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  1. greebo you did it! Thank you, the scrolling is perfect. The zooming on cursor is perfect. You've kept the zoom to edit at .125 as well. I'd say it's the perfect version Thank you man!
  2. well that was hard to tell as the zoom increments were massive in 2.14
  3. Did you want me to to upload a log from the super zoomie version 2.14###? i can if you want
  4. greebo here is the darkradiant log file you requested for scrolling. note: While I was doing this it behaved properly as it should. ( I am using 2.13 not the super zoomy verion 2.14### darkradiant.log
  5. So greebo... you said: When the build's done, please download the portable package and do some scrolling tests." my question is am I unzipping this portable package in the Dark Radiant folder (that contains 2.13)? unzipping it to a stick? - I'm sorry , Please forgive me .... don't get it i want to upload the data log to you
  6. ok I am having issues with scrolling in the xy panes. doesn't seem to be a way to control the incremental zoom on the mmb . Zooming and movement in cam view is perfect. Where do I adjust the zoom increment from 10,000 down to where it should be for the xy views? - it is wildly powerful right now, and I ultimately lose where the entire grid is... anyone else having this happen? Always leery for this reason when it comes to "updates". BUT it could also be a setting I'm unaware of.
  7. Very nice! Love it. So is it transparent... can a light be used behind it?
  8. Thank you so much greebo! 3 cheers for your hard work!
  9. well, thank you but I'll wait for the newest I think because that fine detail was about .001% of my workflow. I might add that as well as the 1x1 default problem, there is also a scale issue on the horizontal/vertical arrows where 1 click sometimes spans out the texture beyond recognition - hoping this was addressed as well ( sounds like a related issue actually) Thanks again for the help greebo
  10. so this is fixed in the snapshot build? - That"s a good work around. My issue is problematic because of small scale faces. All detail is lost at 1x1 scale so I need to pick a portion of a texture and basically use it at .02 x .02 or .008 to get the detail (roughness, or bump) picture 1024 x1024 steel plate reduced to cover a nail head sized face. I had no problem with this scaling in previous v. - But thanx Greebo for filling your brain with my problems! very appreciative. - forgot to mention... the zoom in on .125 grid size absolutely rocks! Thank you
  11. Thanx for the reply... Sorry I guess I didn't post in the right area. In source you say... is that a patch? My version is the latest - 2.13.0
  12. Hello everyone. In the newest version ( 2.13.0 64 win 10) surface inspector keeps defaulting back to 1 x 1 in the "Fit texture" fields. While working with some strangely small geometry (brush faces at a grid level of .25) I needed to adjust the texture scale to be .02 x .02 in the "fit texture" fields. I input .02 in the first field, clicking into the next field to input the same value... the first value switches to "1". So, am I missing a setting to allow this or is this version not allowing me to set values smaller than 1?
  13. ok... getting lost in setup for DarkRadiant 2.9.2pre2 . My map loads with no textures and my movement is different ( right clicking and hold with ctrl used to allow me to strafe in 3d view. now I have to click r.mouse again to let go of looking.
  14. Ya, wire frame is basically what I was getting at because unless selected, the patch doesn't appear until you pass through it to the visible (textured) side. Also I wasn't talking about 2d at all... only discussing the 3D view. I remember seeing a transparent "representation" of the texture from the backside when selected, and visible wire frame visible when unselected (from the back side) Not that this is a "problem" or an "issue"... just a noted observation that may make editing more convenient if looked into having. - it did enhance the sense of spacial awareness in the 3D view for sure.
  15. Well, if anyone remembers seeing the red ghostly transparent texture through the backside of the patches during development raise your hands. Anyone? I am truly alone.
  16. Hey folks, was thinking about the old doom 3 mapping days and wanted to ask if anybody else also appreciated seeing the transparent backsides of patches in Camera 3D view. I thought it was very helpful just to have that additional visual in place. Any chance of working that option into DM? Thank you - DeeP
  17. Well everybody, how we doin' on accepting the crisis so far?

    new-world-order rockefeller.jpg

  18. You're the nicest func_mover I've ever met.

  19. ok I see, thanks again greebo! And thank you for addressing the free movement issue as well. It seems to be a nice stable version! 3 cheers for Greebo
  20. you're welcome, and thank YOU! a side note: I opened 2.9.0 and curiously it had the same settings as this new one. so they do share older versions share the settings folders?
  21. Well, it crashed and my system caught on fire..... Just kidding..... Greebo! you did it! it runs great! Very smooth and with the fixed movement I'm very excited. It saves everything I'm adjusting in the colors selector and No glitches that I can tell at all. I'm very thankful
  22. Hey that's cool! good job!... btw - I am simply developing maps or should I say using Darkmod to create the textured geometry which we can then add to with other programs such as Blender. There is no playing these maps in a game engine as of yet. (This may address some of the confusion on that) Kudos to DM for being my editor of choice for this project! I'm avid Radiant for sure. I do know that the base is Q4 instead of Doom3 because of added functionality, but is a 100% project overhaul. Maps and layout to be built in Radiant/s along with other 3D dev programs.
  23. ok, opened console and pasted the cmnds... it said this below: def/_autogenerated_by_darkradiant_.def do you want the console content as well? well here it is: DarkRadiant_console_script.txt
  24. The version before 2.9.0 worked like a charm as far as color customization. I'm no coder, but is it as easy as adding another color selector in the "colors" window that represents all unselected geometry in the 2D views? There is one for "selected group items" , "brushes". I'm afraid to ask dumb questions b'cuz of a lack of understanding, but I DO realize that stuff can be a spaghetti monster sometimes. The style of development we're doing is densely populated with geometry in most areas, and was already a challenge mapping without "H" to assist. seeing the blue just gave me a coronary cuz I couldn't make out the "layers" of development in the maps to navigate properly. - In a nutshell. lol
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