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  1. It is good that TDM is one of the highest rated mods. We, intellectuals (lol) must translate those reviews into all time popularity of the mod. Somehow to spread the word that TDM is more streamlined and more accessible than the Thief trilogy. Maybe TDM is even easier to play than Thief 4. TDM is not this niche for the PC master race. I never played Thief 4. The eye candy in Thief 4 is all swell. But, at a glance it's not as inviting as Dishonored. Even the combat in Thief 4 seems more sluggish than in Dishonored. If someone's reading this, correct me if I'm wrong please. By comparison - TDM
  2. Deep shit. Some soviet toilets are like old German ones btw. Truly a mind-blowing insight.
  3. Bardcore medieval remakes are quite a thing lately. We need at least a few for some Thief and The Dark Mod tracks
  4. Das ist gut Filizitas! Did you do all of this on your own for this project?
  5. Indeed I acquired Witcher 3 for free somehow. My friend (huge Witcher fan, gave me to read the entire saga) sent me the password to his account on GOG so I could play and finish it a few years ago. Recently, I discovered that I own the game itself on GOG. On my own account. I do not recall getting it on a giveaway and I never bought anything on GOG. And even the achievements that I didn't manage to unlock seem to have been transferred somehow. Pleasant surprise. So yeah, sometimes miracles happen I guess. Thanks for the encouragement. I have a relatively new laptop but even with 8 GB of R
  6. No kidding. I had to tweak the config file manually in the game folder to make Witcher 3 work at something acceptable like 30 FPS. Cyberpunk simply won't run unless any ultra low tinkerings would be an option. But it's not like I don't have a backlog of endless unplayed titles to worry about Cyberpunk now. Especially with all these free giveaways. We are too spoiled.
  7. The most captivating thing for me is how good will Keanu Reeves' performance be in video game form with the motion caption technology and other accessories. Seems to be a major character and a huge advertisement for the game. Hype is just marketing. Will he be as indispensable to the game as Ozzy Osbourne and Jack Black for Brutal Legend? As John DiMaggio's voice for Smiling Jack in Bloodlines? Or will Cyberpunk be another flawed gem that tried too hard to jump over the fence in the field of AAA action RPG's? AFAIK 3 delays happened so far. So many ambitious RPG's that fail.
  8. IOW copyrasts ruined the word "free".
  9. I agree to close the church businesses in return for saving everything that's left of the economy.
  10. I'm going to be dead honest. No money and time in the nearest time for any of these games but I'll just vote for whatever I would like to play potentially once upon a time. Stuff like Ghost of Tsushima, Ori and the Will of the Wisps (looks like those Amanita games titles), Spiritfarer (looks amazing), Among Us (was a pleasant surprise to be so simplistic and free on mobile, didn't play it either though a friend invited, no idea why it isn't free on PC). No idea who the streamers and online gaming crowd is and can't be bothered to find out. Just voted random for the best looking people lol
  11. Nobody dies of old age. It all depends how much you're revving your body and how little you invest in healing it. You can sometimes find people who die of a stroke or a heart attack at 20-30 years if they never rested, had a lot of stress at work. It's like a limited resource for each human organ. Easy to observe that life expectancy is much longer in developed countries precisely for this reason. Likewise old people from developed countries look like they're 50 at their real age of 70 years. Whereas people from underdeveloped countries can easily look like 70-80 years at their real age o
  12. Just because it's legal, it doesn't mean that justice is done.
  13. Suppose that MOBA's, MMORPG-ers and other gambling, Skinner Box reliant games don't count. https://gamasutra.com/view/news/373766/Oxford_University_study_finds_positive_link_between_playing_games_and_wellbeing.php
  14. Sadly, it's scientific. I had tests for Hepatite C and occasionally it turned out negative. After testing more it was actually positive. Just so you understand I have it for 19 years. Sure, a remission is realistic, but better stay sharp. There's always a margin of error to any test. Welp, 1'st world problems are bound to become problems for all countries on Earth once they reach the same development level.
  15. Thousands of free assets from „What Remains of Edith Finch” available to public. Not sure how feasible would it be in TDM. https://www.unrealengine.com/en-US/blog/what-remains-of-edith-finch-joins-the-unreal-marketplace-collection
  16. The first are political movements that have existed for years. The other is pseudo scientific conspirology. Any mass gathering helps spread the virus without caring about our politics. I think we need to be smart and stay out of trouble either way. What's appalling is that people don't know any better until someone from their circle of communication gets in hospital. My cousin works as a nurse at a hospital and the situation definitely gets worse every day. Though our health system was a corrupt mess before as well. People frequently died before the ambulance arrived and such. That was ev
  17. In comparison, looks like us in Moldova weren't hurt that badly as I thought. We're still on our peak regarding infection rate. Officially. In reality many among the elderly population died a long time ago from other preventable diseases. Not many left to die from COVID-19. The situation is similar in many other Eastern European countries. Still I thought it was curious how Moldova, being in the top of the sharpest demographic declines in the world manages not to disappear during the pandemic. But hey at least we're not in Nagorno-Karabakh. This war ended faster than the pandemic.
  18. Ambient, distorted, reverberated music illustrating a person falling into dementia, various forms of Alzheimer's syndrome. https://thecaretaker.bandcamp.com/album/everywhere-at-the-end-of-time
  19. This exterminatus is a little too harsh. https://www.euronews.com/2020/11/05/denmark-to-cull-millions-of-minks-after-mutated-coronavirus-spreads-to-people
  20. Anderson

    Free games

    Kingdom is free on Humble Store. You can activate a cd-key on Steam. https://www.humblebundle.com/store/kingdom-classic-free-game#checkout-section
  21. If angels are tainted, then the devil is not so bad. EA and Konami weren't that bad all along. At the end of the day there are good people everywhere. But the big boss decides what's good for profit anyway. The bigger the profit and team - the more exploitation. Only indies and open source projects are truly free of this temptation. Even long time companies with good reputation such as Ice-Pick Lodge can have some faulty communication. Most glaring example can be their Kickstarter projects. Most famously Knock-Knock and Pathologic 2 had some downsides after, apparently, not
  22. Same with international organizations and CSO's. They smell your insecurities and they use every weakness to pay their employees as little as possible. Confidential wages should be a crime.
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