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  1. I'm thinking about Thief 5 already because of utter failure that Thief 4 was. My idea is maybe Edios should self off the IP to someone competent. Using Thief 1 and 2 as base for Gameplay and Story. Create brand new story, (bring back the hammers, keepers, and all) -Get rid of Loads Zones, maybe get rid of City hubs and just concentrate on great levels design, maybe have total of 12 levels? 15 ? -Hire Stephen Russell again. -Go back to the same style (clips) -Hire hardcore Thief 1 and 2 fan's to make sure the project meets their standards. -After the game is created, create aids for for mainstream gamer (like map markets) to limit any frustration that might come about. -use feel of Thief 2 in the game also. Make sure the movements speeds are perfect like Thief 2. -Maybe introduce new concepts to the game. But don't remove any of the old. I guess it will be Thief 1 mixed with 2 with better graphic's and brand new story. Just wondering what engine should be used. I think it could be made done in 2 years?
  2. I think there are two types of trolls, those that like to make people angry, a form of physical bullying(childish bullying). I seen people do it, those that are effected by the behaviour, don't seem to know they are being trolled. The second type throws a spanner into an idea that isn't concrete, causing crack's in a person's preceived notion of reality, causing the person to get into a insercure state and response. Then again, I guess trolling can be anything that makes someone angry. It could apply to pretty much anything. I guess it is an art. But the bullying types are total idiots. I guess that's sadism.
  3. I think we are glad that Stephan Russell wasn't involved in the disaster. Himself to I suspect also. Edios vision of Thief 2014 was a turd, the customers were furious when they seen that turd was served to them on a plate.
  4. I still have try that, I finished the game. I'm not expect anything great from what I've experienced.
  5. Thief 4 was disaster, people though the voice actor was the disaster, but the entire game was a disaster. I think it all started off in the wrong direction, then someone put it back in right direction, but it was just too late, the damage had been done, there was no time to change anything, it was just cross your fingers and wish for a mircle. They should of taken blue print of Thief 2, create it on the level of thief2 no dumbing down, then just add aids for console gamers, that can be turned on or off. Stuff like map markers where you are. It would of been a great game. Instead they created a totally new blue print, got thing speeds wrong, level design wrong.
  6. I'm an unemployed bum, was doing 1st, 2nd level IT support for about 12 months until I finally had enought of the travel and the sitting on a phone all day. Now I've been working on Andriod Games trying to build a dream and only making a few dollars a day from ad's. I'm looking for a Programming role but all I know is C++, they expect you to know SQL, Java, C# etc, etc.
  7. I downloaded the darkmod year's ago, played around with the levels when it was running with Doom3 but not much time. About 4 months I downloaded the 2.0 version but it kept on crashing near the Guard with on St Lucia Map, so I gave up and figured out just totally unstable. I've came to it again, because of Thief 4, updated it and it seems like DarkMod is now stable. -I finished the St Lucia Map yestreday. -The feel of this game is Thief 2 (love the feel brough me back to the good old days) The map was causing a little frustration but, because I wasn't sure where I needed to go. When your playing the game, you always tend to get straight to front where the guard is, and you ask how to get past this guy? There must be another way, but you can't find one. -didn't know you could move pallets and jump on pipes. -found locking picking the doors takes for ever. -how do you put the guy on you shoulder? instead of draging him? -I also found it hard to read the note in the pub. -where is the key to get in sewers? -Also is there away to make the grame run 60fps stable? It always goes from 60 to 30fps and locks at 30fps? I will try out the other maps soon but good job getting the feel of Thief. Something that Thief 2014 utterly failed.
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