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  1. 2 games free on Epic today. Among them is TACOMA. I've been keeping an eye on this adventure and I'm glad that it's free. Seems to have a good story.
  2. With regard to false impressions - we know that it is possible to tweak the game, including by using the information on the wiki. Moreover it is possible to make the game run in 8 bit and such. It's ok. That's an option. But it's not how 90% of people play the game. What you are writing is true, but it is also true that these people are in the minority. That was the reason to drop support for older systems with the recent TDM update. We simply mean that there is a necessity to provide some orientation. There must be an average standard which can be considered an optimal experience. 60 FPS is very much desirable for many games! Sure, this is not a shooter where the more FPS there is, the merrier. But there still are platforming sequences in certain FM's, where good FPS helps a lot. I don't know how giving recommended settings on the home page of TDM can do harm. If anything, it will help to provide the most optimized experience. It also must show how different the system configuration can be from vanilla Doom 3 recommended settings. Finally, TDM also had a Benchmark Demo that I really liked. It is a supplementary tool that may help to give a rough idea of average impact on FPS. The training mission was a good place to start:
  3. Perhaps select the most performance intensive maps that can be created, including those which exist now and start from there. According to Murphy's law there will be a weakness caused by some PC component at all times. I don't know if automatically detected optimized settings for each system is possible within TDM but it could also help.
  4. In anticipation of future questions about system specs. Why aren't recommended system requirements shown somewhere on https://www.thedarkmod.com/downloads? Not everyone searches on the wiki.
  5. So is cherry picking non-issues.
  6. Ignoring the rule of law is as much couch philosophising as pretending that people aren't buying Ph.D's and plagiarizing left and right in former communist countries. Of course the committee that reviews those Ph.D's are good buddies with the government and they encourage another patriot no bs historian who will teach those neo marxists who's the boss in this country. Nobody denies that I think. They are also masters at exploiting the insecurities of each country's peoples, pitting them against each other. They experience the same nationalistic ideology that Poland and Hungary is atm.
  7. It's more of an enumeration regarding a common way of acting/modus operandi. The names are not so relevant. It can be Pilsudski, Bandera, Franko or Pinochet. Means justify ends. It's ok to sacrifice a few small people for the great idea. In fact, they must be killed. When the advantage comes, there's no way around it. It's what Jeremy Bentham wrote about in respect of utilitarianism.
  8. Not at all. People/dictators that gained power by force never brought anything good. Their methods become an endless perpetuation of violence that leads to even more suffering. Tit for tat is a knee jerk impulse that cannot be admissible for serious peace efforts. The only countries that win in this field are the superpowers that have more resources/force.
  9. A generalist argument is not inherently flawed. Without generalizations it's impossible to understand abstractions of this historic mess with borders that we label "nations". Especially in Europe. Almost every country in our region has some dictator who is still revered as a hero - Joseph Pilsudski in Poland, Bros Tito for Yugoslavia, Antonescu in Romania, Ataturk in Turkey and others. Pointing out that politicians spilled blood, had racist policies, pursued policies of irredentism is not an act of rewriting history. History was always written by the victors. The only universal truth about any country in the world is that they hold a monopoly on legally applying force against its citizens. So, whenever abuse happens, this needs to be researched and exposed, to prevent it in the future.
  10. To finish this mini-subject. You may rephrase the sentence - but the message will be the same:
  11. Warhammer 40K Rites of War free on GOG https://www.gog.com/game/warhammer_40000_rites_of_war
  12. Yeah no need to hurry. People are just procrastinating.
  13. A mention in the credits or some subtle references in the FM would be sufficient. It's a common courtesy. Maybe like a Hirsch index in academia, where individuals promote each other in citations.
  14. Hi. There is only freyk's installer but I don't know if he has a Google Drive or Torrent download solution. I also don't know if the installer gives you the lastest 2.08 version. It doesn't seem so from the name. After downloading it, there is no update process. It installs just like any app. The installer itself is here - http://tdmcdn.azureedge.net/various/beta207_01/TDM_installer.exe The author's profile: https://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?/profile/13309-freyk/ Perhaps he can offer more information.
  15. Greetings. AFAIK, all current WIP issues can be found here: https://bugs.thedarkmod.com/roadmap_page.php?version_id=88 Any contribution to them will be welcome.
  16. https://www.moddb.com/mods/the-dark-mod/news/the-dark-mod-208-is-here
  17. Indeed, this tweaking is not done just for the lulz. Yes, in lulz we trust of course. But it also helps people run the game on potato computers.
  18. Sorry, but it seems to work for me. I use the dark theme of the forum and I'm on Mozilla Firefox. What browser do you use?
  19. Though not exactly a remaster, I was struck how just one concept of music journalism from 2005 became the most clever Rap battle series I ever saw. Still not surpassed even by the Honest Government satire from The Juice Media. The original concept: And the epic rap videos themselves: Fun fact, YouTube/Google algorithms never led me to these videos despite me watching every Epic Rap Battle video religiously.
  20. Just discovered this awesome, underrated channel called "thejuicemedia" and their, now defunct RAP NEWS series. It's basically like Epic Rap Battles but twice the cleverness:


  21. It's not a problem if the solution is easily found here on the forums or on the wiki. A compiled tweaking/troubleshooting guide for old computers. We need to digitally immortalize things that worked. For this: Thank you! Also this: This is also useful for the purpose of optimizing to the depths of the Mariana Trenches.
  22. The issue I think is that the current footstep sounds in TDM are insufficiently beefy compared to the Thief games. Not so much the loudness. Compare the tile sounds from Thief: Deadly Shadows, which were quite silent in some respects. But it was all good.
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