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  1. And i still want a system to search these missions by date and status :c
  2. This looks amazing! Now we just need some more pbr! So good!
  3. This is really as close as you can get probably. And this stuff is HIGHLY expensive. If i were you guys i would go for a screen space solution. For that you will need Temporal AA.
  4. You dont even have SSR yet, so i highly doubt that there is any room for any GI solution. Unless someone codes a voxel solution. Yes it would be nice but i dont think you need it You already have these cool smooth shadows and SSAO!
  5. I oppose aggressive action like kicks, however the ice thing sounds more like something cool. Pushing a door open by force, was a topic already, i will debate this internally.
  6. Extend the possibilities then, i am listening and open for new ideas
  7. Attaching TDM to nexus would decrease its value and status. TDM has its own distribution system for content, we dont nexus at all. If you wanted to enhance TDM then there is only 1 way togo, you make a proper launcher for the game. Dont put more water into this chemical, its not gonna make it better.
  8. I thought about this arrow too, it would certainly need to have some good logic behind it. I would more think of it as an EMP arrow for small lamps and to temporally disable robots!
  9. Filizitas

    Oh shit.

    Quote: Sharia laws on one side... amazons diversity guidelines on the other. We now live in a world of extremes. My heart goes out to the women in afgahn... Old, religious, men will now decide their fate and lifestyle... It will destroy the entire country.
  10. If you want to add a minimap, cool, however i am a bit shocked by this sudden change of heart XD Werent we of the position that minimaps are really bad for this kind of game? Do i understand this right?
  11. I didnt even hear of this until yet lol. Is there really a HD pack for tdm? haha nice!
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