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  1. OK, in my haste to get started I didn't spot on the Objectives screen that's there's a total of 1K of rewards to be had from three optional tasks, all of which I have done. But presumably you have to "purchase" them, even though they don't cost anything, in order to receive the rewards.
  2. This is very good, and very different from the original. What's puzzling me is that, even though I have found the I've still only got 3154 out of 4184 loot (on Expert). Is there another big stash somewhere?
  3. I've just finished v1.1 on Expert. There were no T pose AI. Thanks for the mission! One quick question, in Airmid's grotto with all objectives met there were still two exits which were inaccessible (glassed over with a spell, presumably). Is that as it should be, or have I failed to do something to open them?
  4. geegee, thank you for this massive and in places very good looking mission. I managed to complete version 1, and am about to take on version 1.1. To save myself some RSI in my blackjacking arm, can I just check:
  5. The link in the first post no longer works, and I don't see v1.1 in the Downloadable Missions list ingame. The Mission Details page of the TDM site appears to have v1 only. Is the new version of the mission now completely unavailable? OK, I've just done a download from the Mission Details page. It does have links to v1.1, it's just that it describes it as being version 1.
  6. The door I'm talking about is an external door, which has a short inverted L shaped path between itself and the blacksmith's external door. I already have Weezil's key, but the door in question is locked, and won't open with that key or any other key I have, and it isn't pickable. it's the only locked door left I think - I haven't been to its other side.
  7. I was nearing the end of the original version, so I continued with it, finishing with loot. On returning to the Belcher having been to the lab, all the AI were behaving normally. Two queries please. 1. There is a building adjacent to the blacksmith's with a locked door into the yard. Where is the key for that door? 2. In the Hammerite building there is a small gargoyle in a glass case. It highlights, but does not interact with anything I have. What does it do? Thanks.
  8. On the issue of spawning, I knocked out all the Hammerites I could get to when I first entered their building. When I returned with Helot's quarters key to explore the rest of the building,
  9. I have continued palying, and I am confused as to the whereabouts of Airmid's grotto. I've found a note that says once I get beyond Bleak House it's a smooth run to Airmid's Grotto. I've dealt with the surving thugs at the house, but see no path to the grotto, so I'm stuck. Ok, it seems I need to
  10. I have just started this on Expert, and seem to have found the same problem. When I got to the Belcher pub, four people in the main bar were standing still in the crucifix pose, three of them had their heads slightly detached.
  11. Playing on Expert, and I'm curious about missing loot. I've got 5624 out of 6384, so 760 is missing, despite quite a lot of searching. I already have: Also and plus I also found Any other hints would be much appreciated!
  12. Thanks very much for the mission. I managed to get through it on expert with 5549 loot, but parts were tough - especially the tailing part - and required reloads once I knew in which direction my target was heading. I used the start area Tedious but also strangely satisying! Had I known they were all going to spawn again I may not have bothered, although I did eventually manage to eliminate all the guards even after returning from the thieves lair. On my way to the lair I passed through a shop run by a female thief who had a purse, I think. I was too busy following my target and staying out of sight to steal it then, and on my way back she seemed to have completely disappeared so her purse was unobtainable. Is that right, or is she hiding somewhere? I found loot items in and managed to perform some to get some more! Despite scouring the map, I don't think I found the mentioned above. Could I have a hint please?
  13. Safe combination, outright spoiler. I hope I'm remembering it right, and it's the same on all levels (I played on Expert).
  14. My CPU is an Intel Core i7-4720HQ CPU @ 2.60 Ghz. Uncap FPS was Off, I set it to On but the problem recurred. I don't know how to open the console. The curious thing is that when it happens, that particular AI, still in the seated postion, shoots off down towards the bar before disappearing. It's as if he has suddenly stopped moving relative to the rest of the train.
  15. I'm playing on Expert, and getting a mission fail in the tavern car, because the FM thinks I have killed someone when I haven't. I've knocked out the bar maid and the guy with the sword nearest the bar, and extingusihed all the lights. Then one of the seated male guests seems to "teleport" towards the bar untouched by me and that's when the mission fail message appears. I have now replayed this section, and think that previously I may have put the bar maid's unconscious body too near the stove in the kitchen room adjacent to the bar. This time I didn't and was able to finish the mission. I just replayed that car for a third time. There seems to be an issue with one of the men sitting at the table with the gold dagger, namely the man who is facing the carriage wall. He cannot be blackjacked without dying, and sometimes he just spontaneously dies and vanishes - at least for me he does!
  16. I did look up, but saw no rhyme or reason in the symbols on the ceiling. In the end I got across by watching Fen's video, where he does not offer an explanation for getting across. For me it was by fluke.
  17. I'm replaying this on Expert. I cannot make the jump across the gap in the There's some loot and, I think, a mask on the other side. But each time I try to jump across my head hits the ceiling and I fall short and die. Jumping from a crouched start does not give the necesary distance, and I don't have a speed potion (not sure if that even exists in TDM). It is frustrating and in danger of spoiling an excellent mission. How am I supposed to get across?
  18. I copied tdm_ai_humanoid_beasts01.pk4 from a subdirectory where I had previously installed 2.10 beta into the main Dark Mod directory, replacing the file that was already there. I ran tdm_installer again and it has worked.
  19. I've extracted tdm_installer.exe v1.10 into my existing Dark Mod folder. I try to run it with Get custom version and Advanced settings both unchecked. I get a Downloading finished message, then it says its analysing certain missions but very quickly after that I get ERROR: Minizip error -3 and it won't proceed. What gives please? The installer log indicates the error occurs while Analysing "tdm_ai_humanoid_beasts01.pk4"...
  20. What an excellent and immense mission. On Expert I managed to get over 13,700 loot and the The thing that eluded me the longest was I fluked the last digit of one lock puzzle, the It was also very late in the mission when I found the Thank you, and well done!
  21. For me, when I went back to the lava area, the freed "prisoner" had already eliminated the water elementals, but it had stayed there and not gone in pursuit of its captor. So there wasn't anything much to see.
  22. I'm playing on Expert, very enjoyable. I've completed all the main objectives, but can't seem to leave the lava area. Near where I teleported into the area, there's a metal hatch with a lock box and a lamp on the floor. I can't pick open the lock box and I don't have a key for it. How do I proceed? OK, I needed to use a different teleport, and have now found a key for that hatch.
  23. I'm using 2.09/64, and the chest was a problem with the patched and the unpatched versions of the mission.
  24. Enjoying this very much so far, I've done the main objective with the abductor and now (on hard) just trying to find more loot and secrets. One small problem I had was the i picked it but could only get the contents by frobbing through the closed lid, with the lid open I could not reach them. (Can we expect an Abbath reunion any time soon?)
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