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  1. Can we go back to the original questions! Can we talk about why we use ambient light? And why cant dark caves not be fully dark? Should we have a setting for ambient light?
  2. I originally threw that idea out of the window, but now that you/sotha show me this. I mean if that is ok? Lets see what the others say
  3. Hello, Recently while doing some stuff with light i asked myself a questions: For the sake of immersion, should dark caves with 0 light sources be pitchblack? You can ask this question multiple games: We see Ambient light in Skyrim in nearly all caves/dungeons- I cant remember a single moment in thief [1,2,3] where there was full darkness. Amnesia has ambient light in only a few levels, the rest is completly dark. Splinter cell uses full darkness in only a few spots. What do we do here, TDM doesnt use full darkness either. Can we talk about why we use ambient light? And why cant dark caves not be fully dark? Should we have a setting for ambient light? Please tell me what your experiences are i cant decide on what looks/is better. I like this light more: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/72594
  4. I used the SSAO too and tested it. I actually find that it is very absent. But i probably expect contact shadows. You can clearly see that it is just screenspace. But its generally totally ok! I use it now fulltime!
  5. I did it as you said. It installed tdm without any start exe O.o I reded the update and now everything is 2.08
  6. I reinstall TDM completly then /shrug
  7. Mh, i looked at it yes. But its just a mobile game really.
  8. Yee, it still says 2.07 in console and menu. Maybe it cant finish the install now.
  9. Trying to update to 2.08 isnt working for me, i followed the steps for the updater but then it yells at me with VS. Running the named exe returns this: My VS setup uses all the latest libraries already. I use Visual studio 17 and 19 in full setup. I dont want to change this setup at all What can i do?
  10. Is SSAO already a thing in 2.08?? Wow
  11. I dont know exactly but: Why not load everything first and then play the intro and stuff? That might be hard todo now that the system is already coded.
  12. How slow is the loading really? I have a a pc that is optimized for speed and performance, has colling issues. General load time is a minute. In that time i get cookies and tea. I wouldnt recognize a loading problem on my side
  13. I think with epic the main issue would be hosting the FMs. Epic doesnt have a workshop system yet, even tho they have the tech for it. It would take very long.
  14. Mh, the Object manipulation issue is very interesting. Could this be a broken prop? I never experienced this, nor tried. And this issue with the crouch footsteps, i also never tested that but i am gonna try that too!
  15. Ok then maybe lets say: I find it more enjoyable TDS does it. Or Skyrim.
  16. Because it sets up a theater for the readable. In TDM notes look completly... irrelevant. They are not inviting at all. Thief DS makes you a comfy silent area with light and smart buttons, so you can enjoy the text in highest form. The pages are 3d, they move around... Its more then just a 2D flat thingy, its a 3d object that moves. I think both ideas are immersive but i find the arcady way of tds much smarter. There is a serious issue with note reading, its boring. Maybe not for you but i rarely have the patience.
  17. I am an advocat for epic games but: Currently tombraider games 100% off on steam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. I wanted to share my store story today... I am from germany. I wanted to buy groceries, i needed toilette paper, washing stuff and Tresor cornflakes. I was met with rampaged shelves, empty shelves or just half cleared shelves. The cornflakes shelf was completly devastated, packages with "Prize Competetions" Ripped open and just thrown back in, almost all of them. The milk Shelf, empty, Meat, Eggs empty... The freezer Products left in chaos... It was insane O.o People are literally buying everything in huge amounts now. The impact phase has started.
  19. Reading books and notes in TDM feels really clunky to me. I found that system in TDS much more immersive. I wish theyd fix that. Or i will never read lore properly XD
  20. Can we not just through all these ideas over board and make a fun mission where the nameless hero has to find groceries? And muffled guards with face masks!
  21. I too think regulated is the right word. The thief world is full of extremely dangerous magic and the keepers are here to keep the balance. I think the thief world stinks of magic, like its literally everywhere. The people that use this magic are very smart, highly strategic and super confident. This might be a knowledge thing, people generally know it exists but they are beeing protected. Its a dangerous setup that could suffer from "Too much information".
  22. I dont need to be educated to say that ^^ I can spread hope and good feelings whenever i want. The Best case scenario is that we randomly hit just the right vaccine in a short time and that people calm down.
  23. Canada just found out what corona is made up of. Its a huge breakthrough. I am sure we will beat this completly! Very soon!
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