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  1. About the Blackjack thing, i ask myself why it even exists. In my studies about immersion and realism i came across multiple voices that clearly said that the blackjack is a murder weapon. Do people honestly believe that you can safely knock someone out with a heavy stick? I like the way they do it in dishonored, it is very close to the real world equal and is indeed much more safe. The Black Jack needs an unrealistic amount of Game magic multiplicator to work. And the way that you can just bonk everyone on the head from any angle... and they all just fall over safely and fast. That is very very OP.
  2. I also find the anti knockout rule a bit strong because of my playstyle. You dont violate the prime directive of stealing stuff by knocking out a few people. It should be up for gamerules and not immersion. I like to just bonk everyone if possible, its safe and i am not good enough for ghosting.
  3. Filizitas

    Story Mod

    Arent the mission series sorta like story campaigns? William steele? that stuff? I love those.
  4. I like the missions, all the cool ideas and usage of systems. But i think it needs some polishing. The hall reverb effects are really over the top. There is a robot that makes a really really loud hissing noise hes out side at the starting area. The cameras seem to make alarm but i cannot hear it? Its clearly very cool and i hope to finish it soon
  5. I must be fair, i had an issue with the electric light. I didnt enjoy it that there were no lightswitches those clearly would add alot to me. I havent found any :c
  6. Yee that is a difficult problem but i do want to state that AI after this only goes into alert mode for a while. In thief 3 they freak out and you have to go somewhere else, they might even press the alarm. However not every guard could have that attention level, as we know alot of guards are straight out drunk.
  7. I am very ok with the resistence, i understand now that it wouldnt add anything to the thief soul itself. I am interested about the idea of stealing small loots now instead of giant metal bars and golden dog statues... Maybe there is a relation to the loot directly. An investigation has been started
  8. Well this is more theoretical. Ideas for enhancing the original thief formular and getting feedback from a part of the thief community. It would need to have a setup of data for every loot item and a heavily array driven setup. The bag should be able to carry the item array and it should be part of the main system. There are problems with this idea in regards to the dropping of the bag and the idea that you had to retrieve the bag later and go back to it over and over.
  9. I cannot believe someone had the exact same idea as me. This is so on point with what i thought. Damn damn good point!
  10. I cant find any topic about this with the search bar. Need a new 2020 Topic for this! Can we have a discussion about garret stealing the entire inventory of a museum but still beeing able to walk and jump as usual? Should the amount of loot the player stole not make noises or more? I am looking into this as there is an inherint issue with immersion and realism. What are thoughts abouts this?
  11. Having a slider or a button for Headbobbing could solve both arguments. I would love it.
  12. I ask myself how well this would run on my 249 Euro Laptop from 2019 I will try
  13. My appeal to it is that it looks smooth and clear. Like i can feel the depth now. I would love to see more but i fear its a dead end. The geometry in the newer missions is already so detailed that it could be useless to turn down just the textures. love n hugs
  14. I just want to link this for ORB. https://www.moddb.com/mods/thievery-ut Continue!
  15. Can we go back to the original questions! Can we talk about why we use ambient light? And why cant dark caves not be fully dark? Should we have a setting for ambient light?
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