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  1. Missing assets and bugs were one thing, but they also overpromised on features and systems (see Crowbcat video). IIRC it was in last month or two before launch, so they knew it won't make it to the final game. I don't mind seeing what's up in two years or so.
  2. This is not a specular hotspot, this is a cubemap reflection. I don't like mixing those up. I like how this is done automatically in PBR setups, where one gradually turns into another with respective roughness values. In non-pbr workflow, I prefer to control both separately. Besides, they don't even react to light in the same way.
  3. I'm for specular behaving like typical specular and being relatively inexpensive, instead of faking specularity with cubemaps because... reasons?
  4. By the way, it was a huge surprise to me that Arkane actually used fully dynamic lighting system in Dishonored 2. At the same time, they did have some "in-house indirect lighting system + IBL cubemap network". Maybe that could also be a way to go for TDM? Here's the presentation: https://www.slideshare.net/UmbraSoftware/umbra-ignite-2015-jrmy-virga-dishonored-2-rendering-engine-architecture-overview-moving-to-multitasking CC: @cabalistic
  5. So with this solution you're favoring mappers who use simple lighting, while this will look wrong/more pronounced with more complex setups. If you want a sort of fake GI helper, that should rather be a parametrised entity placeable inside DR, instead of a global solution.
  6. From the content creator perspective, it's already hard, in this non-pbr framework, to get consistent and predictable shading across your models and materials. Introducing another variable onto the mix, that is based on eyeballing the results with assets that don't even use the complete diffuse/specular/normal workflow, looks like just shooting in the dark and making things even harder. But as an option toggle for the players that is off by default – sure, why not.
  7. Not yet as I'm still on 2.08, but that amount of fresnel on the statues would suggest they're highly reflective, so if they're not glossy, they just look wrong. That said, the static screens look rather random. The last example with the comparison looks kinda like fake GI or ambient light bounces. But I suspect it will look completely broken in my environment, where every surface actually does use a specularmap, and sometimes specular + cubemap. Would have to install 2.09 to be sure.
  8. Just tried the Outriders demo, as the game is made by Polish developer People Can Fly. Unfortunately, it plays like a fairly clunky Gears of War clone + generic loot shooter lore and mechanics, most likely a hard pass to me.
  9. "Some" is the keyword here, you added so much fresnel to those stone statues they look like glossy surfaces, and they don't even seem to have a specular map or specular + cubemap combo. IMO there's no point in testing that on materials that are diffuse + normalmap only, if you want to have even slightly meaningful results (as relatively meaningful they can be for the non-pbr world, so to speak). It's "everything is shiny" first, then "everything has some fresnel response" as a consequence.
  10. First off, for before/after comparisons, something like https://imgsli.com is your friend Secondly, fresnel effect is a phenomenon occurring mostly on highly reflective surfaces, so having that on materials that don't even use speculars doesn't make much sense to me.
  11. @HMart Thanks, I do a lot of work with models and materials, so I was excited about this, but I think I received the message. It's like ThiefGen, covering your ears and singing to mute any voices you don't like. Since he ignored all the initial ideas and designed the whole solution in one go, I assumed he doesn't really know how the iterative development works, because it shows. It's even worse, if this was already consulted with mappers and iterated upon. So, if it's mostly doing stuff for three friends and their dog, my presence in this or any future threads like that is pointless. I'll stic
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