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  1. Indeed and it just shows the leap it made at the time Of course to get the full effects at that time you needed two top flight and very expensive graphics cards in SLI configuration now a single mid range card does it (GTX 1060)
  2. Not really new but I just started playing Crysis (the original) in 64 bit DX10 with everything set to max quality with my new rig and an AH IPS 1920 x 1080 screen and the picture quality is absolutely amazing even if the AI is rather rubbish To add the fps seems to sit above 75fps all the time
  3. I see that Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus is now out but I won't be touching it at that price - give it a year or so then perhaps Or then again perhaps not as it doesn't really appeal
  4. If you want a challenge - try no powers mode - that makes you think and is a really thiefy challenge to do it and ghost at the same time
  5. I already have two of them and so the Seasons Pass isn't worth it In any case the first two - Desperate Measures and System Rift are woefully short and not worth buying (I got them as a Pre Order Bonus)
  6. unfortunately the DLC A Criminal Past isn't
  7. Interesting I am still on the 32bit version
  8. A generic question - why don't the automatic quality setting work properly with modern CPU and GPU I ask because Death of the Outsider just used Medium on Auto yet on Ultra it never drops below 60fps
  9. That point is a bit of a nuisance but there are two stealth options The one I did first was to use semblance to sneak to the right side behind the barriers avoiding the hounds but an option would probably be to use displace marker and then jump up to the balcony above then blink onto the bank front area when the guard is at the end by the hound The second one - used first in Old Game Plus where most of the powers aren't available Of course there is always the nuclear option with multiple spring razor traps at the entrance to the bank forecourt
  10. Same locations just different powers so the interest was maintained for me
  11. You get Domino in Original Game Plus after completing the mission and it replaces her current powers with fully upgraded versions of Dark Vision, Blink, and Domino which makes the method of approach somewhat different
  12. To finalise Completed Death of the Outsider with all achievements completed including Game Plus which was interesting using Domino to get past bunches of enemies
  13. Death of the Outsider I needed to watch a video playthrough of getting into Shan Yun's House because I found the note about the secret knock before I should have and the marker to the door wasn't there when I tried to find it - more beta testing needed I don't know if it gets any more difficult but the safe opening problem was quite easy providing you read the various notes All I need now is to complete the two last contracts before I leave the area as I am going for all Contracts including the ones from the Black Market Shop
  14. So does the 25" one I linked to in the first reply This is the panel spec for each of them Diagonal 25"; 63.5cm Aspect ratio 16 : 9 Panel AH-IPS LED, matte finish Native resolution Full HD 1080p, 1920 x 1080 ( 2.1 megapixel) Brightness 250 cd/m² typical Contrast 1000 : 1 typical Contrast 5 000 000 : 1 ACR Response time 5ms Diagonal 27"; 68.6cm Aspect ratio 16 : 9 Panel AH-IPS LED, matte finish Native resolution Full HD 1080p, 1920 x 1080 ( 2.1 megapixel) Brightness 250 cd/m² typical Contrast 100
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