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  1. your "No multipart requests" fix worked, and everything installed correctly it took 5 minutes to download and update everything, thanks log files attached tdm_installer_1625632609.log tdm_installer_1625632630.log
  2. thank you, ok I will try this now
  3. hello I searched on my pc for those .pk4 files appearing in the CURL error, and it seems I already had the Dark Mod installed on my computer from back in 2016.. I tested it and its fully playable, I can even download maps, I tried running the tdm_installer from my older existing darkmod directory but received the same CURL error
  4. @taaaki I had the same problem when trying all four mirrors
  5. thank you for your help so far , I will see if I can fix it and let you know what happens
  6. done curldata2.bin curlerr2.txt curlhead2.txt curlout2.txt
  7. the installer did update, but it seems to have failed with the same CURL error 18, heres the two log files tdm_installer_1625545282.log tdm_installer_1625545325.log
  8. thanks for your help, I have a fast broadband connection, without limitations and everything fine I've attached the files here, thank you curldata curlerr curlout
  9. thank you, so I checked "get custom version" and tried all of the mirrors only to receive the same CURL error 18, I tried closing the installer down and restarting but still get the same error, only sometimes it was displaying a slightlly different URL
  10. thanks, here's the full message ERROR: Unexpected CURL error 18 on URL http://darkmod-alt02.taaaki.za.net/release/zipsync/release/release200/fms/saintlucia/saintlucia.pk4 I'm using the lastest tdm_installer and it starts to install some of the files but then stops the install with this error. I don't see an option to change the mirror
  11. hi I keep getting this error when trying to install TDM, any ideas? I'm using windows 8 x64 cheers
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