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  1. Randomly found quality Russian, Soviet prison and prison subculture-themed drama rap from no name Georgian emigrant Гио Пика. Lots of great songs:
  2. Sorry, is it acceptable to test in a few months if it will be released? At least to note any errors for future updates.
  3. Anderson

    Free games

    One notable case of a video game store dying was OnLive. I really loved the cloud streaming games idea on to a weak potato laptop. The amount of pixels varied. Idk if Steam Remote Play is better or worse but a platform definitely needs to be more than just another store and more than just 1 single gimmick to be profitable.
  4. Insanely amazing adaptation of American Psycho
  5. Anderson


    The Void by Ice Pick Lodge has no guns.
  6. I often mistype and hit F5 by error when it's dark in the room.
  7. Anderson

    Free games

    Sanitarium giveaway https://www.gog.com/giveaway/claim
  8. Love the linear, long progression of the mission. Very smart and good use of light through the level. The crowded places proved to be somewhat of a challenge. Mostly it's about navigating certain areas and getting through scripted scenes. Especially where the entrance to the Pub where Clerwick is. But subtitles usually help to understand that we're supposed to wait. Clerwick wasn't exactly sipping wine neither unlike the drunk near him Wanted to report an instance where I was stuck in one of the poor slum tenants rooms with cluttered items. I was lured by shiny gold plate of loot but got stuck on the broken bed. Can this be fixed? Screenshots: https://humanrightsembassy-my.sharepoint.com/:i:/g/personal/andrei_turcan_humanrightsembassy_org/Ee7ixODDcN1PvvyEazu6ac0BVM9Sg0cSqwQYKTtn1a0CFA?e=NzcGcz https://humanrightsembassy-my.sharepoint.com/:i:/g/personal/andrei_turcan_humanrightsembassy_org/EeKeIRiAi31OtA532dD8dQwBmyoqGfpfWIOdka2Z4ZvxnA?e=0hUeRp https://humanrightsembassy-my.sharepoint.com/:i:/g/personal/andrei_turcan_humanrightsembassy_org/EZmzCm4pgyFNhzFiNnKpghYB2QM5b2l1idZ-Z1r_uY8pFA?e=h1FiN4 https://humanrightsembassy-my.sharepoint.com/:i:/g/personal/andrei_turcan_humanrightsembassy_org/EZzwfRljoxVInNykeQ5os6kBIor52nw9a3TKovC5dyo4eA?e=DBdovM https://humanrightsembassy-my.sharepoint.com/:i:/g/personal/andrei_turcan_humanrightsembassy_org/ESl7weQm3c1Jpgi7lPx3PocBWYhuglamOB1bHIU5rjdzoA?e=c5J0U3 https://humanrightsembassy-my.sharepoint.com/:i:/g/personal/andrei_turcan_humanrightsembassy_org/EVyk1gKE-WJCuU6lwwuN-XEBHQ7yJ7GfJPpHEOd1XqpRcw?e=JUFu5a
  9. I'd love to help. I just need to know what to do.
  10. Unfortunately not. I'm too incompetent. A pipe dream to see most FM's have reverb
  11. I thought the spawning placement was intended this way. Perhaps it would also be good to create more loot inside the underground level so the player isn't blocked by not finding loot in the secret chamber on harder difficulties? Secret chambers should be a curiosity and not mandatory. But maybe that's just me too casual. Because of loot missed in the graveyard I had to find the secret chamber. No way to backtrack and get it without cheats.
  12. So basically the Shalebridge Cradle past scene where being spotted means to reload your save. This means a lot of save scumming to nail every stealth challenge.
  13. Your girlfriend is a keeper. I barely saved my relations after trying to do a scientific article for 8 months. These things take a toll on our sanity. Will download this and play. The "making of" backstory already has me hooked.
  14. Anderson

    Free games

    Good game. Just gets repetitive and there's too few randomness. Feels a little empty of content and too focused on instant reaction rather than more slow paced. But it's a casual game in any case. A little too much grinding to actually get better gear and start winning in later more complicated missions. Still by no margin a stupid grindfest like those MMO's out there such as World of Planes or War Thunder. For some reason, despite the simple graphics it's very performance intensive. Overall the game is like about U-boats but with planes. One of the few games out there that does bomber planes well without being a simulator. Completed the main game and enjoyed it very much. Still, very fun to have only 1 engine and major damage like no gears and still somehow manage to land and not die. I think the game almost nailed the casual vs. simulator line. I think this premise can work well with some simple parachuting missions or reconnaissance. I think routine tasks for WW2 pilots would probably be about that on some Douglas DC-3 _no_name_ planes. But I guess Bomber Crew is free now because it's not profitable anymore or they need people to buy DLC. I was not very interested in the DLC to be honest.
  15. Why u no YouTube? Here we go https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSqIEwL7Olwd_krFWhEsTIg/videos https://www.youtube.com/c/Boylag/videos
  16. Are you planning on making this early access to have more testers?
  17. It can also be more professional for a thief not to engage in killing like an amateur.
  18. Way too far fetched. I only saw strict rules against promoting, justifying piracy on old Steam forums. Probably also valid for the new discussions thing. But they are a store and a game company. Steam is also DRM in an of itself. So I guess that explains the reasons. Not sufficiently user friendly due to their monopoly as well. Yeah author's rights matter morally, but copyright doesn't mean that one should be a copyrast (pederast) for profit. And that's what copyright became.
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