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  1. Yee the campaign levels hold far more complicated things But they would ofc spoil the results of a focussed performance test. Its gonna be interesting!
  2. I wanted to share a funny thing i happened to experience while testing the NPCs... These are 63 NPCs that work nearly perfectly with great fps. And its super funny.
  3. So its 2021 and alot things are happening. Here is a short peek into what i am doing currently. There will be alot more soon.
  4. But who can we really trust to make such a game these days XD Arkane has been shining very much and square enix is now fully into microtransactions and multiplayer... Let it stay dead before you put it to shame even more...
  5. Hello friends and critics! I want to post my last update for 2020. I changed quite alot since the video came out and i am still reading into all your messages. I updated yoanas flat a bit more and heavily changed the code and fixed bugs. This is the tweet: https://twitter.com/yrdenwatch/status/1341724458164363272?s=20
  6. I should play this mission again just for old time sakes. I love how you changed the item system. And it looks so good!
  7. It is very subjective if you say that the frob is boring, i personally like it just fine. You shouldnt give this to authors, go to the top floor and give it directly to players. Make an option in the settings for different frob options. I can say these things because critics of my work have spoken to me, about my frob highlight and so i decided to implement a setting row for the user, in the settings menu.
  8. I like the title. A mission inside a hammer factory. That sounds lit!
  9. Current update is this: I took a break from gamedev that i will probably finish in december. I made a proper list with changes and stuff that so far has 26 entries. I want to make a longer video with much slower movement setting. And i want to talk over the video to explain things. I only post updates on youtube and twitter. Thanks for your thoughts! :3
  10. I studied alot of lockpicking systems and decided that even with all my skill it would be better to take a simple one from the Marketplace and enhance it. I took a bethesda inspired one and added bolt levels to it and removed the pin breaking. I have some basic issues with it but the overall result is: It has to be simple. This feature is a core feature so you dont want to make it a large complicated effort. I just hate the system in thief 1 and 2. They are just clunky and horrible. Thief 3 was super fast and had levels... That was properly done.
  11. @nbohr1more This is exactly one good reason to keep your distance to thief. I cannot fulfill the needs of the thief community so from the beginning there was a clear statement in my mind that i would do my own thing. I am working on this alone mostly but i have a thief veteran at my side who made fan missions himself. Together we talk about alot issues and we take into account posts people make on different forums. Your suggestions on tdm are directly influencing my game, so keep making them, they are heard by me aswell! Also i take my main inspiration from popular thief 2 fan mi
  12. I actually forgot to show the credits in the video. I am using tdm music currently with thief OG music. That is all temporal. For the Fan Mission part, well its certainly possible yes but i have to focus on making a great game for now! The game is coded in a very modular way in preperation for modding. I hope in the future to use more ressources on asset creation and sounds but those arent important. Thief looks really bad and is aged alot but we still heavily enjoy it. Its all in the gameplay which matters to me the most
  13. If i am shamelessly advertising my project here then please let me know! I would like to drop you a video of my 11 months project. You can of course do what ever you want but please keep in mind the following. I dont actually thing that either thief 1 or 2 or 3 are great games. I think they are fantastic but i am not into them fully. I feel like they are too long, unfocussed and i find it a bit to subtle. I am making my own thing here but i am trying to not derive to heavy of thief. Please respect my wish todo my own thief. With love, F.
  14. The missions have evolved from their clunky blocky mess look to finally smooth organic. Very impressive.
  15. The wobbly legs are actually quite cool. They enhance the fear and anxiety alot as you slowly realize how fucked up everything is. Its a thing with crysis games but i never felt it was disturb.
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