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  1. OOF sorry, mistyped that, meant only one door needs a key. Everything else can be picked
  2. Not sure if I posted here before, but for a simple strait forward favorite that I can always go back to, its: Alberics Curse to me its one of the best uses of the game. Its a pure list of objectives that can be done in any order. a open church with 50 ways in and out, and lot of hostile activity that makes it where you have to rely on stealth, and with the undead enemies, in order to dispatch them you need to have a good escape plan. Its a brilliant use of space, the layout of the church all makes sense, it feels genuine and solid, and I cant profess enough that its a sandbox with objectives, all but one door requires a key, everywhere else is a jungle gym, all inter connected, and all crafted with so much care that the only times I have ever gotten stuck it was of my own doing by goofing around. So much replay value, so many ways to achieve all of the objectives, and so many ways to play it. I love so many of these missions, I could list over half of them for the pros, but for me, in the rawest sense of a DM mission, Alberics Curse is peak.
  3. Its all good! Passion for any form of art is always good.
  4. Now if we talk about culture, while Bridge port is not comparable to anyone in particular (due to it being ficticuous and the largest city in the world), it reminds me most of high medieval Italy. With the super Urban city life, and the manors and estates built into the cities, looming tower houses that reflect the wealth of families like the Voltas. (the neighborhoods in Volta do give off Venice vibes) much like the nobility of the Ghibellines, or the Guelphs, the only affairs that matter to them are within the city of Bridgeport for most matters. The arts, and Inventions of Bridgeport are vast, as the Inventors guild is more or less barred to stay within the city as to not compromise the inventions that allow the Empire to hold its ground against Menoa and other threats. Guilds and Unions are powerful within the Western Empire, England was for the most of its history not nearly as fond of unions or guilds as Italians were. The many musicians and writers that are name dropped within the many fan mission: Ludwig Prinn, Olaf Olafson, Le Strange, De Malyns, Wolfram, Nigel G Manton, Drae Gof’ Erre, Castaigne, Mary Chambers, Gelo Fleisher come from vast and wide western origins, which gives off a central feeling to the city itself where the people of the world flock to it, for its accessibility and its possible safety for arts. (if the Builders allow certain things) But once again give me heavy High medieval Italian vibes, or the separate independent city and how it is its own governor. If anything I think of Bridge port like a colder, bloated, polluted, creaking industrial Venice more then a London or Bristol.
  5. What about the Pagan clans to the North? We have the Gaul, and German tribes that have been named in readable and some maps, one for example is the Accountant series.
  6. I think while the coastline is the same, the weather and the mountains are vastly different. The mountain range in the Lich Queens demise are insane! And they take place not but a few miles north of Glenham which is only a few miles north of Braeden. Which puts it about center of the Western Empire. While in France there are no intense mountain ranges comparable to Glenhams, in the Western empire there is. Also someone stated that the Western Empire has giant mushrooms and glowing crystals.
  7. As I was saying, I am doing this out of my own love for the DM and all the work people have given it over the years, my main passions are history and demography. I felt that I could put my love to work and just give a silly little gift that is not meant to be taken seriously. The map of Europe being used for the universe is based off of maps that have appeared in dozens of DM levels, and if a DM level ever places a area on a map in relation to Bridgeport I would reference that in particular. I know Sam Wilson: Eastbound had a map that I used to place a half dozen locations. The Accountant series also has a few new maps that confirmed locations too. But I really do find a lot of charm in this low fantasy world, where things are recognizable but very different. In Iris, we get confirmation that there is a island known as Corsica, and in Down by the river side we hear of Newfoundland, and in general the Arabian men are known as Moors. So its a pleasant mix of oddities and supernatural things, and subjects that we can draw a lot of relation too. It may be my favorite fantasy universe of all time. But a lot of that comes from the absolute community effort made to create it.
  8. It does not seem to be France though, thanks be to the builder. But by the names it seems there are Italians, Germans, Danes, English, and Frenchmen. The western empire, or Bridgeport, seems to be a collection of countless manors and fifes of varying cultural origin. I am composing a list of every named person in the dark mod as well. It is as much a wip as the rest of this stuff.
  9. First I have to say, I Love your maps, they are amazing and through the Bank robbery maps I got one of my friends hooked for life in the DM. Second, I feel intimidated coming up with the cities lay out as of right now, I feel I need to learn all the names of the wards first still. BUT then I will totally give it a try. But yeah! I love though, that Bridgeport is the center of the world, how often we leave her to see other corners of the empire.
  10. Thanks man! Still a lot to do! OH Yeah cant wait to see it when it happens then!! I should of kept a record on FMs that mention places, I think it was one of the earlier ones I played. I honestly can not tell you sadly. I should start marking locations we never go, where and when they are mentioned.
  11. Thank you! Its been a little tedious, I have a paint.net doc with 12 layers because I find places make more sense in other locations down the line! lol I see the Empire as slowly reaching but over all neglecting its land boarders, being more interested and self centered on Bridgeport. It has occurred to me as of last night I should start a catalog of every mentioned battle within the universe and mark where they happened as well. I am considering doing the dreaded bridgeport. As of right now I am just making a list of all the wards and areas that are mentioned within. |More or less a in depth catalog and survey of the empire.
  12. Dragofer! ITS a honor! I love down by the riverside! I have played that one multiple times! I feel the same thing for Thorton hall! I believe it to be very far from the city! I actually already have it on the map, with its two accompanying manors of West field and Ruthershire! I was wondering about Newfoundland too! at the moment I have a place holder for it (faroe islands) But I am thinking as you said, would work better as Greenland! Have yet to play though one step too far for this survey yet. I just have to say I love how many FM take place outside of bridge port, it really gives so much life to the world!
  13. Also I am trying to make a second draft of the population guess of the world. Its going to be so much more researched and in depth.
  14. The basic simple national map, the reason for the detailed coast vs the non detailed coast is because these are areas depicted in maps in game. Also, no known mention of banners or colors of Menoa, so the silly banner I made is just a place holder.
  15. Was just getting excited, over half way through all the Fan missions for this project. Sadly due to forum limits I had to super downsize the map, when I finish I will post a link to a full size. This is all in honor and thanks to you guys for making such amazing content for one of the most amazing fan made projects in all of gaming (in my opinion at least) Let me know if there is any place that seems off, or a place you know for sure needs to be at another location. Thanks again fellas!
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