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  1. Not sure whether this is the same strategy for MS now, but Sony has very strong first party studios in their portfolio: Naughty Dog, Guerrilla, Insomniac, Polyphony, Santa Monica, etc. All these have access to expert technical knowledge, and they became super proficient at making really good AAA titles for it. Also Sony Santa Monica has a division with smaller studios that can make small experimental games without worrying about commercial success that much (Journey, Bound). So with MS acquiring Bethesda I'd hope that Arkane would end up in much more stable financial situation, allowing them to make these risky im-sim games without risk of collapse with every new title released and performing "below expectations".
  2. Only 20 different words for thief or burglar? I can already see a long conversation about semantic ranges of subsequent words... If you really want to communicate an idea to an audience, it has to be elegant and simple, at least on the high level. And, if you want to avoid mistakes of other games, you'd want to focus on positive experience and encouragement, rather than punishment (Hitman: Absolution's negative points vs. Hitman 2016). So that Pirates! naming system is bad too – no one wants to be a beggar. For example, if player fulfills all main objectives without being spotted (suspicions are okay), they could get a Master Thief rank, similar to Silent Assassin title in Hitman. Ghost would be awarded for a perfect stealth score. Additional titles could be added for stuff like killing NPCs (anything from Thug for killing 1-2 NPC to something like Instrument of Chaos for killing all NPCs in the map) or getting loot (75% could result in a Thorough rank, 95% would probably deserve a Kleptomaniac). I wouldn't go for more than 4 names per category, so the whole thing is fairly clear and fun to have.
  3. Story in Fallout 4 is worth 90%? Not to mention 95% for originality... To each their own I guess.
  4. That's because it has no voice. Finish the game Btw. I finished the game on Hard, and enemies were a bit bullet-spongy, but it kind of went well with the survival horror aspect. I tried to evade most of them. You seem to have a lot of trouble with navigating the interface and finding the proper info there. I never had such trouble myself; there are quite a few tabs and subtabs, but everything is there: maps, keys, objectives, status info – everything is basically at your fingertips. Weapon degradation is optional feature. When you chose New Game, there was a Survival Mode Options tickbox. That's where you can choose features like weapon degradation, traumas, oxygen limits, etc. Otherwise you use repair kits to repair in-game objects, like turrets.
  5. I ended up loving Mooncrash, although it takes time to embrace the concept. Marrying im-sim principles with Dark Souls / rogue-lite rules of play isn't something super intuitive, and there's a lot of stuff you have to discover yourself. The whole thing seems to be targeting all the careful ghosters and save scummers, to show them that their play style is boring and the real fun is elsewhere. There are no saves, so you have to play past your mistakes. You have preset character abilities, so you need to change your play style from person to person. And you have to take quick and decisive actions, as there's time limit for all characters. But, as with Dark Souls, this is a game of learning and repetition, with some things being persistent and other things not. It definitely pushes you out of a comfort zone, if you have a one style for im-sim games. I didn't like it at first, but I think it's an excellent construct, design-wise. But I also believe this might be a niche within a niche. I guess most im-sim fans love their freedom of choice, i.e. freedom not to change their habits, and that's why this DLC is probably not as popular as it should be.
  6. Yeah, I meant the last example in particular, as this is useful for foliage. I couldn't get it to work with max's .ase exporter, but I didn't collapse the modifier stack and didn't do the triangulation. Will check that later.
  7. Great, then it sounds like it works as it should. What do you mean by custom normals? Can you change normals per face or vertex? I have such an option in 3dsmax, but either .ase exporter or the engine itself doesn't seem to support it.
  8. There already is a Thief Guild site, and it contains missions for all Thief games, as well as TDM and Thievery.
  9. IMO the smoothing groups is a basic feature and should be available. It's a rare thing in modeling that you would want to use one smoothing group for all the faces, or leave them faceted. Using a threshold can be enough in some cases, but for more detailed models will not be enough. In particular, if you bake normals from a high-poly model, you need to have full control over smoothing groups. All this is available for .ase already.
  10. Seems like they're getting somewhere with this, as 2000s were mostly testing waters and milking early adopters. I'll probably get something like 3060Ti when it becomes available for a mid-range price.
  11. Shit, didn't know that .obj is text-based That would kinda double the functionality of the .ase... But, I guess would make sense to add because many apps support it (more than .ase) I don't think .mod is as popular, but that will need some further research too. As for materials, in other game engines you don't need .mtr files for .obj, but these editors do have a GUI option to assign materials to models. Having that for .obj (or even for .ase alone) would be pretty useful. You're right, I didn't think of it this way. I was indeed thinking about disk space (uncompressed, they actually take little space when zipped). But it would make sense to occupy the same amount of video memory as .lwo, in the end.
  12. Nobody uses Collada these days, for reasons already mentioned. The usual choice is .fbx or .obj, whether it's Unreal, Unity, or others. Either stick with these, or you'll be designing for yourself, not for actual users. I'm pretty much stuck with .ase, but it works well for me, and I haven't encountered a scenario where a higher polycount would affect video memory much, even though these files can be quite big over certain number of polys.
  13. That's interesting, because I didn't have problems with first boss in Plague, it did take me a few minutes to figure it out though. But the cart pushing sequence, that was the worst thing in the game for me. At some point I had to look it up on YT, because it felt impossible to beat. It turned out you have to play it exactly like designers intended, with very precise timing and basically no room for error. This is the "mean Dungeon Master from the 90s" kind of design, and I really hate it.
  14. FYI, that quote from the wiki doesn't seem to be true, I made both a path that has 8 folders in total, and I also used fairly long names (over 150 characters total). I'd rather suspect there's a character limit for paths, but I've yet to hit it. Both 32 and 64 bit version have no problems with more than 5 folders.
  15. The story starts out fine, but has so many ups and downs, and somewhere in the middle it turns to be a sort of medieval version of The Goonies for some reason? It introduces additional characters, but none of them have enough "screen time" to develop before game turns to family matters again. The whole thing goes for around 20 hours and gets more and more ridiculous (both narrative and gameplay-wise) from chapter to chapter. Especially since the actors' delivery is so dramatic, it becomes more of a soap opera than anything else (French voiceovers, which are the best of them all, English and German version is subpar, unfortunately). It's clear that devs were so in love with their own game that they could drag this on and on forever, but all this reinforces is the theme of a few teenagers being able to take down the whole French inquisition army with just a slingshot So yeah, it's just graphics, which is a common thing with Naughty Dog, because they also have problems with mostly everything else, narrative in particular
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