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  1. Well personally it's the editor of choice. I was very relieved that the community kept going with it after Q4 because of the openGL issues with windows couldn't run the editor any longer (could run the game though). So when I found out about DR I gasped and it was back to mapping lol. Actually the newer releases of DR will have a revamped rendering capability and it's only getting better. It's a pleasure to use because of how logical it seems to be in its' functionality overall... I love it. I haven't tried Dromed, and by what you said.... I'm not going to lol. But ya, stay tuned... we've got some great stuff coming up with renders and full lighting/shadows on full texture maps and it's gonna be great. We're shooting for a modern old school feel here. -DeeP
  2. I have yet to add a boat-load of other items in these areas like light fixtures wires and random map objects but as I said it's a work in progress
  3. Another area work in progress...
  4. LOL yes. that's about an 80 foot fall. The traffic cone fell from the top broken walkway. It's just there as a cautionary reminder. every map needs a safety cone or two.
  5. very restricted upload sizes here lol :
  6. and actually here's a few more tell me what you think! would you hunt some one down in a place like this??
  7. Here's some captures from DR cam view. Too bad I can't omit the light diamonds but hey. Really looking forward to actually getting all this stuff into the engine with full normalmapped materials, particles and env-FX, and proper shadow-casting lights, etc. and coming back with some lovely 4K shots. For now, these are some low-res shots straight from DarkRadiant cam-view, using only the diffuse textures:-
  8. Ok Thanks, I know I could do proper screenshots but wasn't sure if it was possible to remove them in the cam view.
  9. Hey there, question - Is there a way to temporarily hide the "diamonds" in the rendered view without hiding the light effect? (for screenshot purposes) - pic attached. - DeeP
  10. Shadow Mapping! interaction shader code?! Things just keep gettin' better
  11. The "cap" texturing selection differs from CTRL+MMB pasting because of the warping effect ( texture constrained by tessellation of the cap patch causing deformation of the texture) BUT "cap" ( which was in surface inspector..?) has always been textured as if it was a brush ie: (6 or 7 sided fi ) seemingly unconstrained by the vertices - no warping / pie shapes etc. Thanks for looking into this gentlemen
  12. Just don't understand the advantage of removing a texturing function from DM. Cap cycle and it's key shortcut have been omitted. Would love to stop having to face this issue when texturing an end cap. Any hope in putting this back as it's kind of a vanilla standard in the editor since Doom 3. Anyone ? - DeeP
  13. Laptops lack cooling. Heat destroys computers. Mid or Plus size towers offer longevity and give far more options for upgrading - Go for power!
  14. Hey greebo, I was wondering what the newest DM version is and my question is does it contain all of the previous fixes from all other updates? ... I am using version 2.14.0_revea114 with the widget 3.1.3 and the build date is Nov 3 2021. I like this version because zoom on cursor, and the hor/virt scale was fixed on small faces ( wouldn't go lower than 1) So, does the newest version contain all of this and more? can't find this info. - THANK YOU! must say, this editor is fantastic btw! - DeeP


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    2. Deep


      Yes Dark Radiant... I'm sorry (typo)

    3. greebo


      DarkRadiant development is pretty linear, one release builds on top of the previous. I'm usually not removing any features from DarkRadiant, only improving and expanding things. It'd be foolish for me to purposefully remove any fixes that have been present in previous versions.

      And the latest official release is 2.14, as listed on the website https://www.darkradiant.net

    4. Deep


      Ok thanks greebo, was wondering about that. Yes as for the cap cycle texturing... was just curious if it would be set into the surface inspector as a button but all in all, it's not the most critical thing on the agenda. I just use the generated brush when creating a cylinder and prism to the same roundness i'm looking for ... then texture that way. I mean it would be nice to just be able to highlight the end cap and hit "cap"... however there is still a method to achieve the final look so iz ok... thanks for the work you do!


  15. greebo you did it! Thank you, the scrolling is perfect. The zooming on cursor is perfect. You've kept the zoom to edit at .125 as well. I'd say it's the perfect version Thank you man!
  16. well that was hard to tell as the zoom increments were massive in 2.14
  17. Did you want me to to upload a log from the super zoomie version 2.14###? i can if you want
  18. greebo here is the darkradiant log file you requested for scrolling. note: While I was doing this it behaved properly as it should. ( I am using 2.13 not the super zoomy verion 2.14### darkradiant.log
  19. So greebo... you said: When the build's done, please download the portable package and do some scrolling tests." my question is am I unzipping this portable package in the Dark Radiant folder (that contains 2.13)? unzipping it to a stick? - I'm sorry , Please forgive me .... don't get it i want to upload the data log to you
  20. ok I am having issues with scrolling in the xy panes. doesn't seem to be a way to control the incremental zoom on the mmb . Zooming and movement in cam view is perfect. Where do I adjust the zoom increment from 10,000 down to where it should be for the xy views? - it is wildly powerful right now, and I ultimately lose where the entire grid is... anyone else having this happen? Always leery for this reason when it comes to "updates". BUT it could also be a setting I'm unaware of.
  21. Very nice! Love it. So is it transparent... can a light be used behind it?
  22. Thank you so much greebo! 3 cheers for your hard work!
  23. well, thank you but I'll wait for the newest I think because that fine detail was about .001% of my workflow. I might add that as well as the 1x1 default problem, there is also a scale issue on the horizontal/vertical arrows where 1 click sometimes spans out the texture beyond recognition - hoping this was addressed as well ( sounds like a related issue actually) Thanks again for the help greebo
  24. so this is fixed in the snapshot build? - That"s a good work around. My issue is problematic because of small scale faces. All detail is lost at 1x1 scale so I need to pick a portion of a texture and basically use it at .02 x .02 or .008 to get the detail (roughness, or bump) picture 1024 x1024 steel plate reduced to cover a nail head sized face. I had no problem with this scaling in previous v. - But thanx Greebo for filling your brain with my problems! very appreciative. - forgot to mention... the zoom in on .125 grid size absolutely rocks! Thank you
  25. Thanx for the reply... Sorry I guess I didn't post in the right area. In source you say... is that a patch? My version is the latest - 2.13.0
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