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  1. I have the access code for the number lock that protects the metal door to the Hammerite area upstairs, and it works. But the same code appears to do nothing when used on the number lock that protects the glass doors near a security camera in the basement. What am I doing wrong please? OK, I have just found the readable which gives the correct (and different) code for those doors.
  2. I'm playing on Expert. I can find no clue to the [spoiler] code for the safe in Room 3. [/spoiler] Found it. I hadn't spotted the [spoiler] readable in the same room! [/spoiler]
  3. Thank you. This is a nice tribute. Playing on Expert, I had a crash to desktop after the final dedicatory message when the mission stats screen should have loaded, but that may be my installation. I get intermittent CTDs when making manual saves too. PS it might be an idea to put a post about this FM on ttlg.com as well.
  4. Replaying this on Expert. I have the book of Enigmas. But after trying several things, I cannot solve the secret with the two lion's head plaques. I have seen clues in this thread, but they have not helped...
  5. I'm playing on Hard, and finding the water trap impossible to escape. I don't have a breath potion, and don't recall seeing one or being tipped off that I should buy one at the outset. Even before the water starts rising, the grill I need to unlock highlights and unhighlights apparently at random, and this only gets worse when the water rises and I can't stay steady in front of the grill. The sound of the water makes it hard to hear the sound of the lockpicks and therefore judge when you need to change from one to the other. I can't seem to assign each lockpick to a particular function key, as you can in Thief, so I keep having to cycle through the inventory to find them. I've tried setting the lockpicking difficulty to Auto or Trainer, but I still drown. Am I missing an easier way of doing this?
  6. OK, thanks for that. The only other unusual thing I can recall is that I was able to blackjack two of the three guys at the table in the room above the stable without a problem, but the third stood up with one leg on the ground and one knee on the table. Whenever I snuck up behind him and blackjacked him, he flew right up into the air and bounced around, and I failed the 'kill only the target person' objective. So in the end I left him alone.
  7. Thanks. It might save everyone some time if someone could put a short 'how to use this forum' doc in the general discussion area, just as others have done over at the TTLG.com forums.
  8. Thanks for the mission, which I played on Hard! It ran fine for me, although I noticed some black shapes which did not look right, in particular black cubes around the horses in the stable covering everything except their heads and upper backs. The steward woke up when I placed the diary on his dresser and made a remark about a dropped key which I could not find. After a while he set off upstairs, stopping a couple of times along the way, then unlocked the door to the area where the owner is. I followed him in. A couple of queries. 1. Is there a particular use 2.
  9. I just completed this on Medium. Very enjoyable mission, and I didn't find anything that seemed like a bug. The building, when you find it, gets weirder the higher up you go. Oh, and there's an unexpected guest appearance by Ned Kelly.
  10. Which is also, I assume, why the mission is not yet appearing for download in the New Mission part of TDM.
  11. Thanks Melan. I'm very much looking forward to the next episode.
  12. Is anyone going to assist Frear? The readable makes it sound like
  13. prjames, "Ah, a hidden entrance"! Thanks for that. Incidentally, above and behind
  14. I've now played this excellent mission twice, once on Medium and once on Expert. On expert I finished with 2592 of 3197 loot. I found Any pointers as to its location please, and where I might find extra loot?
  15. I couldn't get the objects hanmin mentioned to balance, but I found what I think is the intended way into the Red Room. As for the "surprise",
  16. I too am stuck on getting into the Red Room. So far I have found
  17. Thanks. That seems to have resolved all remaining locked doors.
  18. Playing this on Expert, and enjoying it very much. I have completed all the objectives I know about, but there are still a few places I can't get to. (Sorry, I can't see how I'm supposed to put things in spoiler tags.) For instance: How do I get into the Pipe Station? There's a notice ona board suggesting someone at the Factory has a key, but I can't find that person. [Edit: got up there on my own but still never found any key for the locked doors of the Pipe Station.] Also, are we supposed to be able to open the chest in the nocturnal fiddler's room?
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