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  1. That's true, unfortunately. Just checked the measurement tool look, and the numbers don't scale up with Windows font scale.
  2. I can confirm that it scales with Windows font scaling. 100% on the left, 125% on the right.
  3. The text is indeed small at 1440p. It must be a nightmare on 4k screen. Does it scale with windows font scaling? I do have it set to 125%, but I don't remember how it looked at 100%.
  4. On the second thought, that might have more to do with German Building Law. In Poland, you have different plot types, built, unbuilt, utitity, etc. To build a house, you need to have a building plot / site.
  5. Um, how about consulting an architect? Maybe that's cheaper?
  6. The shorcuts are displayed in the menu already:
  7. I'll probably rearrange the first post to include a master list of these for easier access. All the links are generated from my dropbox account, so they should be active unless I take them down (or the service shuts down. Otherwise, there's no optimal mean to distribute these, I'm afraid. Putting it all in one package will be easy to use, but inflexible, when someone needs just one of these assets – it will make the mission size bloat. On the other hand, zips with raw files give you that flexibility, but require tons of setup, as you have to change paths in models, materials, def files, e
  8. This cabinet is a slightly more complex thing. I tried to pack as much as I can in one texture space, stuff for transparent glass included. Doors have two materials: wood (frobable) and glass. I also included entity def setup with some common spawnargs. https://www.dropbox.com/s/lbjotn3aqsvowgj/04_wood_cabinet_02.7z?dl=1
  9. Actually, both difficulty selection and initial loadout screens aren't that important when you play a mission for the first time. You have no idea what you'll be up against, so your choices are moslty arbitrary. Making difficulty part of level design (easy, medium and hard areas to choose from) an making equipment POC (procured on-site) is much more interesting for the player, although much harder for mapper.
  10. I said quick fixes, not low-priority fixes. Sometimes there are showstopper bugs that never happened during testing, and mappers fix them fairly quickly after release. Missions are made during a several year span, mappers would have to prepare loadouts for at least one mission ahead, and place loot in the current mission accordingly. That's awfully limiting in creative terms.
  11. These are quite a few assumptions there. There are actually quite a few mappers out there who do a kind of post-launch support, and provide some quick fixes for bugs that weren't caught by testers. And, none of this stuff is easy, even with the current setup: https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Setting_up_Campaigns
  12. Sorry Neon, all links have been taken down. I'm making a small FM and reworking some of these assets + making many more. This will take some time, but I aim for the complete package this time. It should prove more useful.
  13. If all campaign missions were packed in one .pk4 file, even a tiniest bugfix for one mission would force players to re-download the whole thing. I bet most people don't want that.
  14. That is a good idea. You could have just a set of small icons, like arrow head types with a number next to them. This way it would fit in the upper left or right corner of the inventory screen. Some games have such info displayed in vertical order, on the left or right side of the screen.
  15. I think that modern games got us used to the fact that interactivity is has its context, and is mostly a meaningful, conscious design choice. That's why in the context of action or even stealth-action games, most of the stuff is static (plus performance constrains, I guess). And these games also have certain helpers, like interactive object highlights, because game environments are so complex these days, it's hard to always pinpoint player tools or other usable objects.
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