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  1. Will have a look at this after the pending system updates.
  2. Once we've fully moved away from the old installer, I should be able to implement a redirect from http:// to https://
  3. Please see my PM to you about SVN

  4. Can you log out and back in again. My change didn't stick for one of the groups, so I've fixed that one now as well.
  5. I think I figured it out. The people having issues with profile picture uploads had secondary groups associated with their accounts. Some of these secondary groups had the "Do not allow profile photo uploads" setting checked (why, I'm not sure), and this is likely overriding the primary group that does permit profile photos. I've updated all the relevant groups to allow profile photo uploads. Could the affected users ( like @Dragofer, @demagogue, @Destinedand @stgatilov) please see if you are now able to change your profile picture.
  6. That's strange. I just tried to register a new account for myself and I received the mail. He might need to check spam filters?
  7. Email is working now, so I've re-enabled registrations
  8. I've disabled registrations for now since email isn't working properly on this temporary host, so people wouldn't get their registrations emails. Will try sort that out tomorrow and open up registrations again.
  9. I've installed a dark / night theme. Just select it from the Theme list selector at the bottom of the page. Hopefully that acts as a reasonable stop-gap.
  10. The forum theme change wasn't intentional. It's an unfortunate byproduct of a forum software update (see here: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?/topic/20010-it39s-alive33/&do=findComment&comment=438046). I'll have a look at installing a generic dark theme as an option while I work on importing and updating the old TDM theme to be compatible with the new forum version.
  11. I'll at least see if I can find a dark theme that I can install while I sort out the proper DarkMod theme. I can't stand all the white. In other news, I've got the wiki and missions list up and running ?
  12. Okay. So an update is in order. The server's disk was replaced on Tuesday and I am busy reinstalling everything. As I make progress, I will try to bring services back online as and when they are ready. As an interim measure, I have www.thedarkmod.com, forums.thedarkmod.com, and mirrors.thedarkmod.com up and running on one of my other servers. Are there any other services that are needed somewhat urgently? I suspect that we may want the missions list back for the in-game mission downloader. Thoughts? You will have noticed that the forums look rather different. I wa
  13. I need to investigate newer server options, particularly ones with dual disks in some kind of RAID 1 / ZFS setup. Or go with VPS type options. But it's likely that these are going to be more expensive (current option is $29pm) to get the specs we need (disk space space is usually the issue here), so I may need to have a look in the donations thing again. I just remember that PayPal was a bit tricky in terms of tax & currency exchange regulations where I live. But for now I'm going to focus on getting this server stable, then I can find a new provider or hosting option and migrate services
  14. It wasn't the the hosting provider's fault since we weren't technically down for all that time. I had kept the services offline to reduce disk usage while I ensured that we had full offsite backups of everything (and having services online would also invalidate some of those backups). Getting the backups off the server took a lot longer than expected. If they had intervened and replaced the disk immediately, we likely would have lost a fair bit.
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