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  1. Its very likely that the new development process will already have more testing then ever. But there is a special group of people in my discord now who will be able to test things out more often!
  2. The wheels are grinding again for new Content!
  3. Just out of curiosity, what is it that a modern thief can give you that thief 2 fan missions cant? Is there some wrong with "epic action movie with super cereal stakes and emotional drama"? Or is that a personal preference? I really want to know, because these are things i found missing in thief 1 and 2. Thief 3 was the only game that actually ticked all boxes for me, even with the flaws.
  4. I want to play written in stone and iris so badly but i dont have alot time haha. And i also want to make more cake and food items.
  5. I have made cake, can someone come and help me convert it to TDM. I want to make more assets that tdm and delightfyl can share.
  6. I am going to slowly upload all the parts as fast as slow can get me. Just revisit my channel for the new parts!
  7. Nice, i will play it then and releease my next playthrough.
  8. Is there gonna be an update for this? Can i play it or should i wait?
  9. I would like to share the nearly final patch for demo 2 before going onto steam. There is currently a weird bug that doesnt return the instance back to 0 when going into the main menu. But i can fix those in the next patch. Please note that this update is the biggest so far and i doubt that its gonna end with just these notes. https://filly-the-owl.itch.io/delightfyl-demo-2 Going live in a few minutes.
  10. I dont want any changes to the saving system on normal difficulty.
  11. This is indeed a weird thing. I think inputs should be blocked while downloading a mission, or so. Maybe an extra GUI with a progress bar for download?
  12. Filizitas


    I also realized very early in my carrier that people enjoy games for gameplay/story and experience more. As long as the game has a certain level of visual prowders, they will gib moneys. The consumer is they You could probably release oblivion today, without changing the graphics as long as the game is much more stable. Just think to yourself: I download a 250gb call of duty game... for 3 days... then i play it 12 hours... and now i am done? What is quantity vs quality. Gloomwood can probably be played on an onld washingmachine from the 60s... Well no its Unity but still... people will enjoy a game that doesnt have any technical issues.
  13. Ha, experiments are cool. Yee i too decided against save restrictions. There is just no way to make it feasable. However you are on the right track to glory. Your mission on normal difficulty is very round, i love the blowtorch mechanic so much that i wrote it onto the delightfyl ideas board. If this was a standalone game you could charge money for that. This comes from a person who already managed todo that. cant wait to see more!
  14. Its a resident evil thing. I understand this very very well but i think thief is the definition of safe room.
  15. I made a playthrough on youtube for this and i hid it inside this spoiler. Very very fun! Your best work so far!
  16. Fantastic mission. I didnt find a single secret... So much todo. And that blowtorch mechanic...
  17. I would like share the new update here, it has a lot new performance! If you had serious performance problems in the island mission, try this new build! https://filly-the-owl.itch.io/delightfyl-demo-2/devlog/337939/hotfix-0074-performance
  18. All missions need to be updated now? Because of the volumetric light. Man thats so sick.
  19. Currently in question are the following OS: Windows, Mac, WhateverXboxorPS5 run. No promises.
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