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  1. What you basically described a post earlier is punishing the player for something they couldn't possibly know. That's awful level design.
  2. You really think this^ is a good mission design? "Player learned the lesson"?
  3. If anything, it's reasonable not to change the player character move set, because it has been nailed down years ago, and people have been building maps around it. Unless you plan to meticulously replay all the maps in all possible playstyles, to make sure everything is ok, that's a poor idea. Having it as a mod and letting people try it out might be a better option.
  4. Even if you take a few factors out of the equation (making a change for literally one FM author and possibly "some players"), you implemented a change in player character movement model / added new gameplay rule – and you're surprised it wasn't implemented during public beta testing of new release... Not to mention that situations like that (with the code) happen all the time, in both amateur and professional setting. E.g. Lately I was working on a solution for one of our modules not working correctly on Mac. I spent the whole day researching the topic, finding and testing the workaround, but ultimately my PR was declined. We found out that the actual problem was with borked installation process for one of our dependencies. Well... I could have spent that day on something else
  5. This is basically "do include my work ASAP because I worked so hard, or else *sulk*". This is similar case: https://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?/topic/21679-beta-testing-211/page/10/#comment-482352 This is neither a commercial product, nor a phishing email. That sense of rush and pressure is artificial. These releases typically do take long, and even then, there are often many things broken by mistake or omission. Often there aren't enough people to test stuff, or they're not competent enough, etc, etc. There's little point in hurry.
  6. I think I get what you mean; just because you can add 100 more arrow types to the game, it doesn't mean you should... Although you can always mod the base game and let people download it. Same with this kind of thing.
  7. If I may, I don't like the somewhat aggressive way of pushing for changes, especially in core mechanics, which seems to come from just one person's idiosyncrasies. And it's not the first topic I see like that in the last few days.
  8. Yup, it would cast both types of shadows. In terms of performance, it always depends on how you execute it. But in terms of geometry, the engine seem to be able to handle a few millions of tris per scene, if you keep other factors (like drawcalls) low. Clever LODing should do the trick here.
  9. It was not a bug, it was real-time shader compilation (PC-specific issue). They addressed it by pre-compiling shaders while you're in main menu.
  10. Isn't there a HeatHazeWithDepth shader that has this issue resolved?
  11. FYI other games do holstering weapon by holding down the Use button for like 1,5 sec, and draw weapon is pressing the Attack button. No need for dedicated keys.
  12. The only thing I know is a mouse binding called Jump to object: you select an object in 3d view, click your key+mouse button combination, and the camera is centered to that object (in ortho view as well).
  13. A dark theme for the wiki would be nice though.
  14. Modern games are using modeled blades of grass these days; that eliminates problems with transparency overdraw and technically you can make every single blade cast a shadow, but that's probably quite sub optimal
  15. This has nothing to do with PBR, or any PBR-specific feature. But, it could be useful for creating a test map, when you plan to address the problem with cubemaps ignoring lighting.
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