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  1. I think the textures are attached to the files, if not tell me! SPE_food_strawberry_cake_complete.fbx SPE_food_strawberry_cake_cut.fbx SPE_food_strawberry_cake_single.fbx
  2. I could try repainting it! And then i could send it here as zip file!
  3. I have some saddest news. The image sadly is too big to be uploaded here. I
  4. Filizitas


    I would love to be wrong you know... in this case. Give me ammunition. But i am not going to attack a developer for things that i cant proof. Evidence or it didnt happen.
  5. Filizitas


    Yes but everyone can do this... You have no clear evidence here.
  6. Filizitas


    I too am in the very critical train for gloomwood... but i have to defend them here by stating: The title "Thief with guns" and the Website, were not made by a developer but a fan. Be careful.
  7. Some new content is on the map, alongside a new mechanic! VIDEO:
  8. This looks amazing and fun i want to try this!
  9. I am working on Elevator stuff, need to figure out how to keep the player inside the elevator when saving...
  10. I am working on some new assets and looks, here is another preview.
  11. Hello frens, i managed to do my own speedrun of the demo! I hope you like it, it was my first time and i struggled hard.
  12. I sadly never managed to finish this mission. Its very well made but i sadly got confused alot. I will try again soon
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