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  1. I just pushed a new update for the techdemo, its only minor but was important! https://filly-the-owl.itch.io/project-thf-alpha Please also take notice to my Kofi, you can support me financially here, it is dire needed! https://ko-fi.com/ladyglinnevier Also make sure to take a read of the interview i gave, i can highly recommend it! https://www.thiefguild.com/news/1/66709/a-thief-inspired-fm-influenced-immersive-stealth-game-in-works And please join my discord, its the best way to stay in contacted and get involved! https://discord.com/invite/2azhNerAgM
  2. I have great news! There was an interview me from ThiefGuild . com! Check it out! https://www.thiefguild.com/news/1/66709/a-thief-inspired-fm-influenced-immersive-stealth-game-in-works
  3. He thanks for the nice words! Alot going on! Delightfyl demo 2 should be in german? Well its abondanware now You do not yet save in project SITN. I will do saving last this time, i want to focus on stability and fun first Make sure to join the discord! https://discord.com/invite/2azhNerAgM
  4. To my surprise, i have a new update on the project! Its a big update with many new contents! Please take a look, its a glorious new update. p.s I am still working on stableizing the AI, it has alot of issues currently https://filly-the-owl.itch.io/project-thf-alpha
  5. I knew from the start that that french baguette user is YOU HAHAHAH
  6. Wouldnt that be great hahah. Noone has that money!
  7. Haha good try, i am glad people cant figure it out. I dont want my code to be sold to other people. I want to profit from it big time. That means if i dont find a solution for this project, it will go under forever. Ofc i will take the award as best thief clone anyways. Thats the reality of this genre.
  8. Heya sure, I am distracted because i am very busy with YWA, i am writing a book and have plans beyond that. Its really massive. I simply think that i am not suited to make a game like this rn... maybe in 5 or 10 years. Its hella expensive and you need alot people, i simply cant wait that long. I need to invest in better things.
  9. Hey its been some time, I just wanted to make you guys aware, that i have been secretly at work, on the side, on a total remake of the systems from delightfyl. I post a few videos below, the new systems are really really powerful and stable! No idea what i will do with this yet... The effort to make a full game is really expensive and i am distracted and creatively bankrupt. Without outside help i will never make a game like this evermore.
  10. This is a really great idea... Somewhat wants me to play through all missions like in thief 3... just to get my list with all stars. Really really awesome!
  11. Filizitas


    I finished the update today. I in favor too yes. I still ahve my doubts about that 5/5 tho... The inventory is always the same size no matter the difficulty. I often find myself not understanding the mechanics of the game because nearly nothing is explained. I dont like this experimental approach, never will. It has nothing todo with handholding, its about world building. Anyways. Had fun, cant wait for more!
  12. I am in full support of this. Give players the option to turn it off too. This would majorly help with scene depth! If someone can give us that, it would be amazing! Thank you!
  13. Wasnt this in the first or second thief game too? That objects had names? I think its a cool idea so i will keep it in mind!
  14. They might be crazy yes but i am generally always looking at the ideas and feedback! Its cool to see clever new ideas and enhancements, so that i can implement them in my own work!
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