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  1. This H idea may not be a help to everyone. It's the "hover" over the button 1 or 2 to reveal that helps the most. That way you can bring them back temporarily without canceling hide all together, and get a brief view as you map. moving your mouse side to side over a button ... it's there... its hidden is easier than layers for this. And is less tedious than bringing everything hidden back into view only to have to hide a number of them again. As it is now all geometry hidden is lumped into one group.
  2. It would be handy to have a "tab" to load a second map file. Reason: cutting and pasting geometry or prefabs from other maps I've worked on. Or to save a prefab into a map "tabbed" in the background ( like in a web browser). My second idea was to have H (hide) with 2 buttons ... 1 and 2. So briefly: select all you want hidden... press H to hide, this turns on button "1" / # 1 items are now hidden. Select more stuff... press H to hide, this turns on button 2. / # 2 items are now hidden. hover mouse over button 1 to reveal what is hidden. Same with button 2. click button 1 to unhide that hidden group, click button 2 to unhide that hidden group. So it's basically a 2 stage clipboard for H. Hover over the button ( 1 or 2) to reveal - click it ( 1 or 2 ) to turn it off . A way to filter light "diamonds" out of the cam view without removing the light effect itself. That's all I can think of at the moment - BUT lets get a completely solid flag ship version without errors before charging ahead.
  3. Ok, thanks for the reply. I'm only wanting one version of DR on my system and didn't know if I'd end up with 2 sets of settings or a mixed bag o' files ( of those not being over written). Excited to develop with the newish rendering capabilities and shadows etc. - one more thing greebo, will DR ever support "overbright" for lights.... I'm asking for a friend. ( please say yes) lol Reason- exporting lighting to other platforms is a tricky business, but absolutely necessary for what I'm doing. It seems that the light intensity in DR is very low when brought into other rendering software. I know the Q4 editor allowed for this, and was usefull. - anyway thanks for all yer hard work!
  4. Does proper instalation of this new version include uninstalling the old one, or does it overwrite? AND do I have to backup my Radiant files still?
  5. Well personally it's the editor of choice. I was very relieved that the community kept going with it after Q4 because of the openGL issues with windows couldn't run the editor any longer (could run the game though). So when I found out about DR I gasped and it was back to mapping lol. Actually the newer releases of DR will have a revamped rendering capability and it's only getting better. It's a pleasure to use because of how logical it seems to be in its' functionality overall... I love it. I haven't tried Dromed, and by what you said.... I'm not going to lol. But ya, stay tuned... we've got some great stuff coming up with renders and full lighting/shadows on full texture maps and it's gonna be great. We're shooting for a modern old school feel here. -DeeP
  6. I have yet to add a boat-load of other items in these areas like light fixtures wires and random map objects but as I said it's a work in progress
  7. Another area work in progress...
  8. LOL yes. that's about an 80 foot fall. The traffic cone fell from the top broken walkway. It's just there as a cautionary reminder. every map needs a safety cone or two.
  9. very restricted upload sizes here lol :
  10. and actually here's a few more tell me what you think! would you hunt some one down in a place like this??
  11. Here's some captures from DR cam view. Too bad I can't omit the light diamonds but hey. Really looking forward to actually getting all this stuff into the engine with full normalmapped materials, particles and env-FX, and proper shadow-casting lights, etc. and coming back with some lovely 4K shots. For now, these are some low-res shots straight from DarkRadiant cam-view, using only the diffuse textures:-
  12. Ok Thanks, I know I could do proper screenshots but wasn't sure if it was possible to remove them in the cam view.
  13. Hey there, question - Is there a way to temporarily hide the "diamonds" in the rendered view without hiding the light effect? (for screenshot purposes) - pic attached. - DeeP
  14. Shadow Mapping! interaction shader code?! Things just keep gettin' better
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