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  1. I remember I initially hated MGS V for this. But I did let my inner perfectionist go after a while, and I learned to love it, just going with the gameplay flow. A perfectionist run, especially when you're playing the game / map for the first time, shouldn't be something players expect from themselves. Unfortunately they do, as stats and ghost achievements encourage this. So when a player is a master of their own experience, they ruin it with save scumming. Possibly the best of both worlds would be providing two modes to play a map with, but it probably requires quite a bit of additional development time. Assuming players will reload a save in case of trouble is a design mistake itself, if mappers ever do that. Teaching players that making mistakes is okay, and at the same time, providing better space to run away / spend the detection phase in, seems like a better idea, and it doesn't make all the post-detection AI game logic basically go to waste (if everyone just quickloads, nobody sees in in action). As with mostly everything else, it's the flaws and mistakes that make the most interesting stories, the problem is that we conditioned ourselves to act otherwise.
  2. All the videos from the school of stealth are good, although this one is interesting as it talks about the problem of post-detection game. To be fair, I wouldn't mind a small, e.g. a Bakery Job-sized mission with saving disabled, but with a limited time rewind ability.
  3. You shouldn't really feel guilty though, you'll have problems with this FM even with much better hardware. It loads for almost 3 minutes on a PC with GTX 1060 with 6 gigs of vram, a six-core i7-8800 4.2 Ghz, and 32 gigs of system ram. This is with all the significant speed improvements 2.07 and 2.08 made. In comparison, a reasonably-sized (and, for what is worth, very good, gameplay-wise) city mission like Snowed Inn loads in 30 seconds on the same rig.
  4. Try the following: 1. Create autocommands.cfg (text file) in your root TDM folder. 2. Paste these values and save: 3. Run the mission. If this doesn't help, set image_useNormalCompression to 2. If that's still not enough, paste values below and save the file again: That's probably the limit of what you can do, if it doesn't work after the above, it just won't work.
  5. Did you try the 64 bit executable? Also bear in mind that this FM wasn't even playable before 2.08, due to how many limits it hit. It may not be the best idea for your hardware.
  6. Try to do an update by deleting everything but .pk4 files and the fms folder. Launch the game and go to video settings. Start with 1024 x 600 resolution (IIUC you need 16:10 aspect ratio). Vsync can be On, Antialiasing should be off by default. Since you got 512 megs of VRAM, set Anisotropic Filtering to x2 or x4. Switch tab to Advanced. Set FOV to e.g. 80 or lower, Shadows Implementation to Stencil, Soft Shadows to Off. Uncap FPS On, Color Precision 32 bits, Ambient Occlusion Off, Bloom Off, Multi Core Enhancement On. If the framerate is okay, you can work from here and start turning stuff on or increasing values. Btw. stuff like EFX and HRTF (Audio) eat up CPU power, especially with older hardware, so you may want to turn it off as well.
  7. First thing that came to my mind is that 512 megs of VRAM is very little, not only these days, but like 5-7 years ago. The intended resolution for this card was 1024 x 768.
  8. Both look and feel very heavy-handed IMO. And I didn't find any logo, sticker, etc. that would look natural in TDM world, this would need to be more of a creative hint or playful reference. In any case, you can always give a shout out to them in the mission readme or credits.
  9. Depends on which soft shadows we're talking about. Shadow maps are really expensive, and that + soft shadows is a framerate killer. But stencil shadows + soft shadows quality set to low should produce decent results without affecting framerate too much. In worst case you'll have to set it to off. AA is definitely a killer, AO needs like 10-15% of your performance too. Since you have gtx 1060 you probably don't need to change Anisotropic Filtering, but I've seen pretty big performance boost on older cards when going from x16 to x4, especially when there are many high res materials used. Edit: as AH mentioned, CPU may limit performance of your GPU, but it's also the low-speed ram. Resolution is a big factor too, e.g. switching to 1440p will affect performance substantially, even with current assets and textures. And last but not least, do you have your Power profile set to something like Power Saver? I did that to my PC not so long ago, and I had slowdowns in TDM, even with a pretty good rig. That applies both to laptops and desktop PCs.
  10. I guess it hasn't been resolved because it's a rare issue that only affects users who literally downloaded all the missions? (If I understand your problem correctly). And any mission should stay in the original missions list after downloading, so you can download it again, if you delete it manually from your hard drive. So that's not a bug, it's a feature But otherwise, yeah, GUI is a tricky thing and there's currently no expert on that here, so it's more of the "if ain't broke, don't fix it" kind of approach. I'd love to prepare a proof of concept to propel some change in this aspect, but I'm not promising anything, as my time is quite limited these days.
  11. Actual coding is the next phase, having a design mock with user flows is what goes first. In the design stage you just need some preliminary tech assessment, namely the list of things this framework cannot do. I have a few screenshots from both TDM and other games to compare / show what needs redesign, but I agree it's something for a separate topic. Plus I don't have any user flows ready yet.
  12. That tool looks pretty useful, but first you need a robust design doc. First I'd start with better option layout / mapping, even without any changes to the art style, as there's a lot of to be done there. And as much as I like the woodcut / chalcography aesthetics, I think for a stealth game, which is often played in the evening and has mostly permanent nighttime setting, light fonts on dark background would be more fitting.
  13. Nice work, but it tries to fit in the current art style, which has fairly busy background and low contrast that impacts readablility. I was thinking about lifting something from e.g. nuThief, or perhaps Dishonored 2 (minus flashy transitions, I guess). Simplicity, readability, and as few clicks as possible needed to get to any option should be the driving factors, IMO.
  14. I love what's already been made in terms of features, e.g. in terms of materials and graphics overall we're somewhere at UE3 era right now, which is great. What I'd like to see is the content catching up to the tech. Current assets are old and have been exhausted in so many missions already. Still, regular content contributors are rare phenomenon. And I'd love to see a complete overhaul of the menu system look and structure. It's super old in terms of both art and layout, and the latter is very unintuitive for newcomers. Something modern and simpler in structure would be great, possibly using scrolling or larger section of the screen to include more options. I've seen how artists do interface mockups where I work, but I don't have extensive knowledge on the topic, unfortunately.
  15. In general, if you update your TDM version, delete everything but .pk4 files and fms folder. This way your download should be fairly small and you'll make sure there are no broken dependencies in your setup.
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