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  1. regarding the AC`s : my personal (!) hitlist: 1. AC2 2. AC-brotherhood 3. AC-revelations 4. AC1 5. AC-black flag (nice pirate adventure - less AC-experience) 6. AC-3 didn`t play the other parts
  2. Love this mission. Looks good. Feels very good. And the Garrett - voice acting...great. No! fantastic! If there will ever be a official DarkMod-campaign, this has to be the main actors voice. ;-)
  3. how`a about that one? http://mathworld.wolfram.com/p-adicNumber.html
  4. Thats`why I´m still playing my good old UT99, when I`m gettin tired sneaking around. There`re still many servers online. It`s the essence of Unreal Tournament. Hopefully they creating a new UT with the feel of the first one without this optical superpalooza of UT3 .
  5. I`m in, when we are back from our wedding trip to Thailand. Played this mod years ago. By the way: I love Unreal Tournament 1. This, UT2004 and Thief 1/2 are some of my alltime-favorites :-). Yesyesyes...along with a dozen others :-P
  6. The CryEngine (2/3) can be used for stealthy gameplay,too [ www.crytek.com/cryengine/cryengine3‎ ] But it is not THAT cheap :-P And...Yes...City hubs are a gameplay-fail in my opinion, too. They are used for keeping the gamer busy and shall cover, that there`s a weak or no plot at all. In T 1 & 2 there wasn`t any hub, but a great plot. I couldn`t stop playing, til I finished those games. In T4 the gamer is lost in a big Labyrinth with a complete uninteresting plot. And the transition-points are sucking major *ss. "Do you really want to leave the area?" is a question, I don`t wanna see in game at all. Especially in a thief game, where suspense is the motive for gaming. A complete bummer! But I know, it`s very difficult writing a exciting plot. When is the last time we get a game with a plot, who sucks you into it and you can`t leave hold of the mouse/controller?? ( Except the Levels of our TDM-team, .....naturalmente ) It`s easier to show the folks great effects, if any! And a main charachter drugged to the eyeballs , with a somewhat SM-gay-optics, living in a belltower (certainly). The last thing I know is, that Garrett wasn`t even able paying his rent for his old-quarter-apartment. But. Yes. A belltower is more...u know......lead.......\m/..... And he was wearing a cloak. Sign o`the times? Possibly. But Does it have to be? And don`t let me begin about the sound ( score, location of sound, Lip-syncronity, the list is endless ). Why doesn`t it surprise me, that 27 people from the T4-team were fired? Edit: Regarding the development : SE sould hand over the rights for the Thief-series to TDM. Period.
  7. With this release they flushed this IP down the drain. If people want to play a Thief-style game, obviously TDM is without any alternative. A xx million dollar budget and a great marketing campaign is no replacement for ambition & passion. "They got the name, we got the game"
  8. I will give this game the name: "T4- the thieves foggy railway" KI = boring, dumb like F*** athmosphere = between the cutscenes, Garrett`s soliloquys, an intromovie created in a b-movies-director worst nightmare after 2 peperoni-family-pizza and 15 bottles BUDWEISER , a plot interesting for gamers that loves "Farming simulator" or "the sims"??? No. No athmosphere....except...the fog... :-P immersion = if u found it, pls tell me where to find interface = a real immersion killer. looks like made for another game. a bad game A Bugfest - I will wait for the next major patch, before I will play any further . At least I payed only 19,-bucks
  9. I HATE THE FOG http://jermi.dyndns.org/~jermi/stuff/Thief/thief4_fog.jpg
  10. Awesome. Grayman...you are a workaholic. You made my day.
  11. yes.I know. ["all the more amazing, that I can allocate where the sound is coming from."] thats was more ironic :-) I never sayed that the sounds sources are stereo mixed sources. The sound engine does the positioning of the individual source (mono) as far as I know. But what I mean is, that a too excessive final reverb is 1) complete unrealistic 2) makes it impossible to hear where f.e. a guard is walking Sometimes I found the reverb in T1&2 too overemphazised. But I love them though, more as a stylistic element. I really love the TDM -sound as it is. It`s kindof realistic and more dry. The ambience in TDM lived up to it`S purpose. After playing some minutes playing T4 til the gamebreaking bug I stepped into, I aprreciate all the sounds even more than before :-) :-) If there`s something I would change, it`s the volume levels of the voices (guards) =higher or dampening the steps of our Thief.
  12. all the more amazing, that I can allocate where the sound is coming from.
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