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  1. You mad bro? I insulted you because I think you are a fucking troll who just twists what people post and throw it back with no other purpose than to be argumentative, Don't like it, I don't give a fuck! Who asked you, fuck off you cunt.
  2. I replied to chakkman, not StiFu, Whatever, really don't care, forum with so few people is boring as fuck anyways.
  3. Because frankly, a lot of your posts are just sarcastic garbage, that's why. Where did I say it's 'more condemnable, (sic) or notable than executing almost 100 people out of false religious motives' again you just twist the words and post crap.
  4. Oh look, the troll is back, STFU!
  5. On a very serious note, it's disturbing how many people in the world, who claim to be religious, can be so hateful towards people simply because of the music they listen to, I know there are extremists in most religions and HM has been attacked by religion before but a christian pastor said that the Paris terrorist attack victims at the Bataclan were murdered because they were "devil worshipers". Swanson said the attack, which left 89 dead at the concert hall alone, was a "message from God", and he seems to be condoning what the terrorists did all because they were listing to HM, which is a whole new level of hate! These delude individuals often court controversy just to get their face in the media and compassion for their fellow man seems to have no place in their religion, this pastor is obviously a sick, twisted, bitter person so I dedicate this song to him, although I doubt his state of mind will improve any time soon.
  6. Myst, what I consider the first real game that I played, spent hours on a Megadrive playing Road Rash and Echo the dolphin etc, bought a PS1 and first game was Myst and it was a game changer for me with legendary music and sounds, spent a lot of time on Myst games usually because every time you find a door it's bloody locked in typical adventure game style! Tomb Raider 1, played it on PS1 and PC, the 3D was brilliant for it's time and had a huge influence on many 3D action-adventure games that followed, the gameplay, ease of control made it a pleasure to play and the music by Nathan McCree is iconic, so atmospheric that I play the music quite often, the music only played in specially-selected moments for dramatic effect, walking into an enormous underground tomb and the music comes in with the solo oboe the feeling of wonderment and awe was glorious. Medal of Honor: Allied Assault: Omaha beach D-Day landing. Waiting to get off the landing craft was so intense, you could feel the fear and I died many times trying to get up the beach in all the mayhem, you would get behind cover and you just didn't dare move, even with today's graphics I think it would be hard to convey the shear terror of it all any better Crysis, My favourite FPS, I built a new PC to play it and it's a game I often go back to. Skyrim, I've not played many big role playing games but I saw some vids of modded skyrim and was hooked, the vanilla Skyrim isn't brilliant and the game has it's issues but I got into modding it and spent the last two years on it, I also built another new PC so I could play with an ENB mod and get decent FPS,spent way too much time on it. So much time, so much money, so many memories.
  7. Maybe, they did change the music, which is pretty good but I still prefer the original as there was nothing wrong with it Well, I guess you can't blame the devs for taking the path of least resistance but I wonder how long before the release they decided on steam only?
  8. Considering GMDX is such a game changer I'm a bit confused why the devs can release it without steam but the Revision devs seem to have had no choice but steam because of Square Enix influence, or have I missed something?
  9. New Stealth skill tree, very cool, I'm really liking everything I've seen so far in GMDX.
  10. Countdown has begun! This is great news to read, Will GMDX be Steam-exclusive like Deus Ex: Revision? No. GMDX can be used with any Windows-based version of Deus Ex patched to v1112fm (Deus Ex GOTY version has this patch by default). Linux can also run GMDX with WINE. Where can I download GMDX once it is released? Here: http://www.moddb.com/mods/gmdx
  11. I considered reporting the problem but I've read that the devs are not interested unless you are using steam, Honestly, I'm not that bothered, Revision is good and looks pretty but for me it's not a massive game changer, the DE mods I've used before worked well enough and I'm far more interested in the GMDX mod which is released on the 7th December and promises to be a far more game changing mod than Revision.
  12. I've given up with Revision, the game keeps crashing, using GOG game with original version of Revision with clean leaked .exe file, it has been working fine but I need to talk to Gordon Quick near the luminous path compound and when I try and move from the market to the next area of the game the auto save flashes on screen but the next area doesn't load and crashes to desktop with a critical error message box full of text, I can go anywhere else in game no problem. Reinstalled the game and and tried the new patch but still crashes at the same place, anyone else had a similar problem?
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Pt95JqXmxY Darwin awards are given for a reason!
  14. Oh, I'm common alright I'm not talking big money but when I sold a bike for £3,000 and went to pay it into the bank they immediately started 'advising me' to put the money into some long term investment, I wasn't impressed because the interest was very small and you lose money if you want to cash in before the terms and time of the investment are up, so I bought some gold, if I need the cash I can sell the gold and have money in the bank within hours, the banks can piss off with their crap interest rates and conditions and many high street banks are closing in the UK.
  15. I like gold (who doesn't) not bought as an investment to make money as obviously the price can fluctuate but it's very unlikely that the price will drop that much as there is not enough gold produced to flood the market, today it's safer than money in the bank and you can keep it in secure storage without worrying about home security and sell it in minutes over the phone to the dealer you bought it from and you might even make a profit.
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