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  1. I think it wasn't fully implemented during the initial upgrade from IPB 3.x to 4.x, but if it's working again, may as well keep it.
  2. Updates made. Missions page should now present https links for the mirrors that support it.
  3. Thank you. I'll also have a go at rewriting the urls to HTTPS for all mirrors except the mstrmnds.de one and see about asking for https to be implemented there as well. I'll also have to check on those missing files from darkmod-alt02 (those should sync automatically, so I'll need to see why they're not coming through).
  4. I could try updating the mission details page to 'upgrade' the urls to HTTPS, but I'll need to check that all the mirrors are actually configured for HTTPS first.
  5. I managed to use the attached curl logs to find some of the relevant entries in the logs and correlate those back to a source IP. All the request from the source IP return 206 status (partial content success) and further checks on just the name of the file that was failing also return 206 (or 200 in the case of direct browser downloads). Nothing out of the ordinary in the web server error logs (other than failed requests for FMs that aren't on the server). The darkmod-alt02 server isn't running a firewall, so it can't be that. And am I correct in understanding that this isn't just happening with this one server or is it isolated to darkmod-alt02?
  6. Chrome is not liking the http:// links in an https:// page it seems. Live-editing the page in Chrome DevTools to make one of the URLs https:// seems to have done the trick. We'll need to update the mirror URLs to https, but the issue there is that I don't know if all the current mirrors support https. My two mirrors and missions.thedarkmod.com do though.
  7. Hmm, I updated the software on that mirror server over the weekend. Giving it a restart for good measure. Is it just the darkmod-alt02 server causing the issue at the moment?
  8. Will have a look at this after the pending system updates.
  9. Once we've fully moved away from the old installer, I should be able to implement a redirect from http:// to https://
  10. Please see my PM to you about SVN

  11. Can you log out and back in again. My change didn't stick for one of the groups, so I've fixed that one now as well.
  12. I think I figured it out. The people having issues with profile picture uploads had secondary groups associated with their accounts. Some of these secondary groups had the "Do not allow profile photo uploads" setting checked (why, I'm not sure), and this is likely overriding the primary group that does permit profile photos. I've updated all the relevant groups to allow profile photo uploads. Could the affected users ( like @Dragofer, @demagogue, @Destinedand @stgatilov) please see if you are now able to change your profile picture.
  13. That's strange. I just tried to register a new account for myself and I received the mail. He might need to check spam filters?
  14. Email is working now, so I've re-enabled registrations
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