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  1. It popularized and mainstreamed FPS multiplayer. Quake Champions had loot boxes. It's only the logical continuation. Not so fun when some of my friends turned into junkies for another shot of dopamine.
  2. Just for the record, there's also 2 "Assassin's Creed Discovery Tour Egpt" another to Greece and a different game called "Apex" - all for free on Uplay and Origin respectively.
  3. Discussable. Carcmack was too obsessed with the tech. You can argue that if they didn't make Quake 3 a multiplayer game, we wouldn't have an increasing focus on multiplayer games today. Maybe no loot box gambling and battle royale games today. Who knows? Where have we sinned to sink into this mediocrity? Certainly there would have been no Counter Strike, because that was a Half Life mod, which ran on the Gold Source engine, that was written based on Quake 3's code. Beyond that there was never a gothic Quake game since the original one. They really knew how to butcher the series. And wat? No Trent Reznor/Nine Inch Nails in Doom 3? Goes to show where their priorities were. Eye candy graphics is ok if only games actually have something else besides that.
  4. Anderson

    Breakable Glass

    Yes, yes there is in fact:
  5. Briarwood Cathedral.
  6. Hello world. It's temporarily, free I think: https://store.steampowered.com/app/201270/Total_War_SHOGUN_2/
  7. Partially yes, but for the most part the fact that Daniel has a permanent fear of darkness causes great frustration when the game is about stealth. Might as well ignore lighting anything if it comes to that. AFAIK the Penumbra games also had a subtle light when in darkness without resorting to any sanity meter gimmicks. The point is not to go to the point to strain people's eyes needlessly. There are good horror maps in The Dark Mod. But if it's good horror it can remain so without pitch black darkness and jump scares. After all, that's why Thief's horror stages with The Haunted Cathedral and Shalebridge Cradle are so good. Same for System Shock 2, Silent Hill 2.
  8. Hi, I'm sorry that The Dark Mod doesn't work for you. Try this setting: "set r_useFenceSync to 0" And just in case, try all of this:
  9. Totally agreed with everyone. Lack of a proper tutorial is the worst thing to happen to newcomers. Imagine if this is the first time ever that you play a video game. Of course, "The Dark Mod" already made a leap forward when a tutorial exists in the first place. There are numerous open-source/indie games that have no tutorial whatsoever. "This War of Mine", "Don't Starve" definitely suffered from that. Fallout 2's temple of trials was a horrible tutorial, despite the game getting better after that. In this context, German city builder, management, strategy games are so unpopular IMHO. "Cultures", "Anno", "The Guild", "Patrician" and others. They are timeless. But they are overlooked because there's way too much to learn, the path finding requires so much micromanagement. Their inherent value is endless. Or those Swedish grand strategies such as "Europa Universalis", "Crusader Kings", "Victoria", "Hearts of Iron". At least the old ones - overwhelming for many people. It's like starting with rocket science. To recapitulate. The worst thing a game tutorial can do is: 1. A tutorial that utterly fails to teach you how to play the game, sending you screaming for the nearest Wikia or guide book. 2. A very lengthy, completely unnecessary tutorial that you cannot skip every time you start a new game. I have faith "The Dark Mod" suffers from none of these. Notwithstanding there are many things to improve, even in the existing tutorial. For instance, laconic voice-overs such as in the original Thief games would be welcome. Deus Ex games had decent tutorials, when the player wasn't loaded with reading right away. But neither should the training mission kick you out when you're done. For its scale, maybe even "Papers, Please" had a good tutorial because it introduced each gadget gradually, day by day. Nothing was too sudden. Ideally the tutorial must be closer to something like Portal where it was fused seamlessly into the overall narrative of the introductory campaign. We can't just speculate that everybody who find "The Dark Mod" knows how to play it. Neither that they know the premise.
  10. Free https://www.gog.com/game/symmetry There is a list actually: https://www.gog.com/partner/stay_at_home
  11. "The City of Lost Children" And everything from Charles Dickens.
  12. My 2 cents is that locking the player in place while picking up the body is a good example taken from Thief: Deadly Shadows (TDS). If Thief 1/2 had more possibilites for speedrunning through the whole thing, than TDS and TDM are slower paced. Picking up the body strikes me as very appropriate in this respect. I'm all for improving animations.
  13. Well, Doom 3 had pitch black darkness to force people to use the flashlight. But it breaks people's eyes to strain them at the monitor so I'm against it. A little ambient light never hurts to know where you're going.
  14. People wanted Half Life 3. They got another cliffhanger. Shitters.
  15. To finish answering your question, note that the game that TDM was built on - Doom 3, had motion capture, but in view of the issue about getting "the mod to a new level", please watch this video:
  16. So true. Invisible War is underrated. Everyone near someone coughing with the coronavirus around:
  17. You can reduce the LOD of textures to lower than allowed by the game settings. I'm not sure if a feature with strictly this description exists, but it could probably be scripted and tied to the frame rate if necessary.
  18. Anderson


    To the best of my knowledge, the original Bioshock was awesome due to Andrew Ryan's character. The in-game audio logs perfectly unveiled that new spin on Ayn Rand and how the whole utopia theme/philosophy should wrap up.
  19. Is this mission updated in the in-game downloader? Thanks in advance.
  20. The analogue sticks will work for fluid leaning.
  21. It's decent. In various simulators people use TrackIR for games like that where you can move your head without moving your body in-game. The fluid lean itself is useful. However the phone accelerometer seems a little of a gimmick in this case, no offense intended. Most people would probably tie the same command to a gamepad.
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