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  1. I dont think adding size in terms of "wide" adds anything good to the gameplay. That the viewcone system apparently is able to see part the edges of the pillar and still being able to recognize it as a player. Do we have to stand sideways now to not being seen? I dont think that is fun.
  2. I need to follow this up as i was made aware of some stupid bugs. - The intro cinematic was missing, that should be fixed now. - You couldnt kill enemies on any difficulty, i hope that was fixed aswell. After watching a video of a youtuber i decided finally that i have to spend some quality time with the AI. Its behaving very irrational at times and needs to be expanded feature wise. The link for the Hotfix is here! LINK: https://filly-the-owl.itch.io/delight-stealth
  3. Ok here you go, the game also had a name change due to legal reasons i want to avoid. https://twitter.com/yrdenwatch/status/1382278107231567873?s=20 https://filly-the-owl.itch.io/delight-stealth
  4. I would love to experiment with this one. It all comes down to balancing in gameplay. When you consume a water arrow to extinguish a fire based light source, but a guard can just come and relight it. It could become annoying fast if they just ALWAYS instantly relight everything. Thinking about prohibiting this to specific npcs like guards, monsters cant do it and so cant random civil npcs. And then maybe a factor of cariness, where a guard can only relight things when suspicious. Its a cool thing in general, makes ai smarter.
  5. Oh that looks sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!
  6. I will update this game in the 14th of april, it would be great if you could use that highly enhanced superior version! Can you link the wiki?
  7. I experimented with an FOV slider. Not sure how to solve that yet as there is vertical and horizontal FOV. I will study how other games done it!
  8. Ok you can test this thing out now. https://filly-the-owl.itch.io/delight-stealth
  9. Its has been nearly 10 days now. I am opening the discord for everyone interested! https://twitter.com/yrdenwatch/status/1376820777941614592?s=20
  10. Ok in 10 days. https://twitter.com/yrdenwatch/status/1373365980341145606?s=20
  11. That looks really hot yes, ship this!
  12. It looks great, i mean the screenshots are too small to actually see something. But the idea looks good. Can you make a video at max graphics settings?
  13. I actually thought about this problem and came up with a solution. If the player uses a skip he instantly reverts his right on his own version of events anyways, why would he skip else? So just make a playable "save" for every mission that has just the right equipment/starting money for shops, to finish the mission. The action of skipping a mission or selecting one out of context always comes with this issue.
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