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  1. I'm living on the edge alright You forgot to mention that new details are either unnoticeable or plain silly like NSF terrorist dummy with throwing knifes and later on a crowbar stuck into it
  2. I reached UNATCO and even hell's kitchen.This mod is more like a texture pack with a few objects thrown here and there and minor geometry changes,it would be ok if it wasnt for distribution policy
  3. fuck Deus Ex Revision,the jews who made it and square enix still managed to run it on GOG version though
  4. the funny thing is no one complained about downgrade when Bioshock : Infinite was released and it was a downgrade of all downgrades
  5. "Are you gonna sign this or will it be your surviving family members ?" never liked SH though
  6. Just loaded Wolfenstein 3D - man the characters are sprites and not even 3D,I dont care if its an old game,no modern day graphics ? Fuck it. And cinematic takedowns
  7. still his eyes aren't glow,so he cant justified
  8. I have an object that reacts to the water stim,but it reacts only when water hits near its origin.Can I make it react if water touches any side of its physical model ?
  9. why aren't they doing Thief spiritual successor... :>(
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