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  1. I must say I'm pretty proud of how the situation is handled in my country. Schools and institutions were closed early, the same goes with borders. There are public announcements in TV and radio stations on how one should act when in public or during home quarantine. They're run within every commercial block. Shops introduced their own measures, there are person limits, lines on the floor to maintain proper distance in a queue, etc. People don't stockpile food anymore, all products are available. Last but not least, we still count infections in hundreds, not thousands, and that's a total for a 38-million-citizen country.
  2. The best case scenario is that all the countries react fast and introduce drastic preventive measures now, because we already have the data on what works best in current situation: https://medium.com/@tomaspueyo/coronavirus-act-today-or-people-will-die-f4d3d9cd99ca
  3. Numbers are still pretty low around here, but slowly growing, 1 person every few days. Not directly related to that, more because of personal reasons, I'm taking a long break from my modeling project. I went too far and exhausted myself, put a huge strain on my personal and family relationships as well. It became a borderline obsession instead of a healthy hobby. I'll be taking the spring and summer to get back into physical shape. I won't return to Builder Compound project, as it's way too hard for me to make such quality stuff in a reasonable time. This will take forever to make and I'll probably die of exhaustion first. It's just too much for one person. I will post what I've made so far within few weeks or so. Then I'll take a long break, maybe as long as fall 2021, and after that I'll only be taking modeling requests.
  4. Maybe because it's a fairly new thing, most of shader coding examples I watch on YT are from Shadertoy which has been on the market for years.
  5. That's not really a survey participant's concern what the state of the game is. They could have nothing but a design doc, and the survey is still valid. Btw. nice questions out there, you seem to know your area pretty well. There's no such thing. TTLG might be a super wrong or super right place to seek participants, depending on both your goals, survey statistics and interpretation of the results. I'd say it's a super wrong place, unless you want to make an ancient game but then again, that would be my goals and my interpretation.
  6. You can have bigger textures these days and the only downside so far is be the first loading time, as the game loads everything at map start (this will change in the future too). 1 GB VRAM cards became mainstream years ago, and this basically allows all your textures to be 1k-2k without performance drops.
  7. I was asking this simple question because .dds images are heavily compressed (usually with DXT1 mode), with some inevitable artifacts. Unless there's an ML dataset used to account for this, you're working on a lossy image and if you save to the same .dds format, you're adding another compression on top of it. As for the wood texture, this is how often wood looks like in games. Normalmaps are mostly supposed to represent microdetails, and if a surface looks too shiny, you change a specularmap, not normalmap. In general, I'd be wary of AI upscaling in this case, it's not a simple case as with Thief 1-2, or even 3. You have to think with surfaces and materials here, not with just textures. Btw. I hope you remember that normalmap is not a bitmap in traditional sense, so you can't apply traditional 2d image techniques to it (e.g. sharpening).
  8. Any efforts to upgrade textures and materials are appreciated, but the question is, what was your workflow? Did you use dds diffuse and specular textures as a base? Second thing, I see some of the changes actually made some materials worse in terms of quality, e.g. here the wooden floor looks less sharp for some reason and here the bust material actually looks less detailed. Sometimes it's hard to pinpoint how to set the quality level for a texture because it's used for many objects and with different scale, so a tiling texture on a wall might look bad applied on an object.
  9. So it's like free alternative to Substance Painter (and with fewer features, but still). That's good, Substance needs good competition to keep them on their toes.
  10. I guess they have sources or someone from hospital staff has turned to them. Supposedly the test turned out positive and it was sent to a laboratory in the capital to be officially confirmed. The woman already felt ill when she was in Thailand though. How she was let go from the capital airport is beyond me. I guess they weren't smart enough to check anyone else than travelers from China and Italy. She flew in, took a train from capital to here, and went to local hospital herself.
  11. First infected person in my area was announced today (a person travelling back from Thailand). Officials remain silent, probably in order not to spread panic.
  12. Update the wiki when you have the chance. You'll save others hours of frustration.
  13. Not sure whether it was already mentioned, but is it possible to eliminate rounding? It's problematic mostly with texture scale and changing light colors. For example, high-res textures often require 1:8 and 1:16 scale-down ratio (0.125 and 0.0625 respectively). The value of 0.125 works correctly, but 0.0625 gets rounded to 0.063. As GPUs get more and more powerful (and have more VRAM), we'll be able to use 2k and 4k textures more frequently. But as of now, we can't scale them down more than 8 times without loosing precision. So a 2k tiling texture has to cover a 256 x 256 units space minimum, a 4k texture has to encompass area of 512 x 512 units, etc.
  14. Being hardcore or not mostly depends on difficulty of the levels, not on the genre. OMs are not that difficult, it's FMs that often have that difficulty curve pretty steep (or spiked). That said, the core mechanics (light-based stealth) makes hard to design levels. It requires night time settings most of the time, and lighting is not an aesthetic tool, but gameplay tool first and foremost. That's why e.g. games like Dishonored ditched light-based model to have greater variety of maps and lighting conditions.
  15. I wish there was more tours like this: The only nitpick I have is the framerate. 24 fps and motion blur looks poor on bigger screens.
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