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  1. Some new content is on the map, alongside a new mechanic! VIDEO:
  2. This looks amazing and fun i want to try this!
  3. I am working on Elevator stuff, need to figure out how to keep the player inside the elevator when saving...
  4. I am working on some new assets and looks, here is another preview.
  5. Hello frens, i managed to do my own speedrun of the demo! I hope you like it, it was my first time and i struggled hard.
  6. I sadly never managed to finish this mission. Its very well made but i sadly got confused alot. I will try again soon
  7. There is no cap if you dont want it. You can deactivate the cap and get 999fps. I never seen someone with that hardware but the game has some locks in the code to prevent fallout 4 syndrome. Whats stoping you, hardware ofc.
  8. I just want to add: I love accessability, because i miss them in alot of modern games. Delightfyl has many fps settings, so you can totally get 144fps if that makes you horny.
  9. For some reason i didnt get any notice about your reply... entirely missed. Not even a reaction. For the run question: Play the tutorial :3 The game has six movement speeds. For the FOV thing: I am just glad i have one and the values i set a fire proof. I will not change that sadly. About the performance: I have all kinds of people talking about this to me, some get fantastic results and others on 60 to 80fps. I hope to be able to improve this a bit more but currently it doesnt look good in that regard.
  10. Ill wait for a first patch and then give it a try :3 nice job. CAUTION: spiders, rats, undead, necrophiles, cannibals, psychotic thugs, and some generally unsavory characters. No snakes, though. The spiders ate them. Very horny
  11. Its very likely that the new development process will already have more testing then ever. But there is a special group of people in my discord now who will be able to test things out more often!
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