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  1. Yup, that's it. And I don't think it's going to happen. Thank you.
  2. Almost a month in and I am still playing this mission. I've stumbled into a bunch of stuff that shone a whole new light on everything, and I'm over 10k loot now. Anyway, does there happen to be... ...anywhere in the map? I've found just about everything else, and I appear to need one... I've tried go get at it for hours, to no avail. There seems to be no other route.
  3. I am astounded anew. I finished all of stated objectives as well as half a dozen hidden ones, and thought I did pretty well scraping up 5467 in loot, but as it turns out there's actually... ...in the game, soooooo yeahhhhhh. I was never a practitioner of the Lytha method, but that's just unacceptable. No rest for the wicked in the... ...just yet. Best. Mission. Evar.
  4. Thank you, I did end up finding the tools in question. This map absolutely amazes me. I had finally located the entrance to the target area, and I ended up getting distracted by yet another series of routes I hadn't noticed before, and ended up halfway across the city. Again, just higher up this time. And I loved the distraction. Aside from the dimensional intricacy, the textures are vibrant, the use of lighting nigh-perfect, and the endless, rich array of details is a delight. I could go on and. This mission is just superb.
  5. I've just discovered this mission, and I must say, this is the the thickest, most tangled, convoluted, clotted, bewildering maze-like city environment I've ever experienced. My hat's off to the creators. On a side note...
  6. Will confirm this still exists. The... ...carry keys that are unfrobable under any conditions.
  7. They look more like MidJourney to me. This is easily one of the sharpest, most polished, imaginative, and generally well done TDM FMs I've played. I've spent hours in it, and as far as I can tell, there's only one thing left I'm concerned with that eludes me: Oblique, tangential hints are quite acceptable.
  8. Oleron


    I just heard about this game recently, and have been watching run throughs on YT; it certainly does worship old-school Thief.
  9. Alienware X17 R1 i7-11800H 16gb 3200 RTX 3070 Mobile 2x 1tb M.2 Linux Mint X64 20.3
  10. The door to the Apothecary shop is only partially pick-able: is that intentional? Nm. Not sure why my game was acting so strangely there...
  11. I've only been at it ten minutes or so, but it looks terrific with maxed-out settings.
  12. It was easier just to disable Secure Boot =D
  13. Actually, it turned out to be Secure Boot interfering.
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