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  1. Beaten to it - but yay! Its arrived on GOG!!
  2. Yeah - to get back on-topic, it appears I jumped the gun.......current speculation on GOG points to new releases being Hitman Series and Deus Ex or Anachronox. Buuuut, that does bring the publisher of Thief on board, so we may see the Thief series on there eventually
  3. Looks like the Thief series is coming to Good Old Games, according to rumours and speculation. Lets hope so - be interesting if they have managed to sort out all the issues there are getting them to run on newer machines.. I guess we'll find out for sure on Thursday! http://www.gog.com
  4. Thankyou kindly for this - will be tackling some of those first!
  5. And now I feel extra stupid, as I have some amazon vouchers left over from xmas so got it for zero pounds in the end. Several internets to you sir, and I look forward to working my way through the missions very soon..;o)
  6. First off - howdy all, brand new to the Forum, although I have played a little of the Dark Mod at a friends house, and was of course a massive Thief fan back in the day.. I've been lurking many times in the boards and site, and have decided I finally have to purchase Doom3 so I can experience the wonders that are the missions of the Dark Mod. Steam has it for £13.99 - would anyone here know anywhere I could get it cheaper? d'uh - first post and I come across like a cheapskate...!! Also just thought this may not be the correct board - many apologies, feel free to castigate the newbi
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