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  1. So I think we can count 12 or 14 missions depending on our opinion of La Banque Bienveillante and Sneak and Destroy. If these two reissues are counted as new missions (as JarlFrank did here: https://www.ttlg.com/forums/showthread.php?t=152035), then we have 14 missions. If not, then 12. Personally, I don't consider them new missions, so 12 in my opinion. Have no problem with other opinion. In any case, last year was productive!
  2. I have no real favorites, some time ago it was one list of some missions, now it would be other. Several years ago (circa 2017-2018): Penny Dreadful (especially, 3) House of Locked Secrets Return to the City Lich Queen's Demise No Honor Among Thieves Full Moon Fever Now: Painter's Wife Hazard Pay Volta and the Stone Chronicles of Skulduggery 1-3 Perilous Refuge Iris New missions don't "destroy" previous, but time flies and they sometimes do something new, and can be more accessible, though I may return and replay older works, older favorites. Perhaps, it would be even more interesting to see what are the best missions for newcomers, both well-designed and accessible.
  3. I consider this entire code-related stuff as the problem of mission: either it is bugged or it is poorly explained ingame. Btw, is it randomized?
  4. I also have problem with Bleda's deposit box. It seems a bit overcomplicated (including finding way to the vault with this drunken guard) and I cannot figure out what to do with this code. Either I do something wrong, or some script doesn't work...
  5. Amazing Lost Civilization mission. I agree with all people who compare it to Arx Fatalis - this level would not be out of place here, but it is even bigger and more complicated. Found 5/7 secrets and only 1284 of loot. And I havent found
  6. Well, I not often play TDM but understood it. I think it is subjective things - I for example didn't manage with that empty room and that vent I asked earlier. Lost huge chunk of loot. Very good city mission, smallish in size but densely packed with everything (I like occasional small puzzles and also - how those stories of locals are interwoven) but I suspect that loot goal is quite steep. Edit. Sorry, didn't notice that loot objective was optional.
  7. Vozka: a) about code - are you talking about Clifton's house in present? b) for basement safe -
  8. Very nice city mission. Rather on smallish side but densely packed with sometimes very unobvious routes, and compartments. I like the idea of time travel albeit stealing content was a bit much. I ask about
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