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  1. You cannot seriously try to justify this... I dont think there is anything wrong with my comment, it dont needs to be constructive at all if my mission is just to point something out. I dont expect in return that someone comes after me personally, i mean he went to far and i now pointed that out.
  2. Attacking me personally in PMs is very professional. Look who is the Toxic stalker now ^^ Only because i repeated myself yet again you are exploding like this, fragile and toxic is defined by this.
  3. Take away everything you didnt create so we might see what you ACTUALLY did. I only see Blurry bright light and garret. And garret is definitly not yours.
  4. Using RayTracing for reflections would already be a huge step. The full package with RayTracing isnt even known yet and the technique is super young. We know how todo rendering with it... but we never dealth with frame steps before like this.
  5. Stop speaking in these "ultraism" terms. There are different types of AO. ScreenSpace AO is by design always the lacking one. AO that uses geometry data without camera perspective is what we would need. It would be accurate and would not follow a pattern. Grain is a general issue of filtering, we have that because of Hardware limitations, not because of bad shadercode. If you want no grain, just push the filter samples up and see your pc slowly dying. A screenspace calculated AO will never ever reach the quality level which a scene based will have. You can look this technique up in Battlefield 3, it costs alot but looks very good and for most: its not depth dependent.
  6. Wow this eats alot of FPS and its not even that visible O.o The filter radius is way to big!
  7. Any AO is better then nothing really. The AO in this picture is only screenspace, you can see that the filter radius doesnt extend in the back. We clearly need this <3
  8. Filizitas

    Hedon is out

    You can ask me anything, i know every bit about the game :3 I will use spoilers if one tells me how XD
  9. Filizitas

    Hedon is out

    HEDON IS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get it now Its awesome as all hell!!!!
  10. I have sent you a raw version of the email. I cant do more.
  11. I did a playthrough of it, its not a good playthrough. But even dumb me managed to finish this mission :3
  12. So i continued my road. Today i have placeholder textures and more rooms for you. Also knockouts XD Pls observe the lightgem. Its very alive.
  13. You can look again ^^" Its actually a full scale working light gem system. I could go so far to even clone the combined light that the player is under and reuse that. I dont want to get into too much detail right now. Please i need all your energy that i can finish the geometry and texture it... The old geometry is sooooo horror. I am beeing abused!!!
  14. Hello friens, I started doing something. I sorta do it for fun currently. Someone once said that they wanted to see Thief missions in modern engines etc. Looks like i started with it... I used Dromed to get myself a blueprint of the map, i then started rebuilding the geometry. God the OG geometry is a cursed mess!!!! I am also fixing alot of issues right away and changing small designs to be more immersive/static correct. MUTE AUDIO, its one piece...
  15. Owl send you new link directly. Semms to be the case of a... DEAD link.... HAHA
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