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  1. One of basic rules of level design is that a map has to be fun to navigate. And yet even the most seasoned authors seem to struggle with that, to the point that some players are led to believe that player movement in TDM is clunky, which couldn't be further from the truth. So I thought it would be good to have a reference test map to check player abilities and blockout your geometry accordingly. This is by no means final, but hopefully it will give you some idea about when the player movement shines, and what should be avoided. For the sake of simplicity I tested the most common measureme
  2. There's a simple way to work your way around that, just make all participants record a track on their end with Audacity or other free software. This way you'll have similar quality of all the voices, not just the host.
  3. @greeboSince you want to replace shader coding, then something simple like Unity material inspector would be a good example to follow:
  4. This one would be hard, as material in DR would have to look the same in-game, so DR would have to support TDM rendering features. I think correct diffuse, normal, specular, cubemap and alphatest/translucent alpha would cover 90% of cases. Blend add and 64-bit color/bloom would also be nice. Then maybe heathaze and we're like 99% there. What about the main work area, would that be something like a notepad with autorefresh in 3d preview in the left or right pane? I assume you don't want to do any node-based stuff or implement "intellisense" features like keyword autocompletion or autoclose
  5. I haven't played Doom Eternal yet, but it's great to hear this tune in full dymnamic range, after all these years! Original Doom 3 track is awfully compressed, it sounds as if it was recorded through a vacuum cleaner hose. There are many sound effects you couldn't hear clearly because of that.
  6. No worries, it doesn't sound offensive at all But you're right, for some games there were "regional" editions of Steam keys here, which were slightly cheaper on the launch day. I remember first Dishonored being branded as "RHCP" here, which stands for "Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland". Not very funky indeed. But even that isn't a common practice anymore. If I find cheaper options, it's usually on CDkeys, which either has European or Worldwide keys for games, and that's where the lower price comes from (I hope it's only that...). But typically I just buy games a year after launch
  7. Actually, we already have game prices that are similar, if not identical to EUR in terms of the exchange ratio. A new AAA title on Steam is 250 PLN, which is around 60 EUR, and it has been like that for years now.
  8. Also, if that's the case, a small hint: H – hide selected Shift+H – unhide all Ctrl+Shift+H – hide everything but selected
  9. About that geo-locking thing, Valve and other companies just have been fined for this: https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2021/01/20/valve-and-five-publishers-fined-e7-8-million-for-geo-blocking-steam-keys/
  10. But getting back to the topic, several media outlets wrote that the game sold over 13 million copies and, as usual, there's a "roadmap". Hopefully devs will be able to bounce back and go the Hello Games way.
  11. Well, it was you who jumped at me saying that I should know better, since I make the assets. Not that there's any necessary logical entailment between those two sentences. But you didn't say anything substantial, so it was just a jab to annoy me. And the whole exchange is not the first time you do it here, it's your usual tactics to waste other people's time. I'd be perfectly happy if you don't engage with me, and if I gave I hint that I value your opinion on something that I wrote, I'm sorry and I promise that won't happen again.
  12. Yeah, since you're a known shitposter here, you don't get to make the rules. There are figures on both gaming and biz websites, and there are detailed breakdowns on CDPR website for investors too. Do your own research, if you're curious, otherwise don't bother people with your sealioning, it's not the first time you do this.
  13. Marketing for CP2077 was much bigger. They had Keanu deal, hardware tie-ins (video cards, peripherals, gaming chairs, even stuff like shoes), tons of adverts around the world, trailers, media events – it's all in the video. The overall cost of development is estimated at around 120 milion USD (and it's also other in-house projects, not just CP), while the total cost is at 330 million. So it's closer to 2:1 on marketing.
  14. Believe? Are you still stuck in the "games are too expensive to make" era? It's not about beliefs, it's data. And it's not a new thing either. AAA sector can spend anything from +100% to + 200 % dev cost on marketing. Just google a few high-profile AAA games from last decade or so. And actually find how CP budget was spent. And talking about assets, those are actually much easier and faster to make than ever before. 3d scanning is everywhere, so is Substance and Quixel. Game companies keep huge libraries of procedural textures and materials to adjust them to any game they make at an
  15. It really shows how broken the whole AAA system is. They spend 2/3rd of their budget on marketing, 1/3rd on actual development, upping the already high expectations to the ridiculous level, basically tying up a noose on their necks. And then, they either daydream and kid themselves they're able to pull it off, or straight out lie until the last minute, so they can gamble on the stock market for just a little longer. It's really sad that people had to crunch and waste their health and family relationships on this. What's also weird to me is that nobody from management in this industry lear
  16. Crowbcat delivers, as always:
  17. Yeah, I could use LODs, although the whole subject is more complicated than it looks... First off, realtime reflections need planar surfaces, you can't do them on convex or concave shapes. In order to circumvent that, I made the RT version with two materials, one for the glass, one for the frame. Also, there's an engine limitation where you can't have more than one RT reflection surface in view. If there are more, they get disabled. This is probably a good thing though, I can imagine all hell breaking loose if there was no limit to these surfaces... [Edit] Secondly, for the sake of a
  18. Lately, I've been researching mirrors and real-time reflections, as in most missions I've seen them super clear and 100% reflective. It turns out there are better ways to do it. I wouldn't recommend real-time reflections in general, as there are quite numerous limitations on their use, and they're quite resource-heavy. But there are ways to make them look good. I'll go with the cubemap version, if the model ends up in my FM.
  19. You don't have to look far to find examples, Thief reboot had animations for taking loot from all the cupboards and drawers, and it was boring as hell.
  20. Right now everybody and their mother wants to have their own selling platform. Instead of locking games to their launchers, they could release them everywhere and woo clients with competitive prices – which isn't really hard to do, if you want to compete with Steam, because it has almost everything in highest RRPs possible, unless there's a sale. Epic bought out several dozens of high-profile games and locked them, and that's why this was annoying. That said, I typically wait at least half a year, as I want to get a finished product, so if it appears a year later on GOG or Steam, with all
  21. There are Steam-exclusive games? I don't think I've bought any, not consciously at least. And I thought it's obvious that there's a difference between PC-only game being made like that for various legitimate reasons (budget, control scheme problems, etc.), and a game that can easily be multiplatform, but it's locked to one one console or storefront because reasons. Using shallow symmetry arguments like that is cheap trolling, you know Otherwise, I believe all console players, or other account owners should be able to play all the games being released, on a platform of their choice.
  22. I don't hate Epic Launcher, but I do hate exclusivity, in general, hardware or software. I'll always be against artificially limiting access to cultural works. So I'm not buying any Epic Store exclusive out of principle. I can wait And having an app to manage all other store accounts, so you remember what you've bought is a clear sign the system is broken, and probably a mess from a GDPR standpoint
  23. I'd say it's more about lighting. Most people put one shadow casting light per room or light source, and call it a day. They're not curious how lighting works, they don't examine photos or movies, etc.
  24. Saying that TDM looks like Thief 1/2 is kinda trolling, so I ignored that
  25. ^ But comparing Thief screenshots to TDM promotional WIPs is an exaggeration as well It's not that an average TDM mission looks like that. But there are a few cool looking ones, no doubt about it, you can use sites like Thief Guild to look for something you might like.
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