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  1. regarding the AC`s : my personal (!) hitlist: 1. AC2 2. AC-brotherhood 3. AC-revelations 4. AC1 5. AC-black flag (nice pirate adventure - less AC-experience) 6. AC-3 didn`t play the other parts
  2. Love this mission. Looks good. Feels very good. And the Garrett - voice acting...great. No! fantastic! If there will ever be a official DarkMod-campaign, this has to be the main actors voice. ;-)
  3. how`a about that one? http://mathworld.wolfram.com/p-adicNumber.html
  4. Thats`why I´m still playing my good old UT99, when I`m gettin tired sneaking around. There`re still many servers online. It`s the essence of Unreal Tournament. Hopefully they creating a new UT with the feel of the first one without this optical superpalooza of UT3 .
  5. I`m in, when we are back from our wedding trip to Thailand. Played this mod years ago. By the way: I love Unreal Tournament 1. This, UT2004 and Thief 1/2 are some of my alltime-favorites :-). Yesyesyes...along with a dozen others :-P
  6. The CryEngine (2/3) can be used for stealthy gameplay,too [ www.crytek.com/cryengine/cryengine3‎ ] But it is not THAT cheap :-P And...Yes...City hubs are a gameplay-fail in my opinion, too. They are used for keeping the gamer busy and shall cover, that there`s a weak or no plot at all. In T 1 & 2 there wasn`t any hub, but a great plot. I couldn`t stop playing, til I finished those games. In T4 the gamer is lost in a big Labyrinth with a complete uninteresting plot. And the transition-points are sucking major *ss. "Do you really want to leave the area?" is a question, I don`t wanna see in game at all. Especially in a thief game, where suspense is the motive for gaming. A complete bummer! But I know, it`s very difficult writing a exciting plot. When is the last time we get a game with a plot, who sucks you into it and you can`t leave hold of the mouse/controller?? ( Except the Levels of our TDM-team, .....naturalmente ) It`s easier to show the folks great effects, if any! And a main charachter drugged to the eyeballs , with a somewhat SM-gay-optics, living in a belltower (certainly). The last thing I know is, that Garrett wasn`t even able paying his rent for his old-quarter-apartment. But. Yes. A belltower is more...u know......lead.......\m/..... And he was wearing a cloak. Sign o`the times? Possibly. But Does it have to be? And don`t let me begin about the sound ( score, location of sound, Lip-syncronity, the list is endless ). Why doesn`t it surprise me, that 27 people from the T4-team were fired? Edit: Regarding the development : SE sould hand over the rights for the Thief-series to TDM. Period.
  7. With this release they flushed this IP down the drain. If people want to play a Thief-style game, obviously TDM is without any alternative. A xx million dollar budget and a great marketing campaign is no replacement for ambition & passion. "They got the name, we got the game"
  8. I will give this game the name: "T4- the thieves foggy railway" KI = boring, dumb like F*** athmosphere = between the cutscenes, Garrett`s soliloquys, an intromovie created in a b-movies-director worst nightmare after 2 peperoni-family-pizza and 15 bottles BUDWEISER , a plot interesting for gamers that loves "Farming simulator" or "the sims"??? No. No athmosphere....except...the fog... :-P immersion = if u found it, pls tell me where to find interface = a real immersion killer. looks like made for another game. a bad game A Bugfest - I will wait for the next major patch, before I will play any further . At least I payed only 19,-bucks
  9. I HATE THE FOG http://jermi.dyndns.org/~jermi/stuff/Thief/thief4_fog.jpg
  10. Awesome. Grayman...you are a workaholic. You made my day.
  11. yes.I know. ["all the more amazing, that I can allocate where the sound is coming from."] thats was more ironic :-) I never sayed that the sounds sources are stereo mixed sources. The sound engine does the positioning of the individual source (mono) as far as I know. But what I mean is, that a too excessive final reverb is 1) complete unrealistic 2) makes it impossible to hear where f.e. a guard is walking Sometimes I found the reverb in T1&2 too overemphazised. But I love them though, more as a stylistic element. I really love the TDM -sound as it is. It`s kindof realistic and more dry. The ambience in TDM lived up to it`S purpose. After playing some minutes playing T4 til the gamebreaking bug I stepped into, I aprreciate all the sounds even more than before :-) :-) If there`s something I would change, it`s the volume levels of the voices (guards) =higher or dampening the steps of our Thief.
  12. all the more amazing, that I can allocate where the sound is coming from.
  13. Yes. Taking Thi4f as a game on it`s own can help :-) But even then it`s kind of dumb. It`s like Dishonered 1.1 with an Emo-Main-charakter. Sometimes I think, The gamer has more freedom in Dishonored. But I can be wrong. A really funny thing (or even not) is, that there are timber beams everywhere and little EmoG can only fire rope-arrows where given by the plot.
  14. Yep. Both. :-) When I think about the standard of quality here. (Remember our little chit-chat`s about ambience-music :-) ) The ambition. And the results. Take your and choco`s "gatehouse" grayman`s "WS"-saga and ALL the other great maps, where every single map on it`s own shows more Thief-feeling than 1 minute in Thi4f. And TDM is a hobby-project ! So. Yes. SE should be ashamed! And regarding REBOOT`S : Never seen a good one.
  15. Ooopps.. What I mean is: I really love the old puristic game design of T1&2 . That`s why I love TDM ( and even take a look @ the dark radiant creating my own level...but that`s another funny story :-P...) and disabled all the super-palooza-effects in T4 for having a somehow similar feeling. But even without all the help-functions and smart-moving and so on...... it will not be "my game". Sqeenix has got the best templates and the opportunity to get help from a prosperous community. But they failed. In almost every aspect. Levelstructure, sounds, music, the railway-gameplay and so on
  16. Just playing T4. I disabled all the focus and whatsoever functions. It feels like a uninspired "thiefs railway" with Emo-Garrett. There`s nothin in it, for what I`m think it could be implemented in TDM. No.I´m not impressed.
  17. That`s not that easy. As far as I know the Thief we all know & love has been build `twice`. First the geometry-map . Then the level has been build a second time in cubes, which simulates the different reverberation-rooms. LG developed a special tool for displaying both maps side by side. Then if u enabled EAX, which amphasises the different reverbs u got the boombastic Thief-feeling [Eric Brosius awesome sounds] I dunno exactly how it works in "dark radiant", but the sound-positioning in TDM is pretty good. not that bold, than it was in Thief 1 & 2, but very good. As mentioned in another thread, ther`es EFX-support coming up. I think,we have to wait, til it`s implementation has been finished and look afterwards, what additional reverbs are useful, before we all get what nobody wants: a total reverbal-super-palooza with no exact positionig.
  18. *LOL* We should send them T4 and see what they can make out of it.
  19. Reversing & modding T4? Isn`t there the old saying: "You can`t polish a turd"? I would rather do a complete overhaul.
  20. The positioning of sound is good in TDM. I mainly play it with a simple hifi-headphone & it works great, even without surround,which is no guarantor for exact sound positioning. Working EAX, or (upcoming) EFX in TDM would be more useful. Switch the logitech to stereo mode.
  21. Off da hook! First "the gatehouse" & than "home again" TDM shows who has the real stones . Thx grayman (and of course BD and chupacabra)
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