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  1. I experimented with an FOV slider. Not sure how to solve that yet as there is vertical and horizontal FOV. I will study how other games done it!
  2. Ok you can test this thing out now. https://filly-the-owl.itch.io/delight-stealth
  3. Its has been nearly 10 days now. I am opening the discord for everyone interested! https://twitter.com/yrdenwatch/status/1376820777941614592?s=20
  4. Ok in 10 days. https://twitter.com/yrdenwatch/status/1373365980341145606?s=20
  5. That looks really hot yes, ship this!
  6. It looks great, i mean the screenshots are too small to actually see something. But the idea looks good. Can you make a video at max graphics settings?
  7. I actually thought about this problem and came up with a solution. If the player uses a skip he instantly reverts his right on his own version of events anyways, why would he skip else? So just make a playable "save" for every mission that has just the right equipment/starting money for shops, to finish the mission. The action of skipping a mission or selecting one out of context always comes with this issue.
  8. There is lots of info here and long texts that so mistake me if i didnt read it. But is it true that we and the thief community dont have a modding codex? Is there no context driven codex for tdm? TDM is by now almost 12 years old, you could still set a codex of rules up for it. I think that would help alot. Make every mission from that point on that wants onto the tdm list dependant on a codex.
  9. Interesting, you want a right click? Mh. Not sure if i would like that, it removes clunkiness.
  10. I heard there is a new volta mission in the make?? I didnt read anything about it here :c
  11. Oh i did alot of things in the past yes. I dont want to brag about it. Once the demo is out you can truely find out what the state of my skills is. Only a proper demo will prove if i am worthy
  12. Ha cool ideas! I am currently only playing on having the miners lamp to alert enemies instantly. The lamp darkness mechanic is actually very very cool and optional. You can just put on the brightness slider and you wouldnt need the lantern anymore. But someone who loves to immersive themselves will definitly use it. I am definitly trying to highlight the danger factor!
  13. I am using C++ and Blueprints. Unreal has a sound propagation system but i am not fully using it. There are issues with it gamedesign and technicly. I am using ue4 since 2015 march.
  14. Tahahhahaha yee i dont know what happened to the physics there, there was nothing wrong technicly. I am not sure if i have to fix anything... it might look weird but its just some physics.
  15. I decided to post a video today where i show alot of the things i have worked on these past 2 months. Its a major spoiler video.
  16. You might have missed this since the forum doesnt allow twitter emb. https://twitter.com/yrdenwatch/status/1354491998347157506?s=20
  17. Yee the campaign levels hold far more complicated things But they would ofc spoil the results of a focussed performance test. Its gonna be interesting!
  18. I wanted to share a funny thing i happened to experience while testing the NPCs... These are 63 NPCs that work nearly perfectly with great fps. And its super funny.
  19. So its 2021 and alot things are happening. Here is a short peek into what i am doing currently. There will be alot more soon.
  20. But who can we really trust to make such a game these days XD Arkane has been shining very much and square enix is now fully into microtransactions and multiplayer... Let it stay dead before you put it to shame even more...
  21. Hello friends and critics! I want to post my last update for 2020. I changed quite alot since the video came out and i am still reading into all your messages. I updated yoanas flat a bit more and heavily changed the code and fixed bugs. This is the tweet: https://twitter.com/yrdenwatch/status/1341724458164363272?s=20
  22. I should play this mission again just for old time sakes. I love how you changed the item system. And it looks so good!
  23. It is very subjective if you say that the frob is boring, i personally like it just fine. You shouldnt give this to authors, go to the top floor and give it directly to players. Make an option in the settings for different frob options. I can say these things because critics of my work have spoken to me, about my frob highlight and so i decided to implement a setting row for the user, in the settings menu.
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