I'm glad to say I finished the mission. Missed a secret, but all in all, a great mission :)
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